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Title: The Iron Without
Description: Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:25 PM (GMT)
NB: I've gotten a load of really good ideas from this forum, so it's only right that I share my work with the rest of the forum. Here's my painting log. :)

As a side project away from my interminable Imperial Guard, I've decided to attempt something I've been wanting to do for several years: a pre-Heresy Space Marine Legion. Developments in my own painting and modelling skills over the last 5 years coupled with Forgeworld's incredible armour kits has made this ambition an attainable reality.

Why the Iron Warriors? If I had to attempt a PH Legion, I told myself, it would have to be one which later turned traitor. What the Horus Heresy series from the Black Library has done superbly is undermine 10,000 years of Imperial historiography. No one Legion turned traitor wholesale, and the deciding of loyalties during Heresy was not a black/white affair as the events of Istvaan III demonstrated. The Iron Warriors were no different. There is, therefore, something profoundly poignant behind the Greek Tragedy of the Horus Heresy: the existence of centuries of faithful service to the Emperor during the Great Crusade, history which has previously only warranted footnotes in the established fluff. It's this service that I wish to recreate.

Army Disposition (1500pts)

- Warsmith (using Vulkan He'Stan's rules) COMPLETE

- Ironclads (Sternguard) w/Rhino COMPLETE
- Ironclad Dreadnought w/Mole (Drop Pod)

- Tactical Squad w/Rhino
- Tactical Squad w/Rhino

Heavy Support
- Goliath Siege Tank (Vindicator) IN PROGRESS
- Goliath Siege Tank (Vindicator)
- Predator Destructor

user posted image

Primary Goals

- Extensive (and exclusive) use of Pre-Heresy equipment.
- Conversion of vehicles to Pre-Heresy patterns and models.
- Experimentation with Green Stuff casting for icons and insignia.

Resources Intended for Use

Preparation for this project has involved extensive research. I've found some superb existing tutorials on various modelling tecniques which I intend to make use of. Component resources are also listed.


Mk.II to Mk.I Rhino Conversion Guide by DeSnifter
Green Stuff Casting by Melchor[URL=""]
Green Stuff Casting by Ferrus Manus[/URL]


Urban Warfare Bases by Dark Art Miniatures
Deco Beads (Studs and Rivets)
Forgeworld: MK.II Crusade Armour
Forgeworld: Mk.III Iron Armour
Forgeworld: SM Character Conversion Set
Forgeworld: SM Special Weapons Pack
Forgeworld: Phobos Pattern Bolters
Forgeworld: Repressor Kit (used for Ironclad Rhino)
Mk.I Rhino Conversion Kit by Machinator
Blood & Skulls Industry (Predator Turrets and Sponsons)


[Over Chaos Black Base Coat]

Iron Warriors Dark Armour
Boltgun Metal
Devlan Mud Wash
Badab Black Wash
Boltgun Metal - Line-highlight edges of armour, drybrush prominent flat surfaces (vambraces, greaves)
Chainmail - Extreme highlight for upper surfaces of armour, such as top of helmet (employ sparingly!)
Badab Black Wash

Worn Brass Trim
Tin Bitz
Brazen Brass* (leaving recesses around rivets in Tin Bitz) *Or Dwarf Bronze (my Brazen Brass has lasted since 1996)
Shining Gold - Line-highlight edges of of the trim on armour/pauldrons)
Shining Gold/Chainmail mix - Extreme highlight for upper surfaces of armour trim
Devlan Mud Wash

Equipment Metal
Boltgun Metal
Chainmail - Line-highlight or drybrush depending on surface
Mithril Silver - Extreme highlight for upper surfaces of item (employ sparingly!)
Badab Black Wash

Iron Warriors Skull
Mithril Silver Highlight
Badab Black Wash

Oaths of Moment
Graveyard Earth
Graveyard Earth/Bleached Bone Mix - Progressively lightened for each prominent surface, leaving recesses with the darker shades.
Skull White - Extreme highlight to tips/edges of parchment

Heraldic Crest
Necron Abyss
Regal Blue - Drybrushed Highlight
Enchanted Blue - Drybrushed highlight to upper half of the crest

