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Title: New game from Rick Priestley

Pacific - December 18, 2012 09:59 AM (GMT)
Hey guys,

Had a read about this on the website:


Beyond the Gates of Antares is a brand new science fiction universe from Rick Priestley: the creator of the Warhammer 40,000 game universe and YOU!

We’re creating an entirely original setting for a new and original game – a new idea for new times. At last here is a game that takes science-fiction wargaming forward, with a fresh and unsettling vision of a future where mankind has spread amongst the stars… and changed. Changed into a species so much more than human… and so much less!

Help us create the world’s first Real Time Dynamic Gaming Universe – with a constantly evolving back-story driven by real player participation and featuring the most successful players as actual world characters – want to know more? Join our forums and become one of the Honoured Founders of the Antarean gaming universe.

Had a quick read around the website and it looks like there are some really interesting ideas here, and a kickstarter starting on 1st Jan I believe.

Does anyone have any more info on it? Shroud, did you ever get to meet Rick when you started work at BL, and do you have any kind of 'ear to the ground' among the wargaming giants of Nottingham that might give you some more inkling about it? :)

ShroudFilm - December 18, 2012 10:54 AM (GMT)
No, Rick left literally the week before I had my interview. There was a dark pall over his empty office for a while...

His post-GW work has caused some headaches at work, so I've steered well clear so far. :rolleyes:

Pacific - December 18, 2012 12:43 PM (GMT)
Ah that's interesting, it must have been a massive thing for him to leave after so many years. Not sure how much of an input he had on later editions of stuff but I know for many his name and the game of 40k itself were synonymous.

On a side note, I'm guessing the rumour I heard while I was at GW about him being paid 'per Space Marine' has been confirmed as being completely daft - on the basis that had it been true, not only would he not need a kickstarter for his new project, but he would presumably be running this operation from his own island in the Pacific!

Shroud please let me know if you hear anything in any case! The idea of a partly fan-built and evolving universe is pretty intriguing - even if it obviously has the potential to be appalling!

*Finally, a way to get large, scantily clad ladies riding tricycles into a wargame.. i knew the time would come.. :D

Pacific - January 1, 2013 09:58 AM (GMT)
Hey guys, some new updates on this game, the Kickstarter for which has gone live as of this morning!

First of all, it's interesting to note that this is in some ways more of a 'pure' Kickstarter, in that it's being made by people who only have ideas about how to make and run it, but don't have the resources to start things off - it's therefore a longer than usual 60 days, but will need significant interest if it is to achieve its £300,000 goal.

Here is the link:

Definitely worth having a read as there are some really exciting ideas there, but the big thing for me is the names involved with the game's creation, with Rick Priestly and Bob Naismith amongst others - it's kind of got a 'rock supergroup' thing about it - yes there is the always the thought that they have their best days behind them, and spent too long making historical stuff (thinking of 'Spinal Tap' going into their Prog Rock phase or something here? :D) but there is also the possibility that they will produce something truly groundbreaking once more!

Here is the basic blurb from the website about the game concept:
GoA is the world’s first real-time dynamic gaming universe. That's a mighty statement and a bit of a mouthful, so for now let's just say we are talking about our online 'metagame'. Let us explain. We are inviting players to register to take part in our extensive series of online campaigns and adventures - we call them 'episodes'. We'll be creating lots of episodes and they will vary from huge star-spanning military campaigns that last for many months and potentially years, to raids and surgical strikes that start and finish in a day. It's all real-time remember!  Feed us the results of your battles (through our website or smartphone App) and we'll use your data to determine which of the game's factions wins control of each of the different fighting zones, and ultimately which faction is victorious in that particular episode.

As the different episodes are real events happening in the Antarean universe YOU really do get a chance to affect the history of Antarean space! Furthermore, there are numerous rewards to be gained from each episode, and these will be made available as new technologies, in-game bonuses, and secret information that will give your faction an advantage in future episodes.

In some cases we'll be introducing new types of weapons, new alien species, or newly discovered artefacts which can be captured by one of the factions during the episode. We'll use this information to organise our modelling schedules, so it will actually affect how we prioritise our model making too, giving successful factions a head-start in acquiring the latest weapons for example. And finally...  when the deeds are truly glorious, we'll offer the ultimate accolade and select one of the participating player's own characters to make as a model... incorporating you and your fighting forces into the history of Antarean Space for all time!

In my opinion this is one of the most exciting new wargaming ideas to come along in years - the hobby needs fresh stimulus and to embrace the use of new technology if it is not to be left behind in competing for the money of youngsters, and without sounding too dramatic I think this could be exactly the thing to give a kick up the bum to the entire industry!

So, please take a look on the their board (link is in the OP) and help what I think is the most worthy hobby-related kickstarter project to come along yet! :)

Yvraith - January 1, 2013 09:59 PM (GMT)
I had a look at the Kickstarter page this morning.

Whoever started Kickstarter as an idea is a genius & I hate them for what they do to my wallet.

So far I have committed to the following. Much to the dismay of my bank balance, but well hidden from my wife, at least until boxes of stuff start arriving at the house when I'm not home..... :unsure:

Order of the Stick
Sedition Wars
Project Eternity
Elmore's Art book
Kingdom Death - Monster
& as soon as the net filter lets me back in, this one.

I like the idea of a living universe that gets updated as game results are posted in. Basically making the whole game system a MMO but played out on your table.
It will be interesting to see how that all works out.

Another interesting thing I noticed, was that one of the painted miniatures on the Kickstarter front page was painted by someone most of the old hands around here, will know from his various painting projects he posted on here. Even if he hasn't been on for a while. ;)

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