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Title: Weathering/Battle damage tutorials

Timmy{Matt} - October 30, 2012 01:39 PM (GMT)
Hey guys and girls i was wandering if any of you could please put up some good tutorials on weathering/battle damage for space marines . I would really like to test some techniques out :D

BigWill - October 31, 2012 02:34 AM (GMT)
What exactly are you looking for?
Chipping on Astartes Armor
Weathering vehicles & terrain
What effect are you going for Muddy,Rusty,Old,Winterize

I am top notch with Vehicles and Terrain
Check out the first few pages of My Merican Lancer thread in off-topic
I started that project painting 10 Leman Russes in a WW2 Winter Sherman theme which uses pretty much all of the above,except mud

I am a huge fan of all AK Interactive products and MIG powders.

For Marines I add a few chips with a fine brush and add a highlight underneath the chip.
Then I have rust drip from the chip.

Always remember less is more,too many/big chips and it looks like camo

Timmy{Matt} - November 1, 2012 04:58 PM (GMT)
Thanks big will :D , i am looking for weathering on space marines for example making them dirty with mud and grime , and also having chimps on their armour and so forth .

BigWill - November 4, 2012 08:21 PM (GMT)
Simple thing you can do is dust weathering powder on the feet,this gives a nice battle worn appearance.
For chips now I use a detail brush only for the control,but I have had great success ripping off a Small piece of sponge and using my tweezers to hold the sponge.
Then I dip it into a black/brown,use a paper towel to blot the heavy paint and when most of it is gone,then you apply to the model.
Placement is the key,toes of boots,top of backpack,edges of lower greave,hand and arms,and a small bit on shoulder pad.
Then use a light color to put a highlight underneath the chip,make sure the lowlight is smaller than the chip.

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