Base (Destroyed Bunker)
Adeptus Battlegrey
Badab Black Wash
Drybrush Codex Grey
Drybrush Fortress Grey (to more prominent rocks, stones, edges of bricks/rubble)

Gunbarrel scorchmarks

That's about it. I'll add to this post with more resources etc. should they appear later and also include pictures of the finished models. Right now, the initial components are on order and are awaiting delivery. :)

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:26 PM (GMT)

I gave a lot of thought of thought to this. After hours of searching, I had no luck finding the prime candidate; the old Blood Angels First Company Shoulder Pad:

user posted image

Consequently, I discounted the prominent and leering Silver Skulls pad (perversely still in production by GW whereas the Blood Angel pad isn't...) and took a scalpel to the Chaos IW pad as my option. Without the arrows, the skull-mask doesn't look at odds with the pre-Heresy iconography, and the (intimidating) stanted eyes actually match the design of the insignia on the artwork in my original post.


I was only going to use these for press-mould purposes: ie. creating larger iconography to be used on vehicles and perhaps banners. However, I've since concluded that removing the arrows from the existing Forgeworld IW Rhino Doors would create ideal vehicle badges. In terms of Dreads, I really don't like the GW casts, which appear to have been hopelessly grasping at Forgeworld's coattails for the last several years.

Anyway, onto my first UPDATE, my WIP Sternguard Sergeant utilising the Forgeworld Gamesday Mk.III Boarding Marine:

user posted image

I replaced the boarding shield arm with a Bolt Pistol hand, and in turn replaced the pistol with a FW pre-Heresy version in order to meet the Sternguard Sergeant's equipment loadout: Bolt Pistol and Power Hammer (Power Fist). I also added a brace of frag and krak grenades. Each of my Sergeants are also getting the old Magneus Craglar eagle headed backpacks. Mechanically they look like the FW M31-era power plants, and have the obvious pre-Heresy loyalist Imperial imagery. The brass etch eagle on the left shoulder pad is meant to represent the Sternguard/Command squad and the studs merely present for the antiquated P-H look.

I'm also upping my game with green stuff sculpting; I'm visting Hobbycraft with a mate tomorrow to pick up some shaping tools and want to finish the banner by sculpting scrollwork at the bottom to bear the Legio number. I'm already quite pleased with the 'X' numerals on the right kneepad and banner.

Next, the result of the GS cast:

user posted image

It's lightly mottled but of surprisingly good quality. After some trimming I mangaged to get the badge onto the shoulder pad without much issue but will attempt a 'flusher' fit the next time around by filing the shoulder pad down for a flatter surface to receive the cast.

I've got The Master of the Watch and a Techmarine with Servo Harness on order which will combine to become Captain Planet my Warsmith. Really looking forward to converting him. :-)

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:28 PM (GMT)
A proper update after a few hours messing about with my new shiny set of clay shaping tools:

user posted image

Delighted with how the scrollwork on the banner came out, thanks largely to this brilliant tutorial:

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:29 PM (GMT)
Anyway, onto a small update; currently working on my Warsmith using the Techmarine with Servo Harness and Master of the Watch models. His 'Siege Harness' is going to proxy for much of Vulkan He'Stan's wargear - the WIP pre-Heresy style hefty flamer arm will count as The Gauntlet of the Forge (who needs the ornate minimalism of the Salamanders when you can have the brutal practicality of the IV Legion?).

user posted image

I've also been using the new GW Liquid Green Stuff. I'd heartily urge people read this review before using it, it certainly helped me out. :)

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:30 PM (GMT)
An update before I finalise the two models with green stuff and prime them:

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Nothing says 'pre-Heresy' more than studs and their addition to the Siege Harness really rounds it off nicely. The fuel tank on the Heavy flamer is a trimmed down Melta Bomb, and the fuel line is 3-Gauge guitar wire.

The existing power axe on the Captain of the Watch wasn't thematic for the Iron Warriors, so I substituted it for a Chaos Terminator's power maul. The resulting two-handed mace looks very in character with the Legion and an ample substitute for the Spear of Vulkan. Whilst a Warsmith is an able combatant, he's first and foremost an engineer, and has thusly been given an auspex linked to his Siege Harness.

