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Ciria Posted on Jul 13 2012, 05:50 PM
  "You can't hesitate, Robbie. No second thoughts. Either you do it quickly, or not at all. And then, Beck and I might have to dispose of you," Tori hisses through clenched teeth making Robbie tense up. He holds the stem of the berries tightly in his hands. He was going to give them to Sinjin and watch as he died.

Robbie took in a deep breath and skipped over to him. "Hey, Sinj, my friend," he starts, sitting next to the boy. Said boy looks at him suspiciously and backs away slowly.

"Where's Tori and Beck?" He questions.

"You know, in the woods, doing stuff. They just can't get enough of each other," he lies. "Look, I found some berries. Want to try?"

Sinjin eyes him, and then slowly, but surely, takes the berry stem from him and picks off one of the round, purple orbs. He observes it and then plops it into his mouth. It takes only seconds after he swallows for him to begin to suffocate, he begs Robbie for help, but his eyes have gone steely and emotionless and Sinjin drops to the ground.

"Now, burn him," Beck orders, placing part of the stick in his hand in the fire and handing it to Robbie, who doesn't hesitate in throwing it down on top of the lifeless boy and watching him erupt into orange-red flames.

A high pitched, seemingly mating-call sounding erupts from Tori's mouth and she starts to take part in some kind of dance like she's praising someone. Soon Beck follows and moves his arms erratically around.

"These bitches are cray cray," Robbie thinks. But he must play along if he wants to survive out here, and he too, begins to dance and release inhumane sounds from his mouth.
Andre, Cat, Jade, and Trina had made it up to the top of the cliff safely. From here they could look over the land, the large expanse of trees that filled out the woods. They had no idea which way was north, south, east or west.

"What're we going to do?" Trina asked between pants, tired from the climb.

"We have to send a signal," Jade told her as she looked over the area and the collection of broken up rocks and thin branches.

"What if the others spot us before help does?" Cat whispers, fear evident in her voice.

"At this altitude we'd be able to spot them before they could even get close," Jade tells her, patting her on her shoulder for reassurance. "We are all going to make it out alive. This is war now. And I plan to win."

"I'm in. How are we going to make a signal?" Andre questions.

"Someone has to volunteer to travel downwards again and pick up wood for a fire and some food," Jade tells him.

"I don't think it's a good idea for only one of us to go at a time," Trina whimpers.

"You'll be going first."

And with that, Jade pushed her towards the edge and made her inch downwards.

"Jade...," Andre started but she silenced him.

"We're using her as a distraction. We're going down the other side and leaving. LET'S GO."

And for the first time, Cat and Andre are truly scared of this girl.
InsaneBlueberry Posted on May 10 2012, 02:54 PM
  After they were all done crying like wimps, they stood up and decided it was time to figure out what to do. Cat and Andre stood up together and held hands while Jade and Trina stood up and didn't hold hands. Cat looked at everyone. "What now?" she asked.

"We keep following the cave," Jade suggested.

So they did as she said. They turned away from the entrance to the cave, and started walking down, deeper into the earth. They kept walking and walking for what felt like hours, days, weeks, months, years, millenniums. Finally, they saw light up above them. They looked up and saw the blue sky and a cliff that they could climb.

"It's a circle! Like an UFO could have landed here!" Cat squealed happily.

Everyone laughed.

"Yeah, I guess," Jade said. She looked up and around. "Let's go." She started heading towards the wall where there was no land beneath the cliff thing. She grasped a rock and held onto it and lifted herself up. She slowly started climbing up the cliffs.

"Jade!" Cat yelled. "What are you doing?!"

"Getting out of here!" Jade yelled back down. "Come on!"

Trina groaned and started climbing after Jade. Andre was about to go next, but he looked at Cat and motioned her to go before him. She shook her head, not wanting to freeclimb.

"Come on, Lil Red," he said. "I'll be right below you and ready to catch you at any moment!"

Cat gulped and nodded and started her climb up the steep, rocky, scary cliff.


Meanwhile, in the other camp, there were little secrets going around. Tori and Beck looked over at Sinjin in disdain and shook their heads.

"I wish he wasn't here," Tori whispered. "He's creepy.. And weird."


"... What the fudgeydonut?!"


Tori shook her head at Beck and looked back at Sinjin. "We need to get rid of him."

"But that puts us down one person," Beck said.

"So? He's a weaklink anyways."

"True dat."

"We just need to get Robbie in on this," Tori said smartly.

"Well..." Beck looked around. Then he grinned. "I know how to get him to want rid of Sinjin."

