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Title: need oop bits and treads.

bklynpnk - July 24, 2012 03:03 AM (GMT)

OOP bits. preferably unpainted:

Rhino bits- Need bits from the oop mk1 kit. Mainly looking for exhaust pipes and the railings (that always seem to break), but I will entertain any offer for hull pieces or anything else.

OOP land raider or bits.

Chimera/Leman Rus tank treads. I need a LOT

OOP RT plasma Guns

Anything else old and interesting


Ork Codex: newest edition. In good condition

Cpt Cato Sicarius (not the limited model) out of pkg but bare metal

OOP Noise Marine with blastermaster NIB Image this guy

NIB Ogre kingdoms battle magic cards

NIB vamp counts battle magic cards

set of 5 sanguinary guard legs, off sprue but no paint.

TONS of transfers:

10 ork, 15 chaos, 7 eldar, 2 eldar jetbike, 1 space wolf, 3 necron, 5 cadian, 12 space marine, 6 imperial guard tank, 9 space marine tank.

pm me if interested.

Cloud Runner - July 30, 2012 12:35 PM (GMT)
PM sent

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