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:31 PM (GMT)
Anyway, I paint in the daytime, convert in the evening. One pre-Heresy Phobos style Combi-Melta, using a Forgeworld Melta Gun muzzle shroud, pin-vice drilled styrene rod replacement flash-hider, and Terminator Stormbolter box magazine. Painting desk by Jackson Pollock.

user posted image

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:31 PM (GMT)
WIP Pre-Heresy style Heavy Flamer for power armour - two of these will be in my Ironclad (Sternguard) squad:

user posted image

Should have finished the squad's sergeant by this evening, I'll try to post pics then.

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:32 PM (GMT)
Anyway, here's the completed Ironclad Sergeant:

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:32 PM (GMT)
Without further ado:

Andross Vallum - Warsmith of the 10th Grand Company, IVth Legiones Astartes

Closeup shot:

user posted image

Sorry about the lighting for the rest:

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

He proxies as Vulkan He'Stan; the Power Mace 'Mangonel' is the Spear of Vulkan, the servo-mounted (pre-Heresy style) Heavy Flamer is the Gauntlet of the Forge, the servo arm counts as Digital Weapons, and the enlarged power pack contains a shield generator which counts as Kosare's Mantle.

In terms of painting and converting, he's been my magnum opus. I'm especially pleased with the hazard stripes and the cloak; which bears the Latin motto 'Ferrum Intra, Ferrum Extra' - Iron Within, Iron Without. On that note, a lot of the pre-Heresy Legions (and the Imperium itself) contained Romanesque elements in the literature and artwork available, it wasn't just limited to the Ultramarines. Consequently, I've included Roman-style lightning bolts on the inside of the cloak (visible in the first picture). Needless to say, these Imperial trappings would have been dropped after the Heresy, which explains why M41 Iron Warriors are so spartan and practical in appearence.

I'm now starting on painting my two Heavy Flamer armed Ironclads (Sternguard), but will be modelling the remaning 4 members of the squad in the evenings. Watch this space. :)

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:33 PM (GMT)
Iron Warriors Proficiency Sigils

Left to right: Melta Weapon Specialist, Melta Weapon Specialist and Servo Arm Operator, Flame Weapon Specialist.

The studs on the top-right of the brestplate are service studs, colour coded in metal to denote time with the Legion (more on these later).

user posted image

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:34 PM (GMT)
Iron Warriors Ironclad Heavy Flamer Operators

In addition to the 'Pilot Light' Flame Weapon Proficiency sigil, each Astartes bears service studs on the upper right of the breastplate. These are not necessarily indicators of rank or seniority, but marks of experience and - for a Legion subjected to the dehumanising trial of siege warfare - endurance.Consequently, these are borne as badges of pride and grim reminders of collective experience - contrasting starkly with the ostentacious honorific laurels, filigree, and other decorative embellishments borne by other Legios.

Gold - 100 Years
Silver - 50 Years
Bronze - 25 Years

user posted image

The Heaver Flamer units borne by the operators are of early Pre-Heresy design, and feature the characteristic bell-shaped Promethium projecter nozzles. As with all Iron Warriors equipment, hazard stripes are used to highlight items and areas of importance or which should recieve special attention owing to potential danger; here the Promethium tank housings are painted with the characteristic black and yellow chevrons. Similar treatment has been given to the maintenance panels on the Astartes' power plants.

user posted image

These Astartes wear Mk.III Amorum Ferrum ('Iron') armour. This is issued as standard to members of Ironclad units owing to the greater protection it affords over Mk.II plate; an essential advantage owing to the close proximity to the enemy required for the use of flame and melta weaponry. Consequently, Mk.III plate is also issued to flamer and melta gun operators in Iron Warriors Tactical Squads, though their armour lacks the brass trim which the Ironclad suits bear as a mark of status.

user posted image

user posted image

Both Astartes are pictured assaulting the remains of Ravelin Beta-Sigma, one an outlying bastion of just one of the Fortresses of Judgement which constituted the defences built by the Black Judges on Justice Rock. Ironclad Heavy Flamer units are regularly employed to scour the interiors or ruins of bunkers and strongpoints once breaches are made by the squad's Combi-Meltas.

user posted image

user posted image

Ploggers Notes

These were are a pain to convert. Funnily enough, weapons designed for Tactical Dreadnought models are not easily adaptable for power-armoured figures, not least those in Mk.III plate, the bulkiness of which prevents the flamer being held closer to the chest, thus preventing easy marriage with the left arm. Use of green stuff on the shoulder joints was needed to achieve an acceptable fit, which was very much a case of trial and error. Not an easily conversion, and the results aren't perfect - still, they could be worse.

