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Title: Fly Fishing?

Ana-Lucia - August 18, 2011 01:31 PM (GMT)
Her head felt like it was about to split, she’d run into Misha and Sasha, the two German guys who wanted to bitch at each other in German. She’d rather them fist fight their problems out and make her life a lot easier she had no freaking idea what they were saying it was all gibberish to her. Shifting the bag on her back she made it to a set of water falls. It was very beautiful but she still had that weird gut feeling about this place something was odd about it.. not to mention she didn’t see very many animals but maybe the human life scared them off.

This was a good place to fly fish, if you had the damn pole but that’s why she decided to try and make shift one she nabbed some fishing gear back in someone’s bag. Drooping her bag at the waters she looked for some kind of cane. Bingo. Taking her make shift machete she cut it at the end. Before walking back to the water’s edge were her back was and worked on getting it fishing quality. She cut the end off then did her best to make a small hole at the top. It’d be nice to have some sort of meat even if she hated fish.

Just at least she didn’t have to hear those two bitching.

Gerald Conner - August 20, 2011 11:48 PM (GMT)
Gerald plodded toward the sound of running water. He clutched his precious leather satchel tightly. He didn't want anything to happen to it after all he had gone through to get it. At least he had found a pair of shoes that stayed on his feet. His loafers had been ripped up when the plane crashed. Luckily he had found a pair of shoes that fit him decently. Unluckily, they were women's sneakers. They were mostly white, but had pink on them as well. It shouldn't bother him. In a few days they would be so filthy no one could tell, but the idea of them getting dirty bothered him too. He only had a small bar of soap in his satchel and he needed to ration it, since nobody seemed to think they were going to be rescued soon. Gerald had almost given up hope.

As he drew closer to the water, the sound increased to a near-deafening roar, and he realized it was more than a stream he was headed towards. At the tree line, he realized he saw the fast white water of the waterfall. It really was amazing. At least that meant the water would be clean. That was how it worked, right? Fast water was supposed to be clean. He leaned busied himself himself with his water bottles and started filling them, trying to get the water that looked the fastest so he wouldn't die of poisoned water.

Hearing a noise he looked up and saw a woman working on some kind of pole. Why hadn't he seen her before? He was uphill from her and had a better line of sight. He really needed to learn to be more observant. He realized that he had seen her before. "You were on the plane." he said, stating the obvious. Why else would there be people here? He held waved his arms to indicate the island. "We survived! Lucky us." The last sentencewas mumbled and was clearly sarcastic.

Ana-Lucia - August 23, 2011 02:40 AM (GMT)
The pole was getting a little tricky, getting the line to stay on without popping off would take a little work. She took a knife and started to crave a hole very carefully into the cane. She sat down on the large rock as she began to string the line through before tying a good strong knot at the end. She tested the strength with her hands before she moved on down to string the line down to the very end were she’d leave a little slack. Putting her things down she stood up and worked on how she’d cast it. She never fly fished before but you had to start somewhere right?

She figured she had the idea down. So she began to cast out when she heard someone. Looking up she looked down the river. His statement about her being on the plane made her gave him a slight laugh. “Yeah.” At least were there other people, it was good to see another face besides Misha and Sasha with their auguring. “If you want to come down and help me. I’ll share.” She offered as she put a bait on the end, it was a worm on a hook which she hated to use but she was starving for some kind of meat and she wasn’t going to eat that worm.

She put the pole down and pulled off her boots. She removed her socks and laid them on the rock before rolling off her pant legs as far as they’d go which was only to her knees since the jeans were slightly tight on her. Lifting her pole back off the rock she moved down to the water and dropped down, it was to her ankles at first but had gotten deeper the farther in she went.

Gerald Conner - August 24, 2011 03:54 PM (GMT)
Gerald didn't know the first thing about fishing. The closest he had come to it was reading Moby Dick, but that involved harpoons and nets. He had no clue how to use a pole. It didn't look to hard though. He was finished filling his bottles so he headed downstream to talk to the lady. Her offer was too good to refuse. A little work and he would be able to eat meat. Probably.

