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Title: TGC soon to be archived
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ShroudFilm - January 13, 2013 11:52 AM (GMT)
Hey all -

Just to let you all know, in the next month or so we will be wrapping up operations here at The Great Crusade and jump-starting the community over at The First Expedition. Nothing here will be deleted (at least not for a long, long time...) but please start your posting over on the new community pages ASAP, rather than here.

For anyone still confused by the change, go to:

I'd like to thank you all for the years of great hobby, and without this community I doubt GW would be supporting the Horus Heresy as much as they are right now. Trust me on that... ;)

See y'all on the other side. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to retreat into my basement to start building a Webway Portal...

Magos Explorator - January 13, 2013 03:57 PM (GMT)
Thanks for all your efforts over the past years, Shroud. :) It's a fun forum.

IngoPech - January 13, 2013 08:21 PM (GMT)
Seconded. Well done 'Shroud!! ;)

Ilmarinen - January 13, 2013 10:46 PM (GMT)
Thanks Shroudy!

I will lead the legions in your name...

...then possibly go a bit mental and try and destroy everything you've built! :)

Pacific - January 14, 2013 11:10 AM (GMT)
Thanks again mate, it's been a blast!

Some great memories from my time here, and hopefully that will continue over at the new place! See you on the other side guys :)

BigWill - January 14, 2013 10:22 PM (GMT)
It's been a long strange trip
From a wayward argument with a crybaby all the way to the Palace you come a long way Shroudy.
Glad to be part of the adventure,see you all on the other side

Wolf Lord Mjolnir - January 16, 2013 01:22 PM (GMT)
What a great site this was - great memories including Tempus Fugitive events and our our own TGC events too.

Thanks Shroud.

Onwards and upwards!

BigWill - January 16, 2013 02:09 PM (GMT)
Samus is Here is a nice touch

Pacific - January 16, 2013 05:13 PM (GMT)
What do you mean by that mate? :)

ShroudFilm - January 16, 2013 05:20 PM (GMT)
Refresh on the banner... ;)


Adenn - January 16, 2013 08:45 PM (GMT)
Ha, nice. i approve. :D

Ilmarinen - January 16, 2013 09:05 PM (GMT)
...oh crap! :blink:

Pacific - January 16, 2013 11:34 PM (GMT)
Hahaha excellent :D

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