The Dark Arts Miniatures Urban Warfare Bases are wonderful and I urge anyone to give them a shot. I added brass rod rebar to the raised chunk of masonry to make it look more like part of a reinforced bunker, and guitar string 'cables' to the pipe to make it look like a section of armoured communications/power conduit rather than a drain.

That's it for now, I'm off to prime the first two Combi-Melta gunners. Feedback welcome as always. :)

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:35 PM (GMT)

Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors Ironclads (Sternguard) with Combi-Meltas

user posted image

Combi-Melta guns are issued as standard to all Ironclad Astartes with the exception of Sergeants and Flamer Operators. The Combi Weapons themselves feature large capacity box magazines with intricate multiple-column feed systems to accommodate the several different ammunition types employed by the Ironclads as specialist heavy infantry. Despite their complexities, there has never once been a jam or feed issue recorded with these weapons in the entire operational history of the IVth Legion - something attributed to the high technological aptitude of those bearing the gene seed of The Engineer. Use of Combi-Meltas in the Iron Warriors is prolific and a logical outgrowth of their expertise in siege warfare and the requirement of man-portable anti-fortification weaponry. By this token, they are also issued to Tactical Squad Sergeants and deployed in conjunction with Flamers.

user posted image

Loss of limbs amongst Astartes is inevitable. The Iron Warriors, however, often replace lost appendages with powerful servo arms rather than the anatomy-replicating bionic versions favoured by most other Legios. Though often seen as indicative of the 'brutalism' and 'crudeness' of the IVth Legion's technology, their use is in reality attributable to tactical expediency. The Iron Warriors combat doctrine is dictated not only by siege conditions, but also cold logic; each squad has mutually-supporting equipment, making it a self-sufficient tactical unit. Each front-line squad, whether Ironclad, Tactical, or Assault includes within it a servo-armed Astartes tasked with clearing obstacles, destroying enemy equipment, and gaining entry to fortifications through hatches, bulkheads and blast doors; tasks beyond the post-human strength of a regular Space Marine, even one equipped with a bionic arm.

user posted image

user posted image

Plogger's Notes

Really pleased with the poses for these guys, as the servo guy ('Clamps') required some literal arm-twisting. Combi-Melta arm-alignment was much easier than with the Heavy Flamer guys, but still harder than usual owing to the bulkiness of Iron Armour. Looking forward to dealing with Mk.II plate with the Tac Marines.

The sandbags were painted with Graveyard Earth, then progressively highlighted depending on raised surface areas with increasing amounts of Bleached Bone before a final wash of Devlan Mud.

Barrel scorching was done by an initial solid application of Bestial Brown around the muzzles before drybrushing away from it so that it became lighter further away for the aperture. This process was repeated using Chaos black before the muzzles were washed with Gryphonne Sepia.

Last 2 Sternguard about to be primed! :)

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:35 PM (GMT)
Some WIP photos to pass the time:

user posted image

Reposed the arms and performed hand swaps to have the Astartes chucking a grenade; adds a bit more variety to the squad.

user posted image

user posted image

Bionic leg from the FW Character Conversion set. This needed to be bulked up at the hip joint and foot to match in proportion with the Mk.III leg which is notably bigger than the Mk.VI limb it originally accompanied! I'm really pleased with the way the prehensile foot-claw appears to be clutching at the edge of the wall as part of the process of the Marine scaling it.

user posted image

Myself and a friend are also engineering our armies with extra gubbinz to enable us to play with the Tempus Fugitives' The Age of the Emperor expansion. In this case, many squads have the option of taking teleport homers, which will in this case be represented by servo skulls. (Servo Arm upgrades are available, too!) :)

