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Beyond Wonderland - January 12, 2011 11:56 PM (GMT)
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5 Easy Steps to Land a Wonderland Role

Step One: You will need to register for this site. Your screen name must have the capital letters (ASP) in front of the name of the character you're auditioning for--abbreviated for "aspiring". If already taken--due to someone else trying out, place a number behind it. If you land the role, we will change your name to anything you want (though it must remain character based.) If you do *not* land the role, please message the root administrator (Lewis Carroll), and let us know whether or not you would like to audition for someone else--or remain registered on the site for future purposes. We will then change your name. Otherwise, we will delete all (ASP)'s after the character is cast, and you will need to re-register. And that's...just a pain!

Name Examples: (ASP) Alice
If already taken: (ASP) Alice 1

Step Two: You must read and sign our Rules. As they state, your audition will be ignored if you skip or skim them over. So why spend all your time writing up a brilliant audition and application to have it dismissed over something so silly, ya know?

Step Three: Check the “Number of Applicants”, located underneath the character of interest biography. This will tell you how many auditions are currently pending and waiting for reviews. This does NOT mean that you cannot apply for them! This is an original method of ours to make sure that no one auditions for a character currently being reviewed and possibly cast. We are NOT a first come-first serve RPG. For the protagonist and main antagonist roles, we generally wait for several good auditions before we decide, unless we receive a perfect audition for the character. Since we’re a canon-only RPG, we want to find the perfect role players to play our limited characters. After we receive two to three auditions, we will post the role as “Closed for Judging”. A single audition will be reviewed after a week if no other interests show. We will review the competing applications for one week while we make the decision to either cast or reject them, or give them a Call Back. If a Call Back is going on for a character, the role will be “Closed for Judging”. If all are rejected, the role still will remain open for new interested applicants.

Step Four: Once you know the rules, plot line, and the character's biography well (and perhaps their connections, too!), fill out the application provided in the Character Application Template forum, and write a five paragraph audition sample of the character you’re auditioning for. No shorter, but more is more than welcome! -IMPORTANT NOTE: Submit your FINAL and BEST work only! Any progressing or altered submissions will be over-looked.-

Step Five: When you are done, fill out the survey provided in the Character App. forum, and attach it to your writing sample. Post your application in the Submissions forum. Then sit back and wait for the results! Of course, not everyone will be cast, but if at first you don't succeed, try, try again! Please audition for another role, or keep an eye out for re-openings!

Not so bad, is it? Now hurry off to audition, curious Wonderlander, before someone else beats you to it!

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