"How?" Tori asked innocently.

"f*ck him."


"Do it."


So Tori did it with Robbie and got him to promise that he would help get rid of Sinjin.


Ciria Posted on Apr 15 2012, 06:14 PM
  "Please, don't do this," Cat pleaded. She took the snake from around her neck and pressed it to her chest. Jade and Andre stood in front of her in a defensive position while Trina stood next to her and held onto her hand for dear life.

"You...brought this on yourself," Beck said, halfway sorry about what he was doing. He always had a soft spot for the bubbly little redhead, but he knew, through all this, she had changed and she wasn't the same as she was before. They all knew this, they knew they had to stop her, if this meant getting rid of Jade, Andre, and Trina as well. (Though getting rid of Trina wasn't really going to make them feel that bad.)

"Please, Beck, this is life or death, we can't be fighting each other," Andre tried to reason.

"Tell that to your precious girlfriend over there," Robbie spat out, jealousy coursing through his veins. This comment caused Andre to cringe and step back.

"She did what was necessary!" Jade continued to defend her friend.

"No! She was selfish and you know it!" Tori argued, taking a step toward the opposing group. The others instinctively walked back.

"We need to run," Jade whispered to Andre, who nodded and looked back at Cat and Trina. They nodded in agreement and Jade knelt slowly down to pick up a rock.

"This is how it's going to be," the black haired girl whispered, crushing the rock into mere dust within her hands. She opened her mouth wide, like a lions, and revealed her jagged Vampire teeth. She let out an ear-piercing screech that made Sinjin, Tori, Beck, and Robbie cover their ears and close their eyes to try and block out the sound.

"Go!" She ordered, her voice echoing through the woods. Andre, Cat, and Trina took off and Jade stopped screeching long enough to turn around and follow them.

"After them!" Tori bellowed. The group picked up sticks and rocks as weapons and went after them. Beck and Sinjin continuously threw rocks at the retreating group.

Ahead of them the woods was starting to clear out and replaced by stretches of mountain.

"There's a cave, ahead!" Andre said. They picked up their speed and ran into the darkened cave.

"Block their way in!" Trina said as she held onto the red head girl.

Jade walked up the side of cave and placed her hand there. She closed her eyes and with this she was able to get a full surrounding of the area with her Vampire powers.

She looked up at her former friends running toward them and throwing sticks and stones.

"Goodbye," she whispered. She removed her fist and then pounded the side of the cave. This caused a shock wave to radiate through the mountain and the rocks to fail down. The group of ex-friends stopped and ran the opposite way to avoid getting hit and the rocks piled up in front of the cave entrance.

"We're safe, for now," Jade told them in the darkness of the cave.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," Cat whimpered after all the chaos was over.

"We know. We accept," Andre said and then the group took part in a group hug and laid down on the floor of the cave to cry together.
Yeah, so like, I got bored and did this xD
InsaneBlueberry Posted on Feb 13 2012, 08:37 PM
  As soon as they had exited the kingdom to wander aimlessly through the woods, all of Cat's friends turned towards the girl in anger.

"Why'd you do that? You're evil! Horrible! A villain!" they all yelled in unison as if they had planned to do this.

Cat turned around immediately to glare at the group with Fluffy-kins McStrike still on her shoulder. "I did what I had to do," she said angrily. "All of you would have done the same to save only your best friends."

Andre looked at Cat and then the rest of the group. "What even happened after you left the ship?"

Tori glared at Cat. "Let's see," she said. "Cat made sure that every single one of us was killed just to save you and Jade."

Cat gulped at Tori's words.

Andre turned and looked at the redhaired girl. "Why, Cat?" he asked her.

Cat sighed. "Things happen," she said. "I couldn't help it. I... I love you, Andre," she whispered. "I couldn't let you die on that ship. I had to save you!" She walked towards him and grabbed onto his shirt tightly. "I'm sorry," she whispered.

Suddenly, Robbie ran over and grabbed onto her hair and pulled her back from Andre. "What you did to me," he hissed through his teeth. "Wasn't cool."

Jade smacked Robbie across the face in anger. "She did the right thing!" she yelled. "The only reason all of it happened was because Cat was trying to save me! I'm.. I'm a vampire," Jade admitted. She glanced over at Beck who nodded his head, already knowing this information since he loved it when she bit his neck during their intense make-out sessions. "Cat was only trying to save her best friend, me!"

Cat smiled at her darkhaired friend who was standing up for her.