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:36 PM (GMT)
Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors Ironclads (Sternguard) With Combi Meltas

user posted image

Servo Skulls are a common sight amongst the Astartes of the IVth Legion. Assigned on a squad-by-squad basis they are linked via short-wave signal to the internal HUD of an Astartes' power armour and can be manipulated via remote control. Consequently, they are often employed as forward observing apparatus, where their speed, small profile, and silent anti-grav motor makes them ideal for scouting enemy positions without being detected or easily damaged. This makes them particularly valuable in siege warfare and tunnel fighting in particular, where a servo skull can rapidly traverse sharp corners or blind spots and immediately relay any potential hazards back to its assigned squad. More sophisticated Servo Skull variants are known to house Locator Beacons and Teleport Homers, allowing front-line squads to call for targeted intervention from the Legion's elite Cataphractii via teleportation or Termite bore-transport.

An oft-raised question is why the skull of a deceased Astartes is used as the housing for the equipment's apparatus rather than an unremarkable casing of lightweight metal or ceramics, and many have accused the Iron Warriors of indulging in the macabre by doing so. When this point was raised by Captain Lu'Saav of the Salamanders early on during the Great Crusade, an unnamed Warsmith replied with his own Legion's cold, simple logic:

'Why waste the materials?'

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

GROUP SHOT (Sorry about the lighting)

user posted image

Their transport will be a converted Sisters of Battle Repressor; I've always really liked this kit as it screams 'command vehicle' and will really set it aside from the Tactical Squads' Rhinos. I'll be ordering it in the new year as part of an effort with some friends.

Those interested in my other project (see sig) I'll be returning to it shortly. :-)

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:37 PM (GMT)
A small update whilst I wait for my very large Forgeworld order and Mk.1 Rhino bits from Machinator to arrive:

user posted image

WIP Mk.1 Rhino engine vents usind DeSnifter's templates (link in previous post).

user posted image

Near-completed Rhino top hatch (again using De Snifter's template) made out of 1.5 mm plasticard.

This is the hatch for No.1 Tactical Squad's Rhino as one can tell by the numeral. However, I've decided to depart from the conventional arrow insignia and have my Iron Warriors squads designated by patterns of studs - both on their armour and vehicles. (Two vertical rows of studs denotes 'Tactical'.) On the hatch these are represented by discs which are simply pieces of thin plasticard garnered using a standard office hole punch. Handles are from the Russ sprue.

The Romanesque thunderbolt is a motif that'll be included throughout the army owing to its prominence in Pre-Heresy Imperial iconography. At the moment, the icon is merely symbolic rather than being a unit signifier or tactical recognition icon.

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:37 PM (GMT)
Anyway, here's a few pics of what I've done with the Sternguard/Ironclad Rhino!

Made the cupola heavy flamer (decorative only) of a pre-Heresy pattern with the characteristic flared nozzle. Also added an IG gun shield in order to provide its user with better protection - pretty prudent in siege warfare conditions:

user posted image

user posted image

Also changed the turret Stormbolter to closer resemble two Phobos pattern Bolters linked under a single cowling.

user posted image

As with the Tactical Rhino top hatch, the Sternguard Rhino's also features the unit's iconography; an Aquila surrounded by three discs/studs. (This motif is also on the Astartes' right shoulder pads.)

user posted image

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:38 PM (GMT)
user posted image

WIP Ironclad Rhino track sections - a kitbash of the great Machinator kits and plasticard work using DeSnifter's Templates (see first post for details). The glacis plate features twin thunderbolts cut from thin plasticard as part of the Pre-Heresy Legio motif. These are purely decorative and will probably later be accompanied by 'Legio IV' or an abbreviated version of this. :)

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:39 PM (GMT)

Semi-constructed Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors Ironclad Rhino:

user posted image

Added the numerals 'IV' to the glacis to denote Legio number. As with positioning on Astartes shoulder pads, the Iron Warriors Skull Mask icon is on the front right; the squad designation will be on the front left.

user posted image

The numeral 'X' denotes the Grand Company (the lightning bolt is merely thematic and decorative).

