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 Unification Weapons and Heresy Weapons, What was available?
Posted: May 30 2008, 02:20 AM


Group: Imperial Citizens
Posts: 359
Member No.: 199
Joined: 17-April 08

I've seen people post around about weapons and whatnot and I figured that I would start a thread about what was available. Feel free to post knowledge and
I will add it to this post.

@ signifies Unification Era
# signifies Heresy Era

Bolt pistol/Bolter/Heavy Bolter @#
This goes without saying.

Autocannon/Autogun/Shotgun/other assorted slug weapons(look at the weapons available to characters in Inquisitor or Dark Heresy) @#
Solid slug weapons would have existed for millennia.

Las pistol/Lasgun/Lascannon/other assorted las weapons(look at the weapons available to characters in Inquisitor or Dark Heresy) @#
Well, we know that lasguns and las pistols existed and lascannons existed.

Plasma Guns/Plasma Pistols/Plasma Cannons* #
Although the Plasma weaponry was available, Plasma Cannons and their portability is debatable.

*I'm not so sure about how available Plasma Cannons were and if they were Unification Era

Primitive Weapons(crossbows, muskets, etc.)(look at the weapons available to characters in Inquisitor or Dark Heresy) @#

Thats what I've composed so far. Please feel free to post and add more. (I hope this isn't redundant.) sad.gif
Posted: May 30 2008, 05:57 AM

Raw Recruit

Group: Imperial Citizens
Posts: 8
Member No.: 263
Joined: 27-May 08

I would assume that apart from specific items storm bolters for example most weapons which are available in M40--41 would also have been available in m M30 on the grounds that the tech level of the imperium has declined over the last ten millennium rather than improved. I have a vague memory of the intro to the current guard codex referring to all sorts of exotic gear being used by the formations which where antecedent to the guard. I would have quoted but I dont have the book to hand
Posted: May 30 2008, 06:55 AM

Iron Father

Group: Loyalists
Posts: 2,477
Member No.: 9
Joined: 15-January 08

Assault cannons are experimental at this stage and seem to be mainly mounted on vehicles (Stormbirds have rotary cannons, Ancient Rylanor has an assault cannon, the Baal Predator sports twin-linked assault cannons and was discovered early in the Great Crusade).

I've heard say that Multi-meltas weren't very available, though meltaguns were. I cannot quote a source other than a bunch of people on b&c though...

Missile Launchers (I would assume) were available.
The Red Sorcerer
Posted: May 30 2008, 12:03 PM

Master of the Archives

Group: Lore Masters
Posts: 1,108
Member No.: 72
Joined: 21-January 08

Corax - I'd go for Great Crusade rather than Unification Era as your first category... we have so little info on what was available during the Unification era (and particularly given it was prior to the alliance with Mars) it would be much better to have Great Crusade/Heresy Era (and post-heresy) as the categories.

Assault Cannons definitely seem to be available for vehicles, begginning with the early days of the Great Crusade at the latest (going by the sources Weiss mentioned... there are also Land Speeders with them in the artwork) but as for being terminator-portable, that seems to be late heresy at the earliest (as referenced by the background on Chaos Terminators using the earlier Reaper Autocannon instead of Assault Cannons).

Storm Bolters seem to be out (again as by the background on Chaos Termi's weapons).

Plasma Guns certainly seem to be around in the Collected Visions, although the situation for Heavy Plasma Guns is more debatable.

There are quite a few squads armed with Multimeltas in the artwork, and there is no backgound I am aware of that mentions them being a late arrival into the Marines arsenal, so they seem to be fine. However, I can't immediately recall any art or other reference regarding meltaguns... still, I'd be inclined to say they are OK as well for the moment.

Missile launchers and flamers are definitely fine, plenty of references for them.

Chainswords and powerswords are definitely around (see the artwork and the novels), as are lightning claws (Horus, the Emperor, Bjorn, Gabriel Santar). Powerfists I can't remember off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure theres a reference or piece of artwork somewhere that has them - however, they don't seem to be in common use with Terminators during this period.
Posted: May 30 2008, 12:18 PM

Iron Father

Group: Loyalists
Posts: 2,477
Member No.: 9
Joined: 15-January 08

References for Power Fists: Marius Gage (Ultramarines, artbooks), Ezekyle Abaddon (Sons of Horus, Blades of the Traitor, artbooks), Solun Decius (Death Guard, Flight of the Eisenstein).

I'm sure there are plenty more, these are just the ones that spring to mind.

It does seem that power/normal axes were favoured for terminators (I will personally be giving them hammers and swords though). However, there are several pictures of Death Guard and Iron Hand terminators with slimmed down power fists in the artbooks as well, so they might just be used as a specialist weapon instead of a standard loadout for ranged terminators.
Posted: May 30 2008, 12:39 PM

Number Six

Group: Iterators
Posts: 3,125
Member No.: 24
Joined: 15-January 08

Is Solun Decius the guy on the cover of Flight of the Eisenstein? If not that guy is also wielding a pretty massive power fist too....

Coincidentally I love the fact that there is a revolutionary ship called the Eisenstein in 30K, its always cool when they adapt reality in there.

For those of you that don't know Sergei Eisenstein was a film director whom the Soviet government commissioned to make a film in 1925 entitled The Battleship Potemkin, about the 1905 mutiny of the Russian Black Sea fleet battleship The Potemkin against the Tsarist autocracy of Imperial Russia.

EDIT: It seems as though the boards don't recognise Cyrillic text, so I removed the Russian from the above bit.

This post has been edited by Vredesbyrd on May 30 2008, 01:19 PM
Posted: May 30 2008, 01:11 PM

Iron Father

Group: Loyalists
Posts: 2,477
Member No.: 9
Joined: 15-January 08

Decius springs to ind whenever you look at the cover, though I haven't noticed anything that makes it certain...
Posted: May 30 2008, 01:28 PM

Veteran Sergeant

Group: Imperial Citizens
Posts: 741
Member No.: 131
Joined: 26-February 08

i dont think it was decius, id assume the cover is the battle for earth as there fists on the same side. anyway in the 2nd ed chaos codex it tells you a bit about weapons availiable, terminators used bolt guns at firast and used normal heavy weapons, the reaper and other weapons were developed to utalise the extra weight the termi suits can carry. ill try and copy out the section of codex in question when i have the time.
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