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Title: Making a Donation
Description: How you can contribute to this forum...

ShroudFilm - January 21, 2008 02:15 PM (GMT)
A lot of our members have full-time jobs or are still in education, and the TGC admin team are no exception! We are quite happy to run this board in our spare time, but when we have to start paying for things like domain names, ad-removal and other expenses, it seems like we're putting in more than just our time. Also, we get access to a lot of cool stuff as contest prizes, and regular special offers on GW and other gaming products. We're happy to share the joy with those out there who are dedicated pre-Heresy gamers/enthusiasts, and those who get involved with the running of the board.

So to that end, I have decided to set up a purely voluntary donations scheme to help with the administration and running of this board. Of course, you will receive more than just a smug sense of community from making a donation! In addition to discounts on almost everything that TGC organises, we are willing to offer the following membership incentives to those who contribute, either one-off payments or annually...


One-off Contributions
The suggested amount for a one-off donation is 4.00 GBP (approx $6.00 USD). In exchange for this, your membership will be upgraded to the Loyalists member group, and also you may specify what you would like your board membership rank to be changed to (i.e. instead of Raw Recruit, Scout, Battle Brother etc, you may choose any title you wish!)

Click here to make a single contribution


Annual Contributions
The suggested amount for a regular annual donation is 5.00 GBP (approx $7.50 USD) and this payment guarantees the following benefits for one year from the payment date - as above, you may choose your own membership rank and you will become a member of the prestigious Champions member group... and additionally I will personally design you a banner for your signature, from your own ideas. Also, I will give you access to the dedicated server space I have set aside for storing pictures, PDFs and text files for use on these boards - you can send material to me, and I will store it online for you to link from these forums (or anywhere else for that matter!)

Click here to make an annual donation


As it stands, the special member noted above will gain the ability to attach files to posts for others to download (something which currently only the admin may do) and in future we may run special competitions or offers to these groups only.

If you have any questions, or you would like to pay by means other than PayPal, please contact me via PM.

Now, just to clarify from a legal point of view - if you decide to donate here, technically you are actually contributing to me (as the administrator) when I spend time in my working day designing you a custom banner or updating your member profile... we are not charging you for the use of this forum in any way, nor are we profiting from the use of any of Games Workshop's intellectual properties or copyrights. EVERYONE has the chance to use this board FOR FREE, but those who wish to donate towards its more efficient running can do so.

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