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Title: Blood Angel Veteran
Description: Tester for Heresy era force

lilloser - November 5, 2012 07:06 PM (GMT)
Blood Angel testers piece for Heresy force

user posted image

user posted image

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user posted image

I'm still in the planning stages with my Heresy force. There isn't much information about the marks of armour the Blood Angels wore, organizational markings, fetishes nor artistic flourishes added to reflect the legion. The yellow helmet for example is a mandate from the codex astrates that may or may not have been present during the heresy.

Pleasant problems to have.

For a few more pics, please visit my blog

I look forward to any comments!


Markus Krell - November 5, 2012 08:25 PM (GMT)
I like the muted nature of the red and that stance makes him look like he's p'ed off, so thumbs up from me; a marine should always be annoyed in battle!!

The only 'negative' and it's based on the GW product rather than your model; is the wrist-mouted melta - not a fan of the Blood Angels version compared to the Grey Knights. Would a hand-held melta work better, more threatening?

Can't wait to see a squad, so chop-chop, more pictures please!! :D

Ilmarinen - November 5, 2012 08:39 PM (GMT)
That is spectacularly nice weathering! The black shoulder pad rims also add depth to the mini, and the yellow is perfect.


The Jim Swallow story 'Bloodline' from the LE Chapbook GD2011 had some info about the contrast between 30K and 40K Blood Angels - notably that the 40K versions are very blingy and the 30K versions are much less so (except for Sanguinius's golden host).

I suspect the yellow and blue helmets may be a codex-related thing - however, I would be tempted to ignore whether or not the yellow/blue helmets are 'officially' pre-heresy and just say it's a variant marking in use by certain companies of BA during PH/HH times. It just looks so good!

Cloud Runner - November 5, 2012 09:57 PM (GMT)
Looking good.

As to the helmet colour issue, there are a number if pieces of artwork in Collected Visions that show Blood Angel assault squads with yellow helmets, so I say you're good to go.

BigWill - November 6, 2012 04:54 AM (GMT)
Absolutely stunning.
I would love to see the process on how you achieve that shaded red.
Any chance on Wip shots

lilloser - November 18, 2012 08:48 PM (GMT)
Cheers Guys! It's a big relief to find out they used yellow helmets back in the Heresy. I really enjoy the contrast between the yellow of the helmet and the red.

I'll prepare a tutorial when I paint the Forgeworld models I had bought for my birthday!

I'm also compelling all my notes and observations people have made into a single project outline that I'll publish on my website and here (seems like an appropriate place to post it).


ephrael - November 19, 2012 12:26 AM (GMT)
That's great news, I love following your project logs and all of your creative ideas and stories especially. May I suggest you put a link to your site as a signature to your posts? That way it is easier for some of us to find when we forget to bookmark it like the fools we are?

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