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Title: Setting the Emperor's Imperium alight
Description: ...and from the ashes will Horus arise

Dullmohawk - September 15, 2012 05:42 PM (GMT)
As many others I got wind of the upcoming Horus Heresy book I by Forge World a few weeks ago. Even though I already have more than enough 40k miniatures standing around without paint on them, I started planning a small'ish Sons of Horus force. Not anything big, just a combination of miniatures I already had lying about, bits I didn't need for my Astral Claws and maybe a contemptor dread.

...The new interview-video with Alan Bligh shot all those intentions to hell.

And so I dug out an old squad of marines and set about finding a colour scheme that would fit the image of the Sons I had in my head.

I was helped a great deal by Sheeps different logs on various forums, as I think his colours are just right. I started mixing my own colours after his recipe and came up with this WiP scheme:

user posted image

These six marines will form the first part of my first squad. I've tried out some weathering, mainly with my trusty sponge and some charodon granite ( a revered relic in my paintstation).. They still need some more work, but I feel like I'm getting there.

Here's some more pictures of the individual squad members, where you can get a closer look at the icon and some of the weathering:

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

So right now I'm still waiting for some new weathering powders, while the rest of the squad is already on my paintstation, waiting to get the basic layers applied. Not much will be done tonight though, as I have a small cask of Westmalle tripple waiting for me in the fridge. ;-)

adamwelton - September 15, 2012 06:37 PM (GMT)
Oh YES. Ten out of ten old boy, ten out of ten. I love that dry weathered look-it's a method I've been using for years, but you seem to be considerably better at it than I. Very good show indeed. I particularly like the "veteran" scuffmarks. Everyone seems to be of the idea that all Astartes look spanking new whenever they go into action, but that squad looks like they've come out of it and are hungry for more.

Dullmohawk - September 15, 2012 07:00 PM (GMT)
Thank you alot! It's always nice to get a good start on a new log! They still need some more grime in the joints and the cracks of the armour, but otherwise they're as good as done, apart from some random squad-markings here and there.
I'm glad the used look is resonating, you should check out Sheeps log, he's done an extremely good contemptor dread with some fantastic weathering.

the damned artificer - September 15, 2012 08:32 PM (GMT)
Looks really great mate! I'd suggest you to give the eyes on the helmets a bid more attention as that would really give them a nice focal point :D

And chardon granite is without a doubt the best colour ever produced by anyone, anywhere! <3 :D

More more more, please :D

And forge world will ruin us... Damn them :P

adamwelton - September 15, 2012 08:59 PM (GMT)
You have done a very good job layering them in a manner similar to that on the models that appear in the forthcoming HH volume. Great stuff, whether intentional or not, but for goodness' sake don't overdo it on the beaten-up look. Have a closer look at tanks-how battered do they look after a week in the field?

Is there any danger of you doing something bigger than an Astartes next? I don't get tremendously excited about quality paintwork as every man-jack and their dog seems to be at it these days, but it really cheers me up to see unfashionable methods come back both in and out of GW. I for one am very happy whichever way you choose to go.

I like to visualise the events in the HH books, and your models are the most realistic I've seen in a long time-they definitely give me something to think about. Sheep's efforts are quite excellent but everyone has a signature style, and you got my attention because you remind me of how I painted my very first Ral Partha all-metals in 1983! Thanks for making me feel better about investing in GW's ridiculously overpriced products.

BigWill - September 16, 2012 05:22 AM (GMT)
They call it plastic crack for a reason,they even give the first hit away for free :lol:

I agree chipping should always be kept as less is more,you cannot apply real world corrosion to a 40k tank.
While I agree it looks best how you describe it is perfecxtly fluffy if he wanted to paint it as a rolling rustpile there are alot of Deathworlds out there with an acid heavy atmoshpere.

Great to see the second Sons of Horus army in Dargor's style,it is probally the color I am going to repaint mine in as mine are pale as fu$# compared to the new color.

