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Title: Slaine69 Art
Description: loads o' HH pics

slaine69 - July 16, 2012 01:50 PM (GMT)
hey guys! I'm trying to get my name out there as a GW artist so they'll hurry up and hire me already geez, so with that thought here's a butt load of pictures I've been working on for a few years, I really hope you guys like 'em and feel free to spread them around (with a credit to me if that's cool) and use 'em for banners or whatever if'n ya fancy.

There's always more on the way because I can't get enough of drawin' this stuff

user posted image

Ostian's foul memory
user posted image

Solun Decius
user posted image

Iacton Qruze
user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Konrad Curze
user posted image

Ferrus Manus
user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Rogal Dorn
user posted image

Arden Fell - July 16, 2012 03:39 PM (GMT)

Loving the armour scrollwork. :D

And that pic of Angron is just awesome.

Gagoc TheAncient - July 16, 2012 04:43 PM (GMT)
Whoa! :o

Those are really good!

I especially like your interpretation of Dorn's Chainsword.
The normal version just looks like a long Chainsword, but your's looks like a serious melee weapon.
Even getting hit by the flat of this chainblade would kill most outright!

BigWill - July 16, 2012 06:40 PM (GMT)
What is GW/BL doing ? I was sure they would snap you up right away.
Your stuff is better than almost all the covers except Roberts
And certainly better than 90% of the art in the HH collected vissions.
The Squeaky wheel gets the grease so keep on it.

Fantasty Flight looks for artists too

slaine69 - July 17, 2012 11:55 AM (GMT)
hey thanks for the support guys.

Arden Fell: thanks man, I try to do a fair amount of research into the characters when I draw them as well as getting snippets from the HH books though I think it's the warhammer artists Blanche, Smith, the Kopinski's , Langley and all the other guys whos jobs I totally covet that really help with the scroll work.

Gagoc TheAncient: cheers dude, haha yeah that thing's a beast I honestly wouldn't like to be hit with any part of it....honest!

BigWill: Well they're on the case dude, over the last two years I've done work for Aaron Dembsky Bowden, met up with Niel Roberts to grill him on how to get my foot in the door and recently done some work for FFG, though at the time I was juggling Uni so now I'm out I lookin' to get cracking in earnest.

OK here's some more stuff for you guys
(I've updated these pics a little so they will look different on any other sites they've been posted)

Davins moon
user posted image

Sanguinius and his angels
user posted image

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