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Title: W: Old plastic Ungor!

Adenn - July 20, 2012 10:00 PM (GMT)
Alrighty, first time doing this, but figure it's worth asking.

Doing some imperial beastmen for a friend, and scattering a few through my chem dogs too, and after exhausting my scavenged ungor parts, i go to buy a fresh box, and, lo and behold, they've changed it! New sculpts work terribly for the mod, leaving me with enough for maybe a half-squad of beastmen.

Basically, i'm hoping someone has some old ungor kicking about, don't care if they're still on sprue, or even built, so long as i can cut the body in half and rip off the heads.

In exchange, i have fabulous british pennies, or i dunno, a whole hell of a lot of junk. if ye were looking for anything specific, well, it'd be worth asking, i have a lot of stuff sitting about, but otherwise, can pay reasonable amounts for them. :)

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