Andre stepped forward ready to be on Cat's side in this fight. "And I told her to leave me to save Jade. She didn't have a choice. I told her to go, so she did. What she did - whatever she did - was right and just."

Trina stood there, glaring at Beck. "Cat wasn't the one who wanted to kill me," she said angrily. "Beck made the decision. Obviously, Beck gave Cat a bad influence. This is his fault."

Beck glared at Trina himself. "Cat made the decision to leave me and let me get eaten by the lion. For that, I hate her."

Sinjin was next to speak. "Tori killed me," he admitted. "But I have a feeling Cat told her to do it."

"I did not!" Cat yelled at him.

"Cat left me to drown," Robbie told the group. "For that, I want her dead."

Tori blushed a little and looked down at her hands. "Cat... Cat fucked me," she said. Everyone gasped at this shocking news. "Then she killed me." Tori had a fierce look on her face immediately. "I am mad. I want her dead!"

Suddenly, the Civil War Between The Victorious Gang started. Cat, Jade, Andre, and Trina on the side that Cat was innocent and only thinking of others as she killed. Tori, Robbie, Beck, and Sinjin on the side that Cat was evil and deserved to be killed.

The friends were split and the most interesting and weird war was about to start with guns and roses as lovers were split and family was crushed.


Dun dun duuuun. What will happen next? Will Beck and Jade have a secret romance during this war? Will Beck, Tori, and Robbie all develop a relationship together? Will Sinjin switch sides to be with Jade? Will Cat and Andre finally get together? Will Jade and Cat have sex? Will Trina realize her love for Beck and convince him to be with her? DUN DUN DUN!
Ciria Posted on Dec 2 2011, 09:17 AM
"Yes, my dear," Queen Aurora acknowledged the bubbly girl in front of her. Cat ran towards her and laid a chaste kiss upon her favorite princess' cheek.

"I need your help," she pleads with her. "My friends, their all gone." Tears streamed relentless down her cheeks and Queen Aurora, sweetly brushed them away.

"Cry not, young one, I know how to save thy friends," she reassures her. Cat's face immediately lights up the room and Queen Aurora smiles at how happy she has made her.

"Just close your eyes," she says. Cat does so immediately. Queen Aurora brings her finger to Cat's forehead and soon Cat's vision is engulfed in colors.

"You're giving me a vision," Cat notes what she sees. "But, the images, they go by so quickly."

"They go in turn with your heart, relax."

Cat regulates her breathing and soon the images are slower and she is able to study them.

"Climb the mountain, and wish upon the fallen star to keep my friends," she relays the message.

"Open," the queen orders. Cat does so. "I'll shall give you your friends back now, but it is not permanent. Only one of pure heart can wish upon the fallen star. You must apologize for any wrong doings or else you'll be destroyed," Queen Aurora warns.

Cat gulps nervously. She remembers what she did back in the forest. She knows she must repent now. She turns to see her friends staring back at her, just as guilty as she.

"Tori, Trina, Beck, Jade, Andre, Robbie," she calls them. "Shall we go?"

They all nod in unison and begin to leave the castle.
InsaneBlueberry Posted on Dec 1 2011, 07:52 PM
  Liz the unicorn glared at Ciria the unicorn. "I hate you!" she hissed like a snake. Suddenly, the purple unicorn changed into a cobra. The purple cobra slowly started to turn into a deep, dark black with dark blue lines crossing it's body. It slid towards Ciria. Suddenly, it's large jaws opened wide and BAM! Ciria was eaten.

Cat, seeing the cobra, gasped. "Fluffy-kins McStrike!" the girl screamed. She opened her mouth and started speaking the cobras language again.

The cobra, known as Liz and/or Fluffy-kins McStrike, slid towards Cat and curled around her body. Cat, realizing that the Peter Pan thing wasn't a dream, stood up and looked down at Robbie he was now, sadly, doing himself.

She looked over at Liz/Fluffy-kins McStrike and asked the cobra if she could just call her Liz. The cobra said yes. "Liz," Cat said evilly. "Kill him."

Liz grinned happily and striked Robbie. Her jaws opened wide and her venomous, sharp teeth were pointed and obvious and right at Robbie. Robbie screeeched like a small, girl and died.

Liz slid back towards Cat and wrapped herself around Cat's shoulders. Cat smiled and kissed her head. "Shall we go, Liz?" she asked. "But where..." She sighed and tapped her chin.

"I know!" she yelled. "We shall enter another realm!"

"Another?" Liz asked in parsel-tongue or whatever the f*ck it's called.

