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Title: H: IG DE SM BFG LTD BL FW misc
Description: W: FW SM GK books misc lots

mckoll - May 27, 2012 11:35 PM (GMT)
Hello! Im back home from school for the summer, so i have some time to sell some stuff and get some new goodies to mess around with!
i can get pictures of anything, just let me know!


Space Marines
Drop Pod built have bits for chapter specific markings and decal sheet

Dark Eldar
1 metal lilieth hesperex
10 nos kabalite warriors
5 built helions - based on painted dragonforge bases
10 built wytches - based on painted dragonforge bases

Imperial Guard
forge world vanaheim pattern basilisk gun shield

Battle Fleet Gothic
2002 Annual
Getting Started Booklet
2 cardstock quick reference cards
pad of fleet registry sheets
ship labels
cardboard boarding torpedoes, explosions, direction counters, 1 moon, and one planet
6 special bfg dice
6 d6 dice

Limited Edition
Harry the Hammer 25th anniversary model
warhammer skull dice
collectors scale snorri
Marco Columbo
Lizardmen Dogtag

Black Library/Books
5th Edition Hardcover Rulebook
5th Edition Mini Rulebook
Codex Tau Empire
Battle Missions
fifteen hours
innocence proves nothing
ravenor hardcover
how to make wargames terrain
Flames of War Rulebook
The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer - The Democles Gulf Edition
Apocalypse Reloaded

Video Games
Age of Empires 3 PC
Call of Duty World at War XBox 360
NBA Live 08 XBox 360

Ipod Touch 2nd Generation
Electric Guitar set currently on ebay under seller name scjcollectibles - will take off ebay or make a trade if contacted in time

I also have a lot of bases 28mm, 40mm, 60mm, just let me know what you need and in what quantity
basing stuff - snow, sand, flock, etc


forge world space marine apothecary set
1 set of umbra ferrox pattern bolters
contemptor dreadnought
castus assult ram
storm eagle
2 razorbacks nib/nos
tartaros pattern terminator armor
deimos pattern predator
space marine vindicator
basically any grey knights nib/nos
gift cards to pac sun or zumiez
limited edition or rare models
suitable adeptus mechanicus models/vehicles/bits (any maker not just gw)
knight titan models (homemade/cast/anything)
puppetswar gatling turret mk2
Void Stalker - Book
Blood Reaver - Book
Soul Hunter - Book
Throne of Lies - Audio Drama
The Primarchs - Book
Butchers Nails - Audio Drama
if you have anything else that you want to offer go for it, i have a wide range of interests and wants that arn't listed

please make a reasonable offer, and ill respond reasonably!
thanks in advance!

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