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Title: Clan symbols
Description: Appropriate?

Weiss - March 10, 2008 04:13 PM (GMT)
Hello all,

Have just ordered some lovely old techmarines to operate as squad sergeants.

With Iron Hands clan symbols, at least the ones I've seen so far, there seems to be a propensity towards geometric shapes (either that or nuts and bolts). I was wondering what all of you think of me sticking a skull in the middle of the cog instead?

Would make it a lot easier (painting a perfect circle is absolutely %%^$"!)...

Apologist - March 11, 2008 11:22 AM (GMT)
Sounds cool to me. In M41 there are ten clan companies, each with their own symbol. Four have been named.

In M31, only two have been identified (one in Fulgrim, and the other from the pre-heresy illustration in the IA: Iron Hands), but the implication is that there are more. Now, whether you want to interpret the clans as being equivalent to companies (i.e. there are probably more than a hundred clans in M31), or equivalent to chapters (i.e. there are only ten, but much larger than in M41) is up to you.

Either way, a skull seems like a fairly cool symbol. I would note that skulls are a bit more gothic than the other symbols, so it might be a little out-of-place in the more enlightened M31, where the skull is less prevalent.

Icon-wise, it'd be good to have some common themes with the existing ones. How about:
A bisected black/white cog
Two interlocking cogs
Point-down white triangle containing a black cog
Stylised Gorgon head
Metallic Fist clenching a lightning bolt
Stormcloud with lightning bolt

Weiss - March 11, 2008 12:14 PM (GMT)
Some very good ideas. Also, you just reminded me, I forgot to list the clans mentioned in Fulgrim (there are two by the way, Kaargul (Captain Balhaan) and Avernii (First Captain Santar), get that done right away...

The main reason for the skull is the amount of Ad-Mech symbols all over the techmarines. The Ad-Mech didn't use that symbol at the time, and it seems a shame to change the model if there is no need... I try and keep skulls to weapons mainly ("instrument of death").

From the way the clans were spoken about in Fulgrim, they seem to me to be a higher demarkation than a company. Gabriel Santar thinks of his warriors during the "ceremony" in the anvilarium as his company, of the Avernii Clan. This would designate them as 1st Company (Santar is First Captain), Avernii Clan.

I would postulate that there were several companies for each clan, so where they would be numbered according to when they were formed/how good they are, they would all belong to one of the clans.

There is also the example that Ferrus Manus had at least ten companies of Morlocks as his personal guard. I would presume the Morlocks to be a part of FMs clan, so to speak...

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