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stormbird1 - August 22, 2012 06:33 PM (GMT)

I thought i would start a post to post all clan companies mentioned in canon soures. I will start with this:

"Heavies gave support fire from range, while three wedges of Iron Hands from the Sixteenth, Thirty-Fourth and Twenty-Seventh clan companies provided a relentless assault on the entrenched eldar positions. Santar recognised the sigils of the Vorganan, Burkhar, and Felg clans battling tirelessly at the front."

"Down the centre, where the firestorm was hottest, he knew he would find the Clan Avernii, his Morlocks. Judging by the static representation of the vetern company, they too had reached an impasse. No Iron Hand had yet reached the shield wall itself."

"In reserve for the Iron Hands were Sorrgol's clan warriors of the Iron Tenth, Meduson's own kith and kin, as well as Kadoran, Lokopt and Ungavarr clans who brought down hellfire from the high ground.

This was taken from "The Primarchs" book, "Feat of Iron" story, Page 186.

So in the Horus Hersey, the Iron Hands also had these clans:

1) Vorganan <Vurgaan?> 16th clan company
2) Burkhar 34th clan company
3) Felg 27th clan company
4) Sorrgol < Sorgol?> 10th clan company
5) Kadoran
6) Lokopt
7) Ungavarr

So this adds some information needed for the Tenth legion.

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