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:39 PM (GMT)


More on the Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors Ironclad Rhino.

user posted image

user posted image

In further homage to the RT-era (and older pattern) Rhino, I've added rear-track mounted ammo boxes, which are also fluffy owing to the Iron Warrior's emphasis on firepower. The boxes themselves are Forgeworld Closed Ammo Crates which the company has inexplicably stopped listing on the website. I'll give them a call to find out the score. If they've stopped producing them a friend has kindly offered to cast up a few more for personal, non-commercial use. Conceptually, the crates are held in place within braces made out of thin plasticard strips and are released by the turning of two latches at the bottom of the track section, enabling the crates to simply slide in/out.

As mentioned earlier I also improved the dozer blade mount. It now looks a lot sturdier and more detailed than the FW mount.

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:40 PM (GMT)

Assembled prep pic - Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors Ironclad Rhino.

user posted image

Currely undercoated in Chaos Black, going to do the tracks tomorrow after consulting a few good guides I've saved over the lasy year or so; this is a personal favourite:

The Painting Corps: Weathered Tank Tracks

Morden279 - September 8, 2012 03:41 PM (GMT)

There's been six months without a proper update. WHAT? There's been six months of no Iron Warriors. WHAT? No pictures. WHAT? No fluff. WHAT? I've finished the Ironclad Rhino. WHAT? I've finished the Ironclad Rhino. WHAT? I said I've finished the Ironclad Rhino. WHAT? Here's the result.

Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors Ironclad Rhino (Sternguard Rhino)

user posted image

The Ironclad Rhino is a heavier command variant of the standard Rhino design employed by the 4th Legion. Introduced almost immediately following the commencement of the Great Crusade, the Ironclad Rhino forms the mobile lynchpin of the basic Iron Warriors tactical unit - the [I]Centuria - and is the assigned transport for a single Ironclad squad, which in turn constitutes the command section for two further Tactical squads of Legionaries. [/I]

user posted image

Owing to its command role, the Ironclad design differs notably from the standard Rhino STC and features a taller hull to incorporate enhanced communications equipment. From here, the Ironclad Squad's First Sergeant can co-ordinate the Centuria's actions alongside those of the rest of the Cohort and the wider Legion chain of command. Apropos of the Ironclads' role as heavy 'shock' unit, the Ironclad Rhino enables its occupants to engage external targets through firing ports mounted along its flanks without exposing them to return fire - a problem with the standard Rhino's dorsal hatch. The Ironclad Rhino also features a unique weapons configuration, housing its twin-linked Bolters into a single offset turret, which in turns allows for the mounting of a dorsal commander's cupola capable of carrying a variety of weapons. This variant features a Heavy Flamer, the utility of which evident after the 4th Legion's frequent assignment to siege duties following the Justice Rock Compliance. The gunshield, however, quickly proved inadequate protection for the Legionary using the cupola weapon in the close-range firefights involved in siege warfare, and was soon replaced with an enclosed Chimera pattern turret requisitioned from Imperial Army armoured divisions.

The latest known variant of the twin-turreted Ironclad Rhino was intended to engage heavily armoured enemy units, and featured twin-linked Plasma guns in the forward turret, and a single Lascannon in the dorsal turret. (Additional power packs reducing the vehicle's transport capacity from ten to eight Legionaries.) Introduced shortly before the 4th Legion's campaign against the Hrud, the 'Vengeance Pattern' Ironclad's focused weapons proved poor at combating the mercurial Hrud. Perhaps unfairly, the design's utility was quickly dismissed by other those in other Legions, including Rogal Dorn himself, who criticized Perturabo for 'not wielding the right weapons for the enemy at hand'.

user posted image

As with many other 4th Legion vehicles, the Ironclad Rhino also mounts a Havoc Launcher in accordance with the Iron Warrior's unofficial maxim of 'Compliance through superior firepower'. The massed fragmentation rocket salvos from a Legio IV cohort not only have the ability to greatly reduce enemy formations, but also provide suppressive fire on enemy defenses and strongpoints, allowing Legion units to close quickly whist suffering reduced return fire in the process. The effectiveness of the 'hail of Iron' was evidenced during the final assault on Fortress Court of the Judges on Justice Rock, when the breech blown in the citadel's out wall was saturated with Havoc rocket fire whilst the Xth Grand Company led the Iron Warriors assault. Before the 4th Legion's deployment to Justice Rock, Perturabo declared his enthusiasm for the 'challenge of siege warfare', and bade the 51st Expedition's remembrancers to find precedents for the Iron Warriors' new purpose. A visible consequence was the naming scheme of many Legion vehicles after famous sieges in human history - this one bears the legend 'Jeruzalem'.

