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Title: PH Space Wolf army for sale
Description: Making room

Wolf Lord Mjolnir - September 25, 2012 12:10 PM (GMT)
Hi guys,

I think I am going to have to sell my PH Space Wolf army so make room - I can;t stop collecting and painting.

PM me if you are interested in the items below - PayPal only please.

Please check my blog or contact me for images.

The army was also shown at Warhammer World and featured on our own display case.

Prices are negotiable but do not include postage.

- Primarch Leman Russ (w/ Freki and Geri) - 30
- Primarch body guard x 3 (tru scale, inc. TH and SS, FB and BP, WC and standard) - 20
- Bjorn the Fell Handed (conversion - not dreadnought, with magnetised arms) - 5
- Rune Priest (painted) - 7.50
- Rune Priest (not painted) - 5
- Terminator Wolf Lord conversion (Thengir) - Based on Lysander model - 5

- Krom the Unbroken (mark IV FW dread w/ magnetised arms) - 20
- Druss the Brazen (mark IV FW dread w/ magnetised arms - posed running) - 20
- Wulfen x 20 (converted from various space marines, berzerker bits and Crypt Ghoul hands) - 20 for ten
- Arjac conversion (not painted - magnetised arms) - 10
- Scout pack x 2 (each pack has five members including a missile launcher) - 10 each pack
- Wolf Guard terminators x 10 (five painted and five still needing shoulder pads but legs done, all weapons options magnetised) - 30 for the lot
- Wolf Guard x 3 (each with powerfist and combi melta) - 3 each

- Grey Hunters x 30 (mostly based on the FW Red Scropion MK IV converted with Chaos Warrior cloaks, some also use Berzerker helms - plus a few assembled but unpainted, magnetised weapon options for plasma pistols) - 20 for ten
- Rhinos x 5 (top hatch not glued but can if you want - magnets inserted for options including bulldozer blade, (options for 2 Vindicators and 1 Whilrwind are extra)) - 10 each

- Land Raider (standard GW but can be Crusader or Redeemer) - 30
- Land Raider mk2B (FW Land Raider) - 40
- Fellblade 'Gungnir' (GW Baneblade painted in Space Wolf colours) - 50
- Predators x 2 (Using FW Chimera autocannon turret - all options magnetised including Ryza pattern Leman Russ TLLC turret) - 10 each
- Long fang pack (six members all with lascannons - 15

- Thunder Wolves x 4 (converted from metal Canis with magnetised weapon options and heads - helms magnetise to saddles) - 30 each (don;t really want to sell these guys but needs must)

- Chaos Terminators (plastic) - painted in Sons of Horus scheme to high standard and magnetised arms and torsos. Converted with Maxmini shoulder pads and plasticard collar. All weapon options available but not all painted. - 40

- Landspeeders x 3 (metal from 2 edition) weapons magnetised. These models have been lovingly restored with a Vallejo Grey Primer undercoat airbrished on. - 20 each

Phew there you go - images on request or check out my blog.

Magos Explorator - September 25, 2012 08:14 PM (GMT)
I'd suggest you consider putting your prices up--it looks like you're selling the models for a fair bit under RRP. I think that for that quality converting/painting, you can match RRP or go higher.

shaw3029 - October 20, 2012 07:40 PM (GMT)
Totally agree Magos.

I first saw your army on B&C and thought it was brilliant especially the terminators. I think you could sell if for some good money as a whole on Ebay or through the forums.

Good luck!

Pacific - October 20, 2012 10:39 PM (GMT)
Absolutely agree, this army is probably the best Space Wolves force I have ever seen!

The event for next year is timed well, might get someone wanting this force so they can take part in that!

Wolf Lord Mjolnir - October 21, 2012 03:52 PM (GMT)
Shucks guys I'm flattered. The army may not be for sale after all.

Had a few offers, some pretty substantial, but not sure of the identities of the buyers.

Will make a decision once I look at all offers at the end of the month.

Didn't realise I'd find it so hard to part with the army either.

Vredesbyrd - October 23, 2012 01:02 AM (GMT)
Don't do it! I still regret selling my Word Bearers and they were in no state to be mourned. If you're wanting to make room then surely there are other things you can part with?

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