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Posted by: PerRock Mar 9 2008, 02:39 AM
I keep stumbling across threads her saying "Where can I find a _________?" or "Are there any _________ available?" (or something along those lines). I think that one of the reasons we see so many of these is because people are not looking hard enough for them; they are used to Google like searches where generally you can find what you are looking for on the first try. The DLS and Google use different search techniques. The DLS searches are very restricted; if you search for something in the "name" box, the DLS looks ONLY at items titles, etc, etc. So I thought I'd come up with some tips for finding things on the DLS if your first search does not go well.
  • Try different terms, the DLS only looks for letters contained in the title, and does not use a thesaurus. Such as: if looking for a Japanese Maple; try searching "Tree" "Maple" "Japanese"
  • Try your terms in different languages; just because the title is in German does not mean the item is German. Such as in our earlier example: The Latin for "Japanese Maple" is "Acer Palmatum"
  • try looking at specific artists content. If you know a creator has created similar items try just weeding thru his stuff one-by-one to find what your looking for. For finding our tree you might try looking at dmdrake's content, he's made a lot of trees.
  • Try a category search. Try looking in the category "foliage" for our A. Palmatum
  • In CMP you ca easily combine these to constrict your search as well as broaden it. You probably would not want to weed thru all of dmdrake's content to find a Japanese Maple. But if you were to restrict the search to dmdrake's foliage containing the words: "Maple" you would make your search considerably shorter.
I'll probably be adding more as I think of them (or if someone post some here)


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