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Title: Primarchs: The Game
Description: Seeking additional players

Midgard - August 8, 2012 03:39 PM (GMT)
Have you ever wondered what you would have done if you were a Primarch? Would the worlds fall before you in the Great Crusade, or would you advance slowly and methodically? Would you stand by the Emperor's side, or would you turn from Him in the name of convictions, ambitions, or altogether darker things?

I am running a game on my forum ( that aims to answer this question, and thought TGC would be a good place to announce it, and to perhaps gauge additional interest.

If you would rather go straight to the game thread, it is located at:

This thread contains the basic rules, character generation template, and entries of people who have already entered.

Primarchs: The Game is an Internet-based mixture of strategy and role-playing, played entirely through a forum. Over the course of the game, each player will create a custom Primarch and a custom Legion, and then will participate in the Great Crusade, culminating with the declaration of the Warmaster and the great civil war of the Heresy.

The game is as much about diplomacy and behind-the-scenes negotiations as it is about strategy. During each game turn, the players make their moves by ordering their armies to move or attack between different planets, while engaging in diplomacy, secret dealings, and plotting. Some players choose to write short "flavor" pieces to illustrate their characters' actions, while others would conduct almost all of their communication via Private Messages and communications with the Game Master (GM - that would be yours truly).

The GM will maintain an Excel spreadsheet illustrating the galaxy map, the Legion strength at each location, recruitment, combat resolution, and other statistics. At the end of each turn, and after all actions are resolved, the GM will post the spreadsheet for all players to see. It is the GM's job to interpret the players' orders, to sometimes present the players with unique events (both for "flavor" purposes and for gameplay purposes), and to provide the players with short "flavor" pieces when they accomplish key points in their event chains/storylines. Additionally, the GM will play the parts of NPCs (non-player characters), and will communicate and act on their behalf.

While for some players the goal of the game might be to achieve dominion over the galaxy, for others it is a chance to role-play their characters, to write and share their "flavor" pieces, and to participate in a collaborative narrative. The first time we had this type of game, the narrative ended with the rebels winning the Battle for Terra, thanks to betrayal of previously key loyalist Primarchs... only to have the Emperor escape into parts unknown, while the victorious rebels were at each other's throats, with ominous implications. Both the "winning" and the "losing" sides, however, managed to accomplish their own objectives, poising themselves for an uncertain future in a divided galaxy.

This is a purely "for-fun" project, and is not intended to infringe on Games Workshop's copyright or intellectual property. If you are interested to take part, why don't you hop over to
and sign up?

Benedict Arnold - August 10, 2012 09:30 PM (GMT)
Giving this a bump back to the top in the hopes more see it and decide to perhaps give it a go. It looks like it could be quite fun. We're sitting at 10 Legions and 1 potential Eldar player so far.

curlygoth - August 18, 2012 04:53 PM (GMT)
Last chance to sign up for this, we got 15 Legions plus an eldar craftworld signed up so far, game due to kick off on monday so gets your entrys in now boys and girls, :D

Ilmarinen - August 18, 2012 05:00 PM (GMT)
Count me in!

How long will it last?

curlygoth - August 18, 2012 05:04 PM (GMT)
check the site dude but 1 game turn lasts 1 week or untill all players give the gm's their orders for the turn, should expect it too last a couple months or so

Ilmarinen - August 18, 2012 11:44 PM (GMT)
Hmm. Just been reading the stuff in more detail - this is going to be quite involved, so I'm not going to be able to join in after all. I've got a lot of work on for the next couple of months, so I wouldn't be able to participate enough. Shame. Maybe next time!

Lord Commander Lucius - August 19, 2012 09:01 PM (GMT)
Damn, i'm really annoyed that i've missed this. It seems so cool. :angry:
Edit: just re-read and it seems i can join.

Just for my own fun, here's what my legion would have been like:

Primarch Name: Lukas Alexandros
Legion Name: Guardians of Aeolus
Homeworld Name: Aeolus
Homeworld Location: Galactic West
Homeworld Special: Large Population (+1), Resource Normal (+0), Civilised (+0)
Legion Specialty: Assault Specialists (+2), Hierarchical Organization (+1)
Legion Size: I think 140,000 (Possible 150,000)
Primarch Psychic Potential: Average (+0)
Gene-seed Stability: Stable (+0)
Primarch Abilities: Organizational Genius (+4), Inspirational Leader (+2)

Total Points: 10

It's kinda based on what my space marine chapter would have been like pre-heresy.

Midgard - August 22, 2012 12:29 AM (GMT)
Ilmarinen: it does look pretty involved, however, the actual degree of involvement required of a player is dependent on how involved a player wants to be. Last time around we had some players who were very active in role-playing and fluff-writing, but we also had some who did not dedicate as much time to the game, while still staying on through the end. I try to keep turns lasting a whole week so that people with limited time can still participate, and so that I can dedicate sufficient time to GMing. So if you are interested, but have limited time, it can be accommodated - much of the behind-the-scenes work will be done by GM (me), and the players' roles mainly involve placing orders for their units, diplomacy with each other (which can be as involved or non-involved as you like), and making decisions at key turn points when GM provides those key decisions (usually inspired by canon Horus Heresy and WH40K, but not always leading to the same results).

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