FYI you can make weathering powders out of chalk pastels ground up in a pinch or you can buy a jar of pigment from the art suppply too.

Dullmohawk - September 17, 2012 07:01 AM (GMT)
Thanks for the feedback guys, it's greatly appreciated!

@artificer: I'll try my hand at getting the eyes right later today, wish me luck! I've never been that good at doing small details like eyelenses, but I've found a few tutorials on the net that are within my comfort-zone :P

@adam: The scheme wasn't really intentional, I think theirs is a bit darker and more metallic, while mine is more based on the sea-green colour as described in the BL novels. I tend to find that, while dark miniatures look ace up close, they usually disappear when they go on the gaming table, and I fully intend to game with this army when (my track-record says that should be and 'if') it's finished. I'm counting on having it all together in 6 months time, tops. Hopefully I'll get some games in between, but as of now my painting schedule looks sort of like this:

Month 1. Troop
Month 2. HQ
Month 3. Fast attack
Month 4. Heavy
Month 5. Troop
Month 6. Elite

Which brings me to vehicles. Next up is probably my Company Captain and his retinue, but I'm considering giving these guys, and the rest of their squad which are still sitting on my desk waiting to get a lick of paint as well, a ride. I'm not sure what sort of vehicle they'll be getting as I'm a bit torn between a drop pod, a rhino or a razorback. The razorback have the current advantage of being available in a MkII model that is left over from my Astral Claws. I'll have to ponder this a bit more.

I miss Ral Partha. I got my first minis back when I was a kid in the early 90'ies, and most of it were Ral Partha stuff on sale. I think I still have a knight with an eagle on his arm somewhere.

@BigWill: I was planning an expedition to my local artshop this week, I'm intrigued as to whether they'll have anything I can use. In any case, I need a new brush for the pigments. Also, nice Sejanus you got going, I've been wanting that kit since it came out!

the damned artificer - September 17, 2012 08:45 AM (GMT)
The razorback is a big no no mate ;) It's a post heresy vehicle and I believe it didn't see service till m36 or something (feel free to correct me if someone know the exact time) So I'd go for the drop pod or the rhino ;)

And good luck on the eye lenses, I can't wait to see the results :D

Pacific - September 17, 2012 11:03 AM (GMT)
Yes the Razorback is definitely post-heresy. However, there is always the caveat that pre-heresy there was an awful lot of jury-rigging/prototyping of new tank ideas, new stuff coming off the production lines all the time. Nudging in a 'counts as' razorback I think it completely fine IMO.

My World Eaters have one - simply because no-one tells Angron what he can or cannot use (even time!) :D

Models look really nice, and I love the weathered effect. Nice shade of green as well, as good as any I have seen for SoH, and stuff like the marines helmet hanging on his belt, and the other marine with a mohawk, are nice touches!

Also, great idea with the production plan/timescale. So often projects fall on their arses after flailing around in all directions for a few months with no purpose (at least speaking personally ^_^) and having a plan is a great way to get an army finished.

Dullmohawk - September 17, 2012 12:30 PM (GMT)
Oh, well, you learn something new every day it would seem. I kinda thought that the razorback had been around forever, like the rhino-hull it was build on, but fair enough, a drop pod (or rhino) it is then!

@pacific: I tend to find that my projects usually go the same way. I'm spending the first week gathering all sorts of materials and painting like a man possessed, and then sort of burn out. I think the process will be a lot more productive if spread out over an amount of time.

malika - September 17, 2012 12:36 PM (GMT)
Why not wait for the Forgeworld HH book to come out? There will probably be some interesting transport options in there...

Dullmohawk - September 19, 2012 07:06 AM (GMT)
I probably will. Seeing as I'll be getting the SoH brass-kits I might as well. I still need to finish off the rest of the squad anyway.

