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Title: Iron Hands Armour Markings

Apologist - March 11, 2008 03:38 PM (GMT)
I'm joining in on the Iron Hands visual codex thingie, and I wanted to make sure that I'm getting my model as 'historically accurate' as I can.

With this borne in mind, I'm going to make a late Crusade-era Iron Warrior in Mark III armour.

I'm looking at shoulder pads with studded rims; with the clan symbol on the right shoulder pad and the Iron Hands symbol on the left. Could anyone help on the colour of the rims? Are they black or white (or something else?)

Given the IA info, I'm guessing that the regular ol' bolter will be okay to use (though I may convert a bolter with the forward-mounted clip).

The squad marking will be a tactical marking on the left lower leg.

Now interestingly, the bionic hand in the IA picture is the right hand, not the left. Should I fudge over this with two bionic hands?

Can anyone offer any other ideas/thoughts on the correct way to execute this fella?

Iacton - March 11, 2008 04:13 PM (GMT)
Could anyone help on the colour of the rims?

My thought is that the IHs aren't into much adornment other than legion badge and the bionics themselves. With that in mind I would have thought it would be best to have gunmetal rims, plus with the studs it will show well. Black is fine also, but the gunmetal would break up the blackness IMO. You could use white rims to designate officers or for an honorific perhaps?

Should I fudge over this with two bionic hands?

Being a leftie myself :P and not knowing the whole ritual/fluff of giving your hand to the cause, I would imagine that the marines could still have a "preferred" hand and so you could use either.

I don't know if this is much help, just a possibility

Weiss - March 11, 2008 04:16 PM (GMT)
Is he an Iron Hand, or an Iron Warrior? :P

Personally, I'm doing mine with metallic rims (the picture in the IA has rimless pads and I don't see why they would have changed the colour scheme post-heresy, considering they were keeping the heraldry).

The left hand is the one replaced when you join the legion. That said, you could just paint a normal gauntlett in metallics to signify this (if you were to take a power armoured gauntlett by itself, it's already a bionic hand really, the amount of servos inside to increase you strength). Astartes are ambidextrous, so that would make no difference.

You've got the positioning of everything else right. All markings are in white, though whether the markings would change from company to company is debatable, so you wouldn't have to do a "codex" marking (the codex doesn't yet exist) if you didn't want to.

If he's in MkIII, towards the end of the Crusade, then I would assum he is a veteran (seen as he isn't a specialist), so I would add as many bionics as you can fit on him (reasonably...).

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