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Title: Four-in-five Icon Challenge
Description: *Sign-Ups Are Open*

InsaneBlueberry - August 20, 2011 10:27 PM (GMT)
>How It Works

Similar to 20in20, you have twenty days to create twenty icons for a particular character or pairing from Victorious. Essentially, you will claim a character or pairing from the show and each of your icons will have to depict your character(s) in a way that pertains to the themes. Starting next Saturday (August 27), we will give you a general theme (ie: Love, Sad, Cold, etc.) with ten sub-themes and have you create five icons for it by choosing only five of the sub-themes given.

This is where the "Four-In-Five" comes in. Five days after we post the first theme (Saturday, August 27), we will post the second theme, which will be be on Thursday (September 1). The third theme is posted on Tuesday (September 5), and the fourth will be posted on Sunday (September 11). Now, let's say that you don't finish five icons in five days for Theme #2. You will not be able to post your icons once the next theme (in this case, Theme #3) has begun, but you can, however, participate in that theme. Your Theme #2 icons will not be able to be voted on, but the icons you make for Theme #3 will be allowed to be voted on if they are finished in time.

If you have any questions, please just go ahead and ask in the comments!

>Character/Pairing Claims

Taken Characters/Pairings have been crossed out. Also, you may only claim one character/pairing.

Tori Vega
Beck Oliver
Cat Valentine
Andre Harris
Jade West
Robbie Shapiro
Trina Vega
Sinjin Van Cleef

(If you have a couple that isn't listed, please request it in the comments).

> All claims must be claimed by Friday, August 26! No later. You may also go ahead and start requesting!

> Also, whenever a user claims a character/pairing, I, not you, will make a thread in the Graphic Challenge Submissions Forum. Whenever you have your entry, just go ahead and post it in the thread.

> One more thing! Themes will be posted in the Graphic Challenges forum.

> P.S. Make sure that when you post your icons, you add what sub-theme they are.

InsaneBlueberry - August 20, 2011 10:27 PM (GMT)
I went ahead and claimed Jade.

InsaneBlueberry - August 24, 2011 05:28 PM (GMT)
Sign ups end on Friday so hurry up and sign-up! At the moment, I'm the only person who's joined and it's not a contest if it's only me. If you're a little late, you have till Monday - yes, Monday - to PM me and request to join. Depending on your excuse, I may or may not let you join. Most likely, I will if no one else has really signed up!

InsaneBlueberry - August 28, 2011 02:13 AM (GMT)
Sign-ups are still open! You may sign-up, but you cannot participate in the first theme! However, you may in the second and all the others.

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