"Yes, another. The realm created by Walt Disney himself." Cat smiled even wider. "When we get there, we can save Andre and Jade. Both of them. Happy ever afters always happen there. Unless you're the villain. And I'm not the villain."

Or so she thought...

Anyways, Cat opened the magical portal to the Disney Realm. She slowly walked through and found herself standing in front of a large, beautiful castle. She looked down at herself and saw that she was wearing peasant clothes. Music was playing in the background and people were dancing and singing. She grinned and walked into the palace gates.

"Who goes there!" a voice yelled at her from behind.

She turned around and stared at the man on the horse. "It is I," she said. "Cat Valentine of Hollywood."

"Are you a witch?" the man asked, noticing the cobra wrapped around her shoulders.

Cat laughed evilly. "Of course not," she said. "I'm only here to speak with the King and Queen on saving my dear friends."

The man smiled. "Of course, madam," he said. He picked her up and they rode off into the castle. The man dropped her off in front of large doors. "Open them and enter," he commanded.

Cat quickly opened the large, majestic doors and looked in. There, on the throne, sat the one, the only, Queen Aurora and King Phillip. Her soul and voice was taken away as she realized it was her favorite Disney Princess sitting there.

"Queen Aurora!" she cried out.

HorsesandBade Posted on Dec 1 2011, 07:37 PM
Cat was lying down in an office. It wasn't just any office, it was Robbie's office.

"These is my pet unicorns, Liz and Ciria." Robbie stroked two unicorn's heads. Liz's head was purple and Ciria's head was black.

"My two unicorns will help you get better," Cat looked at the hot pink walls of Robbie's office. "Ciria will use her magic horn and Liz will add just a touch to it." Robbie grinned evilly.

"Wha-what?" Cat asked, as Liz smirked. "Our master is here to help you." the purple unicorn said. Cat looked around the pink themed room in confusion.

Ciria walked up to her beside Liz. "Master Robbie will take care of you. Very well. Right, Liz?"

But there was no answer. Cat and Ciria saw Liz the Unicorn and Robbie on the ground having sex. (AN: sorry for any nightmares you might have after reading that).

"WHAT?" Ciria said, watching as Liz and Robbie stopped having it for a second.

"Yep! That's right! I love Robbie!" Liz looked at the fellow unicorn and Ciria looked back at her in dismay.

"BUT ROBBIE IS MINE!" the black unicorn came charging towards Liz.

"NO! I JUST SHOWED YOU HE WAS MINE BECAUSE WE HAD SEX!" Liz the Unicorn screamed, Ciria squealed.


"OMG! CIRIA ROBBIE IS MINE!" Liz screamed and jumped on top of Ciria. Ciria jumped back.

"UNICORNS, UNICORNS! RELAX!" Robbie yelled over the confusion. So Liz and Robbie had sex again.

"OMG! LIZ!" Ciria screamed as she watched Liz and Robbie knock over bottles.

"OMFG! STOP THIS INSTANT OR I WILL TELL THE UNICORN POLICE FOR DATING A HUMAN!" Ciria warned Liz. But Liz and Robbie still continued the task.

Ciria jumped on Liz and Robbie's backs. Her blue hooves slammed onto their backs and Robbie yelped in pain.

"OMG YOU BABY! THAT DOES NOT HURT! WE'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMETHING IMPORTANT!" Liz screamed at Robbie. Then they continued it.

"OMG! GUYS STOP!" Ciria said as she started playing hop scotch on their backs.

"One, two, three, four!" Ciria said happily as she skipped on Liz's back.



To be continued....
I didn't really put Cat in this. Oh well.
Ciria Posted on Dec 1 2011, 06:47 PM
  WTF, lol.
Cat was now returning to herself. She realized that her love of Andre and the forest was changing her.

She glanced around at her surroundings. Just a thick forest of trees. She felt her vision becoming blurry and she leaned on the nearest tree.

She slid her back down the tree and tried to regain her composure. She closed her eyes for just a moment and breathed in and out. All this fighting and death and lost was taking a toll on her.

She counted silently to herself and then opened her eyes. The forest was exploding in colors, it then began spinning so it only became a streak.

Cat began to panic and she tried to grab on anything, but everything had disappeared. Tears slid down her face and she tried to scream, but her voice was gone.

"I know where I am now," she says, suddenly finding her voice. "This is all an illusion."

She closes her eyes again and tries to make it stop.

"Stop," she whispers. "Stop, stop, stop!" When she opens her eyes again, everything seems right, almost everything. She feels a looming presence, and fear tells her to run, and that she does.

She sprints off into the forest, the presence is becoming closer though.

