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Title: Le Club
Description: Not The Average Town Rp {Cannons Needed}

H.C. Admin - March 19, 2008 04:10 AM (GMT)
The Harlots' Club of Dartmouth
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Not exactly the classiest town in the world, but it does come d**n close. Kidding. If anything Dartmouth is just your average mountainous town. The people around these parts are good, wholesome folk. Majority of the kids go to school and graduate and even get jobs. There's no lack of entertainment, and crime isn't so bad. It one of the best towns a person could ever visit.

Even if the town is home to the very first Harlots' Club. What's a Harlots' Club, you may wonder? Well, to put it bluntly it's where all the teases and players of the town come together to do what they do best. Really, not even Las Vegas itself could proudly state to be home to some of the classiest teases this world has ever seen. After all, if these people don't come money or grace, they come outrageous beauty.

And yet for some mysterious reason, these people aren't as loved as you would expect. Certainly the town frowns on such careless individuals. There are even a few crusaders against the wonderful people. But that's just fine since it gives the town some much needed drama.

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