user posted image

Like the standard Rhino Variant, the Ironclad Rhino features visible tactical recognition marks on its flank hatches, forged in brass, such as with this Xth Grand Company vehicle. The Imperial Thunderbolt device, whilst having no practical use in this respect, is a common and prominent symbol of the Iron Warriors' commitment to the Great Crusade.

user posted image

user posted image

Bulldozer blades quickly became standard fixtures on 4th Legion vehicles during siege warfare deployment. The Ironclad Rhino mounts a super-reinforced variant, enabling the vehicle to create breaches in defenses or clear obstructions which standard 'dozer blades could not, thus allowing the Centurio's other vehicles to follow in its wake. These efforts can also be facilitated by the logis engine mounted above the driver. The magnocular and infra-red lenses visible on the outside are just part of an engine capable of allowing the Rhino's driver to analyze potential weaknesses in the structures of fortifications, which can then be exploited. Also prominent are the 4th Legion's Skull Mask icon, and the markings of the vehicle's Ironclad squad: a brass Aquila surrounded by three studs. The Ironclad squad's sigil is repeated on the vehicle's top hatch, enabling it to be easily identified by aerial units.

user posted image

An Ironclad squad disembarks from its transport accompanied by the Xth Grand Company's Warsmith. Warsmiths often deploy with a Centurio as their command section instead of specialist units such as Cataphractii.


Sorry it's been so long. My current job allows me to get home early and paint for at least 2 hours per day, which is great. My next task is one of the army's Goliath Siege Tanks (Vindicator). This will be an amalgam of the Leman Russ and Vindicator kits, the reasoning behind which is twofold. Firstly, this is primarily a Crusade Era army, and the Vindy was not introduced until the start of the Heresy. Secondly, and with cunning use of magnets, this vehicle's weapons will be modular, making it a compatible proxy for other canon/fanon vehicles, such as the Olympia Storm Tank, Thunderstrike Assault Gun, Sabre Tank Hunter, and possibly new vehicles which will be revealed after the released of Forgeworld's new Horus Heresy book.

More coming up. :-)

BigWill - September 8, 2012 04:02 PM (GMT)
How have I missed this thread,very impressive stuff.
I think a Servo-Arm per squad for the Sgt perhaps would look awesome.
Love the Repressor very fitting for IW.

The tiniest touch of rust on a bolt or two on the vehicles would do wonders.

Ilmarinen - September 8, 2012 06:06 PM (GMT)
Holey moley! These are fantastic!

Weird, all the posts say they were posted today?

Great work dude. Your green-stuff-fu is strong! Loving the honour markings on the armour.

What did you use for the studs on the backpack vents?

Azkaellon - September 8, 2012 07:45 PM (GMT)
Andross Vallum...WOW, brilliant work and the sternguard are gritty and full of character. love it all.

BigWill - September 8, 2012 10:42 PM (GMT)
Was looking at the your Blood Angel Shoulderpad choice.
Ever consider Silver Skulls?

Ilmarinen - September 8, 2012 10:57 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (BigWill @ Sep 8 2012, 10:42 PM)
Was looking at the your Blood Angel Shoulderpad choice.
Ever consider Silver Skulls?

Blood Angels? Those are the normal Mk3 pads.

I wouldn't recommend the new GW Silver Skulls pads - I bought a pack (thinking about Iron Warriors!) and the skulls project far too far from the pad surface. I like sculpted pads, but these ones are very disappointing.

BigWill - September 9, 2012 01:42 AM (GMT)
1st post said BA,I haven't a clue TBH
Good to know about the Silver Skull pads saved me $8.50

Ilmarinen - September 9, 2012 02:44 AM (GMT)
Ah yes, I skimmed the first few posts! Got distracted by the great pics! :lol:

And I've discovered the answer to my studs question too! :)

ShroudFilm - September 9, 2012 09:59 AM (GMT)
Wow, these are gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh...

