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Title: Leman Russ Primarch rules
Description: Any one got any good primarch rules?

Russ - April 24, 2012 08:21 PM (GMT)
I've been getting ready for making a pre-heresy space wolf army, and I've just written some rules. What does everyone think? Anyone got any better ones?

When the Primarchs were spread throughout the galaxy by the forces of Chaos, one came to land in the far north west of the galaxy on a remote ice world named Fenris. He was adopted by a Fenrisian she-wolf and raised among the wolves, with his two wolf brothers Freki and Geri.
One harsh winter, the wolves attacked a village and stormed the food storage facilities. The villagers fought off the wolves, but Leman Russ fought them off so viciously that all of his brothers escaped alive. Thengir, King of the people of Russ, sent a raiding party of hunters and villagers to remove this menace for good with poisoned arrows and knives sharp enough to slice through oak.
The raiding party killed many members of the pack, including the she-wolf and one of his wolf brothers. Leman Russ was shot many times, and then captured, and brought, bound and gagged before King Thengir. Leman Russ proved himself to be more than just another wolf, and was eventually taken in by the king himself.
Among men for the first time, Leman quickly learned their skills, showing a natural aptitude for the way of the warrior. He learned to speak, and mastered their weapons - iron axes and swords. He was quick to roar with laughter or sing tunelessly and he slowly realized that he was more human than wolf, but superior to both. Eventually, Leman Russ became sufficiently civilized to warrant a true name. The King named him Leman (Leman of the Russ).
He was said to have been the best leader, no one could stand against him and it was not long before the tales came to the Emperor's notice. The Emperor recognized this figure as a Primarch and travelled to Fenris. He entered Russ's court, cloaked in runes of disguise and confusion. The natives shrunk from this new

presence. Russ refused to pay him homage as the Master of Mankind.
Russ challenged the Emperor to a series of tests. The first challenge was an eating one. This the Emperor lost.
The second challenge was a drinking one. This the Emperor also failed. After failing these tests the Emperor called Russ nothing but a glutton and a drunk which led Russ to the third challenge.
For the third challenge Russ boasted he could defeat the Emperor in combat. This time, the Emperor defeated Russ, felling him with a blow from his power glove. Leman admitted defeat and swore to serve the Emperor.

Leman Russ
10 6 7 6 4 10 6 10 2+3+

Special Rules
Acute Senses. And they shall know no fear. Counter attack. Independent Character. Eternal Warrior. Feel no pain. Furious Charge. