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Title: Trading Guidelines
Description: Please read before trading

ShroudFilm - January 21, 2008 03:11 AM (GMT)
We're all friends here... but just to be sure, here are some ground rules for trading on this forum -

1) What you offer for trade/sale is your responsibility.
There are no restrictions on what you can offer for trade, as long as it is vaguely linked to pre-Heresy gaming or background. Please try to be as accurate as possible in your descriptions, and be realistic in your asking price/trade offers. If possible, post pictures AND descriptions of what you are offering.

2) Don't ask us to sort it out if a trade or sale goes bad.
We just offer a meeting place - we don't vouch for the reliability of a seller or the state of an item. If you feel you have been cheated, try to resolve the issue openly on here, or take up any issues of refunds etc with your payment agent (bank, PayPal etc). The moderators and board admin do indeed have information on every board member, but we are not going to give that to you so you can resolve a complaint. Don't even ask us.

3) Give feedback on a deal once you're done.
If you think someone has behaved poorly or tried to take advantage of you, or if they are top-quality responsible traders, post a final statement on the thread to show your thoughts. The only way we will know if someone is to be trusted is by reading what others say about them.

That aside, we hope you can all find something useful on offer in this section! Happy trading!

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