As for the time difference, I'm assuming this is a repost from another forum?

Morden279 - September 9, 2012 11:02 AM (GMT)
Thanks to everyone!

@ ShroudFilm

Indeed - my log started over at Warseer, but I felt it only right to have it here as well, seeing as I check TGC daily and there's always fantastic Crusade Era stuff on here to gain inspiration from. :)

@ BigWill

I like the idea, but there'll be a servo arm-equipped Astartes per squad, which IIRC is an upgrade option for the Tempus Fugitives' The Age of the Emperor fan campaign. (The aim for the army is to make it as cross-compatible as possible with multiple systems, yet still have such components have a 'cosmetic deniability' potential to avoid WYSIWYG conflicts.)

In terms of rust, do you have any links to a good guide? I'm happy to google myself, it just sounds like you might have a particularly good one in mind. :)

And yes, the Silver Skulls pads are very deceptive in the website picture - they 'leer' in relief up to 3mm (not joking) from the surface of the pad and look faintly ridiculous. Ilmarinen was right about saving you money.

The Blood Angels 1st company shoulder pad in the picture I posted was produced about 10 years ago, but has been deleted for a while. Shame - as it was perfect for the Iron Warriors.

@ Ilmarinen

The studs are 1mm deco beads - easily available on eBay. They differ slightly in size, so for a series of studs on one model, you have to pick them out so that they match. I use a pin-vice drill to countersink holes in the places where they'll go, dab in a spot of glue, then just roll them in. Liquid green stuff seals the rim around them.

@ Azkaellonthem.

Mk.III is perfect for them as a shock unit, kind of like Cataphractii-lite. :)

ShroudFilm - September 9, 2012 11:13 AM (GMT)
The servo-arms idea is great - I've got a couple of IW in my army with them, counts-as power fist.

Pacific - September 9, 2012 11:47 AM (GMT)
Wow just beautifully modelled and painted work. That's all I can say really! :)

BigWill - September 9, 2012 02:07 PM (GMT)
Draw a line on the drill bit and it will be the same depth everytime.

My weathering secrets are ancient and Chinese :lol:

Not a tute as it is more of a product AK Interactive which is slightly thinned matte enamel
I think Humbrol.
But it works with Testors too.
Use the AK rust streaks or testors rust and mix 40/60 paint to thinner.
Using a fine brush paint a few vertical streaks and let dry a couple minutes.
Then use a flat brush damp with odorless thinner to stump the streak and drag downward as runoff.

Check out my Zone Mortalis tutorial to see the technique in action.

Ilmarinen - September 9, 2012 05:12 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (BigWill @ Sep 9 2012, 02:07 PM)
Draw a line on the drill bit and it will be the same depth everytime.

You sir, are a genius!

Deraj - September 17, 2012 04:42 PM (GMT)
I have to say these are by far the best iron warriors I've seen, preheresy or not. Definitely a lot of ideas to make mine look better :P

Morden279 - September 22, 2012 02:11 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (BigWill @ Sep 9 2012, 02:07 PM)
My weathering secrets are ancient and Chinese  :lol:

Ancient Chinese Secret, huh?

user posted image


More WIP pictures of the Goliath Siege Tank.

user posted image

Lightning bolts added to the crew hatch as well as the Grand Company numeral.

user posted image

Havoc launcher mounting completed.

user posted image

Magnetised weapon housing using Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets (1/8 x 1/16).

Thanks to everyone for the support! :)

Calgar 2.0 - September 22, 2012 02:26 PM (GMT)
Oh.... you have that Guard Army?!

I saw that a couple months ago, and was amazed. Are they going to be a Imperial Army Component to your IW?

BigWill - September 22, 2012 03:50 PM (GMT)
Guard Army? I demand a link I need to know my competion for head tread head :D

Those lightning bolts are so simple,so beautiful,so stolen ;)

That tank is sweet,need a shovel though,my favorite part of the new fluff.

Calgar 2.0 - September 22, 2012 04:05 PM (GMT)
He linked it in post #1.

The IG of Awesomeness XD

BigWill - September 22, 2012 05:16 PM (GMT)
42 pages really Dammit :lol:
Those are some of the crispest paintjobs I have ever seen.

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