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 The FAQ, Read here before asking questions.
The October Country
Posted: Dec 6 2007, 08:07 AM

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So what species can we play here?
You can play a variety, actually. Most commonly, there are humans, faery-folk, elves, wolves, cats, angels, demons, and god/desses. Those have their own little rules and explanatory threads because I've forseen them to be the most common. However, this board is fully open to new ideas, including never-before-seen species, under the stipulation that the species is not just intended to be a mutation of a pre-existing species (for instance, a wolf that has mutated and now has fire-powers or something).

Can we play half-elves?
Certainly, although I don't want a large variety of them running around. You can play half-versions of other species as well. The only rule to understand here is that a half-human half-something else (or half-wolf/half-cat) cannot have been born in the October Country -- because those species died to get here, they are not able to procreate. Faery and elves can, but elves don't exactly go at it like rabbits the second they've got a moment alone. Be creative in figuring out how your character gets to the October Country if it wasn't from death.

Why can't humans, wolves or cats procreate?
They died to get to this place, first of all. Secondly, it is a widely held rumor that this is a limbo for those species -- a waiting place before they are reincarnated for one last chance on Earth. Imagine how awful it would be if they had all sorts of babies and then disappeared one day. For whatever reasons, the Goddess Adrasteia doesn't allow the dead to procreate in the October Country.

Why can't demons or angels procreate?
They cannot procreate in the October Country. If they are free to leave then they can do it elsewhere, but the females of neither species will be able to have a fetus grow or give birth while in the October Country. If a pregnant angel or demon enters the October Country, their pregnancy will halt right where it is, neither growing nor shrinking. The reason for this is more widely known -- Adrasteia doesn't want demons making babies in her country because she thinks it will get out of control. As for angels, they are still the servants of the Almighty One-God, even if they've fallen from grace; as such, it is a widely held contract He holds with the Goddess Adrasteia that she won't allow angels their pregnancy while in the October Country. Angels aren't supposed to get pregnant, anyway. Any who do are totally flying against the rules.

But Faery and Elves can make babies, right?
Correct! However, their gestation period is hideously long simply because Adrasteia doesn't want her country overrun by those, either. Again, they may exit the country and have a normal gestation period and return with child in tow, but their pregnancies will happen slowly while they remain within the October Country's bounds.

How are they able to leave the October Country? I thought it trapped people.
Those that died to get to the October Country may not leave of their own free will. They have to be released. However, the Faery and Elves came of their own volition and still have manners of returning to Earth, although it is seldom recommended nowadays. Gods are free to leave at any time, but without worshippers on Earth, their powers will dwindle, and if they are not careful, then they will dwindle almost completely and be lost to the winds of Earth, barely more than a whispering of a forgotten name. Angels and demons work on a case-by-case basis -- some are able to leave as they wish and some are not allowed.

With all these Gods and Angels and Demons around, why is it that Adrasteia is solely in power?
Because this is her country. She runs this place, and has supreme control over it. She can bend the walls of time and reality to make her will be done, here, and there is no beating her. Luckily for the many denizens of this Country, she's not much of a meddler.

The way time works is confusing!
I know, and I apologize for this. The thing is, the October Country works outside of time to mortals -- that means that at any given moment, a 20th-century man can join us in the October Country alongside a Renaissance painter, or a cat from the sixteenth century can have been a citizen of the October Country for 300 years when a cat from the tenth century has only been here for ten minutes. However, this peculiar time flux only works with mortals -- to the elves and the faery, who are of a magical nature, their timeline runs directly alongside the timeline of Earth, where they originate. The same goes for Gods, angels, demons, and other immortals. If someone chooses to apply with werewolves, vampires, or other preternatural creatures that were originally mortal, they are not considered magical and the time flux still works on them.

I find the lack of forums in particular areas to be limiting. I mean, in the City of Zenith, I can only roleplay in the entire Daylight District or the Midday Commons. Aren't there other places?
Yes, there are, I just didn't deem them prominent enough to warrant their own forum. It's up to you to decide WHERE in the Daylight District you are -- in the same topic that holds the October Country's map, there is an extended description of all the forums of the October Country that you can look at -- it will tell you the other features of any particular area.