"Al right, what do you want me to do?" he asked, setting his satchel on the ground where it would be safe. He checked to make sure his pills were still in his pocket. They were the last thing he needed to lose in a situation like this. He was starting to wish he had gone fishing with his dad when he was young, at least then he would know what he was supposed to do. He imagined he would be getting wet, so he pulled off his shoes and socks. He rolled his pants up to his knees and tried not to think about how cold the water was going to be.

Ana-Lucia - August 31, 2011 06:33 AM (GMT)
Ana-Lucia just had to laugh. “Hell if I know.. If the chance comes up I need help I need you read. I’m guessing at this.” She said at least she was honest. She threw out the line and jerked it across then kept throwing it back out. She was doing what she’d seen in movies.. So far nothing.. Then suddenly there was a hard jerk that nearly pulled her into the ice cold water. “Shit!” She yelled as she had to stumble to get her balance. Jerking the hand-made pole back she swing that fish his way so he could get it off. Of course she stood there and waited till it was off and he had it before she started to walk back. “That was.. easy enough.”

She stopped as she looked down to see something in the water. “I’ll get more after we eat. Honestly I’m starving.” She said as she walked up to the edge of the water and moved onto the bank her pants were went since she had stumbled from the weight of the fish. “Uh.. You’ll have to..” She said pointing to the fish. “.. Kill it then skin? I can’t man.” She really couldn’t she’d stop before she got started and release it.

Gerald Conner - August 31, 2011 04:32 PM (GMT)
Gerald tried to catch the fish, but recoiled at the last second at the thought of the scaly skin. The reluctance to touch it, and the fact that he had never been good very coordinated, meant the fish landed onto the rocks near his feet. It flopped around, pebbles and dirt clinging to it's slimy sides. He chased it down and pinned it with his bare foot. With a disgusted look on his face, he picked up the slippery fish, almost dropping it again, and removed the hook from it's mouth.

He was about to hold it out to her when she said he was going to kill it. She couldn't be serious. This was her plan, she should do the dirty work. But he kept his mouth shut. She was the one with the pole and the skill. He couldn't be sure if he would be able to catch one this big. He was pretty sure he could figure out how to gut it. He had watched his mother do it a million times after his dad went fishing. But he had no idea how to kill it. There were plenty of rocks, he would have to use those.

"Do you have a knife?" He asked. If she didn't this was going to be a lot more difficult. And more messy. Gerald was not looking forward to the mess. He was going to have to use some of his precious soap just to get all the fish goop off of his hands. "And we will need some firewood. And probably… some sort of… of a skewer?" He was just making this stuff up as he went along. He had no idea how to cook a fish. Especially not without a pan. Oh, how he longed for his nightly meal of hotdogs and top ramen. There was no gutting or fire involved.

Turning back to his task, he grabbed a large rock and smashed it against the fish. He was oblivious to whether she was watching or not. He didn't feel bad for killing it. It's life was the only thing standing between him and a meaty dinner.

Ana-Lucia - September 22, 2011 01:07 PM (GMT)
Of course she was going to make him do the dirty work, she caught the thing last thing she wanted to do was kill and gut it. He just happened to be passing by at the wrong time so now it was up to him other than that she’d tossed the thing back and just ate more fruit while bitching some. But this guy showed up so he was the one with the dirty work. “I’ll get the fire started.” She said walking away from him putting her make shift pole down then headed off into the woods.

With how damp and wet everything was it was hard to find something that’d burn but she got lucky here and there with some twigs and branches that were under thick leaves. Ana-Lucia stopped for a moment when she heard a noise. It was close by, she reached for the gun stuck in the back of her pants it was hidden with her shirt so it wasn’t seen but she remembered no bullets so what use was that damn gun for. Carefully she headed back to camp, whatever it was it felt like it had eyes peering at her staring into her so last thing she wanted was to play with that if it was a person they should learn to be less fucking creepy.

Now she walked back to the water side, she looked back out into the woods a little longer before tossing the wood on a dry place before moved the wood in place. One knee down she stacked the wood right then placed the two sticks she found that were in the same of a Y making it easier to roast the fish.
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