"Cat!" she hears someone yell, a boy. She recognizes the voice. She rotates on her heels and sees Robbie walking towards her.

"Cat," he says, obvious affection in his voice.

"Stay back!" she shouts, a knife in her hand. He steps back apprehensively.

"Cat, it's me."

"No, you died back there!"

"No, I didn't."

"Yes, you did!"

"Cat, wake up. You need help," Robbie says. She feels herself being pulled under again, she closes her eyes, not fighting.

When she wakes up, all she sees is bright light and Robbie in a doctor's coat.

"Where am I?" she whispers.

"We'll get you better."
InsaneBlueberry Posted on Nov 19 2011, 06:35 PM
  They made it to the shore and got out of the boat. They quickly walked down the path looking for Peter Pan.

"Cat," Tori started. "About what happened-"

"I SAID SHUT THE f*ck UP!" Cat screamed completely out of character.

Tori curled back into a random tree. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "It's just... I might feel the same way about you."

Cat turned around and the cobra curled around Tori's body. "I said shut up," the red-haired girl hissed. "If you say anything goddamn word, I am going to cut you and let my beautiful cobra kill you."

Tori gulped. "I'm not scared of you, Cat," she whispered. "You know you can't hurt me. You love me too much..."

Cat's eyes flashed green instead of electric blue this time.

"You want to bet?" Cat whispered, her face leaning right against Tori's. "Just because I think you're hot and sexy doesn't mean I'm scared of killing you right here, right now."

"Yes, you are," Tori said. "I know all about how you feel. I know you Cat."

Cat's eyes flashed black. "Oh really?" she whispered.

She leaned down and kissed Tori right on the lips. Her tongue slid into her mouth and they were passionately making out. (A/N: OMG. Watch out for this bad scene. Close your eyes or stop reading or something...) Cat's arms wrapped around Tori's waist and they started groping each other and stuff. They fell on the ground and ripped their clothes off and had sex. (A/N: Gosh. Sorry that was so graphic you guys... It's over now.)

Tori sighed happily when they were done. Cat got off her and walked away and put her clothes back on. Cat glanced at the cobra and started whispering in strange words. Suddenly, the cobra disappeared.

Tori looked up at Cat. "What was that?" she asked.

Cat grinned. "I told it that it was no longer needed."


"No!" Cat yelled evilly.

Suddenly, another cobra appeared and wrapped itself around Tori. Tori screamed as the snake's tongue slid along her face. "Cat!" she yelled.

"Sorry, Tori," Cat said. "I did say that I could kill you all I wanted. Whenever I wanted." The other cobra slid onto Cat and had a random smirk on it's face. "Let's go," she said as she kissed the top of its head. "Bye, b*tch."

Cat walked away as the other cobra continued squeezing Tori to death.
Ciria Posted on Nov 9 2011, 06:59 PM
  With the Cobra now watching their every move, Tori and Robbie had no choice but to obey Cat's every command. They knew that when it came down to it, Trina may not be saved.

"Just beyond the riverbank is where Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are stationed," Cat told them, pointing across the river. "There's a boat, only takes two, one will swim across themselves."

She turned around and looked at them, her eyes darting back and forth between them.

"Tori's with me," Cat said, a dry smile on her face. Tori gave a nervous chuckle and walked with Cat.

"But, I can't swim," Robbie tried to reason with her.

Cat shook her head. "Then learn, fast, or we leave you," she growled completely un-Cat like.

Cat and Tori hopped in the boat and began the paddle across the river. Robbie looked at the water and at Cat and Tori. Cat was fierce and didn't look back, Tori did.

She locked loving gazes with him and mouthed, "You can do it." The snake snapped at her and she turned her attention back in front.

With this new found hope, he dived into the water, only to realize, it's not like the movies. He won't learn how to swim so easy. He started to choke on the water, and he flailed his arms about.

"Robbie!" Tori shouted. She began to reach out for him but Cat slapped her across the face.

"No!" Cat screamed. "I'm not losing you, my love!" When she saw Tori's surprised face, she realized she admitted her secret.


"Tori, just leave him," she said, regaining her composure.

Tori waved goodbye to Robbie as he sunk under the water. Soon Cat and Tori reached the edge.

"What you said back there..."

"It wasn't anything."

"Yes it was."

"Shut up!" Cat made the Cobra curl around Tori's neck, silencing her. "You will say no more!" Cat's eyes flashed electric blue.

"Y-yes," she choked out in agreement, the snake finally loosening it's grip.

"Let's go," she commanded. "Peter is close."

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