How come wolves and cats can't communicate with humans?
Because they're animals. They don't have vocal chords. They can, however, understand human speech and they can try any method they like to communicate back, but they cannot vocalize in the humans' spoken language. Gods and witches can understand them, however, as well as certain faery, elves, angels and demons.

Can I make a cat or wolf and make them a friend of a human rather than in a pack?
Sure. They can be a witch's familiar or even just a pet, so long as you don't find their lack of human speech to be limiting.

How do all the humans understand each other?
It is true that many humans are hailing from many different countries on Earth. For the sake of simplicity, Adrasteia has installed a common language for the humans in the October Country, and everyone that comes to the October Country instantly knows this language. However, everyone also knows their native languages, so there can be private conversations.

How do people, wolves, and cats age in the October Country?
They don't. Mortals, under the influence of above-mentioned time flux, do not age while in the October Country except under the influence of magic. And even then, it's hard magic to produce (we're not talking something simple like a faery glamour), so it's unlikely. Mortals enter the October Country at the same age they were when they died. That means if you apply as a child, they are a child until they leave. If you apply as an old person, they do not die, they merely continue to be old.

If I'm making my own species of Faery, do I apply under the "Other" template?
No. If it's a Faery then you'd apply under Faery. The Faery species is wide as hell and is pretty much open for whatever, so long as it's not outrageous.

Can I NPC-play things in the October Country?
Yes, as long as you don't NPC them OOCly. For the purposes of this RP, there are lots of NPCs (Non-Player-Characters) just walking around doing nothing in particular, and you are free to manipulate them so long as it is still reasonable for this setting. This includes ghosts, nightmares and the variety of scary things that reside in the October Country; you still have to follow the no-Powerplaying rule in regards to other people's characters, though. No making Swampy the Swamp Monster throw up his swamp guts and then drenching someone else's character -- it's up to the other character's player to decide if they get drenched or dodge or whatever.

I'm just a regular member. Can I answer people's questions?
As long as you answer them correctly, then absolutely.

Instead of posting my question to Upkeep, can I just PM a staffmember and ask them?
Sure, but keep in mind the following -- only some staffmembers are free to answer questions, so make sure you check the staff list and duties to make sure you ask the right one. Besides that, said staffmember might be busy and might not get to your question right away, so as long as you're patient, that's fine.

How do I become a staffmember?
You outshine everyone else with how great you are and how much potential you've got, and then either suggest yourself for a staff position (following the instructions within the staff list) or wait around for me to ask you.

Can I advertise this forum?
Of course! Just make sure we haven't been advertised there beforehand.

Can I try to affiliate this site with another site?
No, because you do not have access to the Admin Control Panel and cannot put buttons up. However, you can suggest a site for affiliation to an Administrator, who will then seek affiliation if they find the site you suggested to be a good prospect.

Can I apply with twins (as in, having the same play-by)?
Sure, go for it. If there's too many of them I'll just say no or ask that you make them fraternal. I'd rather you didn't play your own twin -- it makes it seem like you want to play the face with two different personalities, which is most likely going to be stupid.

Can I have my non-elf character enter the Aether City?
Not without an elf or someone else who knows where it is leading you there, or you already know where it is. Seriously, there are no exceptions to this.

Can my character talk to Adrasteia?
If your character can find her, then sure.

Where is she?
Wherever she wants. It's rumored that there are certain people who have the ability to let her know that her presence is requested, but the identities of these people are not widely known and she won't be ordered anywhere. One of the people who is rumored to have a way of communicating with and summoning the Goddess Adrasteia is the Vasilissa the Bone Witch, but she is said to be a fearsome and ruthless woman, so be careful when asking her favors.

What about other Gods?
Depends on them. They don't like being ordered around either, but who knows? You might happen along them some day.

I don't want a Faery to cast a spell on me! How do I protect my mortal?
Magic. Ironic, eh? To put your fears at ease, most Faery spells are notoriously thin -- that is, they are easily broken as long as your will is strong enough. Noble Faery spells are much, much harder to break. At that point you might need to seek out a witch. Either that or have a heavy iron collar or something.

There are witches. Are their wizards?
All mortals that practice magic are witches, regardless of their gender. It's an honored title in the October Country, even for males.

Can animals be witches?
Yes, but not in the same capacity as humans. That is best explained in the species information forum.

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