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Title: The Murderers of Urgall
Description: NL and IW combined Betrayal list

Vinnie - December 3, 2012 09:57 PM (GMT)
Obviously had to make a list from the Betrayal book sooner or later. This is my list wherein I have avoided any named characters or units, so is essentially a 'vanilla' Betrayal list, which means I don't feel guilty about combining units from different legions in the one army.

Just as an aside, I don't do competetive lists. That's mostly because I suck at it! But also I only really care about having an army with a bunch of cool looking units that fits my theme, so that is the spirit in which this list is written. If anyone wants to enlighten me as to the list's strengths and weaknesses then I'd read with interest... :P

So yeah:

The Murderers of Urgall
Night Lords and Iron Warriors

1. Praetor(IW) 150 pts
Power fist, iron halo, melta bombs; Rite of War: Pride of the Legion
2. Moritat(NL) 105 pts
Jump pack

1. Apothecary(NL) 45 pts
2. Contemptor Dreadnought(IW) 220 pts
Twin-linked lascannon, plasma blaster
3. Rapier Weapons Platform(IW) 55 pts
Laser destroyer array
4. 5x Destroyer Marines(NL) 280 pts
Jump packs, missile launcher, 2 phosphex bombs, power sword

1. 5x Cataphractii Terminators(NL) 195 pts
Heavy flamer, grenade harness, power sword
2. 5x Veteran Tactical Marines(NL) 175 pts
Vexilla, 1x volkite charger, 4x volkite serpenta, power maul, Outflank
3. 10x Breacher Siege Marines(IW) 250 pts
Nuncio-vox, vexilla
4. 5x Recon Marines(IW) 160 pts
Nuncio-vox, recon armour, 1x sniper rifle, artificer armour, combi-plasma

Heavy Support
1. 5x Heavy Support Marines(NL) 180 pts
Heavy flamers, rhino w. auxiliary drive
2. 5x Heavy Support Marines(IW) 185 pts
Autocannon, hardened armour

2000 points

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