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Welcome To The Lost World!

Its a role play about survival plain and simple. This site is sort of a mixture between Jurassic Park and Lost. Jurassic Park because of the dinosaurs and stuff, but Lost because they need to try and find a way to survive.

It has been five years since the attack. Not even the U.S. government knew about the plan to make the park. Everything may seem fine at first when the Island is stumbled or crashed upon, but as soon as people start to venture off is when things start to happen. All plans and boats somehow disappear from view, leaving people behind. There is no way of communicating in order to get help since all the animals destroyed everything. And forget cell phones, they will not get any service on the Island.

The question is, how long will you survive?

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 Dr. Isaac Chase Delaney [ WIP ]
Posted: Oct 3 2011, 01:32 AM


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Joined: 3-October 11

~*The Character*~

( Picture of your character goes here using the IMG link. [*IMG] Link of picture goes here [*/IMG] Make sure to remove the '*' before posting. )

Played By: ( Face Claim )
Character Name: ( Full and last )
Age / Birthdate:
Appearance: ( Must be a paragraph or more. Make sure to include height, hair color, eye color, body type, etc. )
Personality: His personality has changed as well. Once the rich snob kid soon twisted in and out, Loyalty. As a soldier and a personal to the InGen team... He bears the faith and allegiance to the nation and it's own heritage. Duty, Accepting one's responsibility for your own actions and those entrusted to your care... Never accepting defeat to of other's and his mission at hand. Respecting his elders and upper command, both personally and professional.

Selfless service leads to organizational teamwork and encompasses discipline, self-control and faith in the system. To do what's right, legally and morally... Willing to do what is right when no one else is looking, it's our -Moral Compass- and the inner voice within Isaac. The ability to face fear, danger, or adversity, both physical and moral courage... Would by the Personal Courage Isaac has within him. This is what he lives by... Honoring the Army Values! Besides the seven values... Isaac is the less feared, a lover yet having that short temper. He could snap at any moment... Trying not to get into that situation he tries to stay relaxed and calm. His trust is easily given at the same time torn away like it was nothing. Earning it back is something else.

Likes: ( Must list at least five. )

Dislikes: ( Must list at least five. )

Strengths: ( Must list at least three. )

Weakness: ( Must list at least three. )

History: His frail figure soon enters a small room... His right hand pushing open the security door as his deep amber hues looked around. His hands were tucked within the lab coat, the faint smile curled within his lips "Yeah?"He voice echoed. His British accent clearly heard... "This is stupid" He soon spoke out as he reached for the metal chair twisting it around. Moment later he pulled out the pack of camel lights from his pockets, placing one between his lips as he lit it smoothly to take a deep drag. He threw the lighter and pack against the metal table "Where should I start?"He spoke out then as he looked at the mirror glass. A quick shake of his own head "My parents, Charlie and Hope Montgomery" He smiled more and nodded "My mother a nurse while my father was a judge"

He took another drag from his cigarette as he pulled out away from his mouth "They twisted my childhood up... We were rich. To be honest" He blew the smoke out while he continued to talk. "Yet I never saw them... I was home schooled until the age of seventeen, transferring to a private school until I graduated" He laughed historically "I ruined it all though, they thought I was going to become what they were... Never" Placing the butt once more between his lips as he nodded. The cigarette itself bounced lightly "I shattered there dreams, once I turned eighteen I joined the military" Standing back up as he sat correctly... Though his propped his feet up against the metal table. "Is this a interagation... Why would I join the military?" He shrugged as he took another long drag.

The smoke escaping from his nostrils as he continued talking "Because... I wanted to become something they didn't want me too" He nodded and smiled gracefully. "Yeah yeah. Military, what branch did you say.. United States Army, I'm a Grunt" That graceful smile soon turning into a devilish grin "74Delta - Chemical Operations Specialist" The half burnt cigarette was soon put out. "Where did I go? Hmm. That's a good question, Fort... Well that's not important at the moment" He nodded and continued speaking "I graduated with flying colors moved to Ait training another three months of hell" Leaning back within the chair as he sighed gently. "After all that I finally started my job, moved around all over the country.

Once my six year contract was up I left the Army and soon went back to school, this time I wanted to try something else." Reaching over to grab his pack placing another one between his lips yet untouched by the flame "I spent another four years in school for Botany, the study of Plant life... Yup I turned into a geek, somewhat" He laughed and nodded. "Only to know that InGen needed one... International Genetic Technologies, Incorporated" His fingers soon ran through the shaggy jet black hair that laid atop of his own head. The soft yawn escaping his parched lips as he shook it off "With my Military background, I was perfect for the job. Who hired me? Well John Hammond" He reached for the lighter as he lit another one up "He said he created it a year or two ago.

Did I believe him? No, but I needed a job" He took a deep long drag and he smiled "It pays the bills... Only to know that John Hammon also re-created the so-called Dinosaurs, I laughed." The soft chuckle only escaped his lips "Well I felt stupid... Thirteen hours later I was there, flown in by helicopter" Nodding "The first one I saw... It was huge, I felt stupid for laughing at the guy it was a common mistake. Isla Nublar located a hundred and twenty miles off of Costa Rica... It was beautiful, my job there was to study the plant life from plants to fungi... Anything and everything" He kept the dull facial expression "The first few days... Were all good, until the power grid failed, they had escaped and terrorized the whole park, evacuated out.

That's the last time I heard from John Hammond, what about my money? I got it... But he's also found another island, UN-touched by humans and the beasts roam freely" Thinking slightly before he ashed his cigarette "I thought I was crazy... Well I am but still, I took his offer and now it's another long flight to Isla Sorna." He put the cigarette out and soon stood up shaking his head "I'm done... And tired" He shook his head and grabbed his things. Isaac was soon gone... Walking through the hallway and never to be seen again.

~*Behind The Character*~

Name: Kyle Carpenter
Age: Twenty - Three [ 23 ]
Other Ways To Contact: xshadowxforcex [ Yahoo ]
How Long Have You Been Playing: 12 Years

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