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Title: Ambush at Morden Plaza
Description: A Betrayal battle report.......or sorts

The Fabricator General - November 30, 2012 09:35 PM (GMT)
Ganicus Varro's armoured boot crunched through the scattered detritus of once a bustling commercial district. The fleets fire storm had rendered the scene both in and of charcoal, On Dominus Scyraks orders Varro and his legionaries had surrounded the plaza. Scyrak's tracker witch was convinced that a guerrilla force of loyalists were operating in the area, much as Varro hated to admit it he was rarely incorrect in these matters.
As one of the predators accompanying the force rounded the corner into the main thoroughfare a missile launched from an unseen window and rocked the heavily armoured vehicle.

And that is how I imagine the scene for my first battle using the rules found in Betrayal. Myself and Whitewolf got together at the games club in Swindon and played a 1000pt battle pitting his loyalist Sons of Horus against my traitor World Eaters. This isn't so much a battle report, more a summary of what happened and some of my findings on the new 6th system and the legion rules within it.
We rolled for mission setup giving us ambush and we chose to play the blood feud mission. My list consisted of a two 10 man legion tactical squads, a 5 man support squad with volkite calivers, a centurion with power axe combat shield and artificer armour, a dreadnought with lascannon and missile launcher. I also took 2 predators, both with heavy bolter sponsons and POTMS, one had a predator cannon and the other had an executioner plasma cannon. This was mainly to see what vehicles were like in 6th as the interwebs tell you that they are rubbish now. In contrast to my cheap but numerous force Whitewolf only took three units but my goodness they were equipped. He had a praetor, with a command squad all with power weapons and artificer armour. A legion tactical squad and a legion veteran tactical squad.
I had first turn but Whitewolf seized the initiative and opened fire on the predator executioner but only managed to scratch the paint. The first few turns saw us trade fire power while our infantry moved up through the surrounding buildings. I found the Volkite calivers to be very effective with them taking out two marine per turn. The Plasma cannon on the predator was also proving its worth, although the veteran tactical squad was spared a rapid demise by the cover afforded by the building in the centre.
The Sons of Horus took a huge number of casualties but retaliated with the destruction of the predator executioner scoring Whitewolf two victory points and sending him into the lead. I was sensing victory, while I hadn't scored any victory points most of the Sons of Horus units were very low on numbers. I moved two tactical squads out to bring the fury of the legion to bear on the command squad and the praetor. I was able to muster between 50 to 60 shots and after all the dust had settled nothing but dents and scratches had been added to the squads armour. In all honesty I thought this was the point that all my hard work was going to unravel as I knew just how tooled up the Sons of Horus were and they were in charge range with nothing I could do to stop them, eek!
It really all can down to the combat on this side of the table. The last marine with the Volkite weapon fell back from the remains of a tactical squad on the far left of the field and was backed up by my dreadnought that had been picking a marine off each turn, they basically fought each other to a standstill but I did learn that a standard legion dreadnought is WS and BS 5 which is useful.
On the right the Sons of Horus command section charged in. It only seemed right that my squad sgt should challenge the SoH Praetor but he declined and so the legion champion picked up the gauntlet, as was predicted my sgt didn't last long. The Praetor himself cut down a number of World Eaters but was wounded once in return and a couple of other SoH fell to the World Eaters combat blades. I lost combat but refused to fall back.
Next turn my second tactical squad charged in along with my Centurion. A turn was spent hacking each other to pieces to the point that in the next round of combat the only Son of Horus left standing was the Legion Praetor who was duly challenged.

The Son of Horus, armour cracked and dented was brought to the ground with a sharp stamp to the back of his weakened knees. His defiant monologue was cut short by the arch of Varro's chain axe.

And that's how my mind's eye sees the end of the battle. This was pretty much my third game of 6th ed and I very much enjoyed it. So what did I learn? I loved rolling all the dice for fury of the legion but I really saw how good artificer armour is. The different versions of power weapons were the thing that I found most interesting. Artificer armour certainly comes into its own with the basic power weapon having AP3, I think I will be equipping most of my characters with power axes and artificer armour as standard.
And there we have it, hopefully it wasn't too boring to read. I'm sure WhiteWolf will comment on his findings and I hope to bring you some better reports as we play more games.

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