Was the Land Speeder Storm around during the heresy, or is that also a piece of newfound STC?

Brother Handro - September 19, 2012 01:59 PM (GMT)
Firstly let me say your Sons are looking amazing, great shade of green and lovely SoH symbol - Well done!

Also your battle damage, although a little heavy for my taste is impressive enough to convince me to try it out on my own Sons. (of Horus. :rolleyes: )

Secondly, we're not sure about the LS Storm yet. As jetbike and speeder technology existed during the Crusade, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to imagine that the technology was harnessed to create a transport speeder, (I have one in my Heresy-era Imperial Army force) and at the end of the day, it's your army, the only thing limiting it is your own thoughts (so you can technically have a razorback if you want to :P ), but as Malika said, best to wait for the book. Then everything will become 'official', one way or the other.

Dullmohawk - September 20, 2012 10:03 AM (GMT)
We'll just sit tight and wait for the book to hit the shelves then, though I'm hoping it'll pass the bar ;) And thanks for the kind words, lads!

In the meantime, I've been working a bit on the rest of the Tactical Squad:

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Initially I had decided against using the helmet-plumes, but in the end it's just too much of a characteristic and iconic SoH symbol/accessory, that leaving it out completely would just be weird. I actually ended up liking the look of it, especially on the mkV helmet (I had to shave some of the upper-duct off for it to fit). It's always nice when you change your perspective on something by doing it yourself.

As is evident from the photos, they've only received the first coat of paint and a light wash, so they've still got a way to go, but I reckon they'll be done within the day or so, depending on how interesting Niall Fergusons 'Empire'-book proves to be.
I'm still taking suggestions on company markings, kill-markings and other kinds of markings, to spice them up a bit.

On the last note, I used the last drops of the paint-mix to finish the first layer of paint on these small soon-to-be battle brothers:

user posted image

I'm a huge scout fan, especially the old metal models, which I sadly don't have any unpainted subjects available of for this project. I followed Apologists example of using Rackham AT-43 legs to bulk out the sergeant, making him as tall as a regular marine, seeing as he is supposed to be a fully initiated battle-brother. The choice of head-bit for him was fairly easy, since anything sporting a handlebar-mustache is the epitome of cool in my book. Even though it goes against the popular image of the SoH being clean-shaven at all times.

BigWill - September 20, 2012 02:18 PM (GMT)
They have'nt mentioned scouts too much at all yet.
But maybe not remember the land speeders Pre-Heresy were a totally different design.
FW gave us jetbikes you ever see how much the RT landspeeders go for on e-bay?
You can be sure to see them in the second wave(book) IMO

Love this new batch,topknots always look awesome I put em on almost all of mine.

Dullmohawk - October 4, 2012 10:36 AM (GMT)
I finished up my guys last weekend, but didn't get time for an update before today.

user posted image

As you can see I haven't changed much, other than a few things.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

I went over the eyelenses again, to make them come a bit more alive, and I'm fairly pleased with the result. Apart from that I tried using a lighter base for the weathering colour before adding a darker tone, but I haven't really noticed any difference, so this will need some more work.

Other than that I think the red plumes in the top-knots are doing wonders with the eyes of horus throughout the unit. The red is a really nice contrast to the sea-green, and I think it works as well as I had hoped it would.

Right, so now there not much to do than start on the next bunch of traitors:

user posted image

I've been digging out my old Bolt Thrower albums again, just for old times sake, and I've found that the Warmaster album is still pretty solid for a painting-soundtrack (if you like that sort of music, that is....). Anybody got their FW orders yet? I'm still waiting on mine to show up, but I guess they're being swamped at the moment, with all the new releases and that.

Ilmarinen - October 13, 2012 08:35 AM (GMT)
Nice work. The mix of parts works really well and I'm loving the battle damage.

Minor quibble - the slit pupil on the shoulder pad eye of the Mk4 with the topknot isn't vertical to the pad axis.

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