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Title: Check Your Forgeworld Kits
Description: Friendly Advice

Pettsy - November 15, 2012 02:51 PM (GMT)
Hey guys and girls,

I received my Typhon Siege Tank this afternoon and couldn't wait to get started putting the beast together. First though as always I grabbed a pen and the parts list just to check everything was supplied correctly. Got through the first and second bags with no problems. "Looks like Forgeworld have done another cracking job" I say out loud to myself. I empty the final bag and mark the bits off and reread the parts list only to find

user posted image

Yep I'm missing the Mantlet and the Rear Hull components. Needless to say I'm not exactly happy at the moment.

I'm sure you guys don't need me to tell you this. But please CHECK YOUR PARTSLIST before building your shiney new toys.


BigWill - November 15, 2012 03:17 PM (GMT)
That sucks but be sure to call them.
They instantly right the wrongs no questions asked.
Case in point,I ordered 6 of the cityfight tiles and only 5 arrived.
I called the next morning and they sent the missing one out.
I came home the next night to the missing package(UPS error)
I called the morning after to put a stop on the replacement and it was already shipped
They said don't worry about it(I did and bought an extra an paid for both,now Ill have a 6x4 cityfight table,which Is what I really wanted in the first place.

Noserenda - November 16, 2012 12:43 AM (GMT)
Something worth doing with every kit from every manufacturer...

Whitehorn - November 19, 2012 02:50 PM (GMT)
Forgeworld (and GW) have an excellent customer service.

The nature of mankind is to complain rather than act. To moan about bad service, but not praise the good.

I have never had bad service from GW. They are more than happy to replace missing or faulty parts. Just give them a call. If the 'guy in the shop' is an arse, call HQ and get better help.

My last issue was some item mis-matches with my Kroot riders. I explained and illustrated which bit I was missing, and which I had duplicates for. After a thorough explanation and agreement of parts to send me, they simply sent a whole new kit instead!

BigWill - November 19, 2012 03:53 PM (GMT)
I love FW because of their customer service,probally the best I have ever delt with.

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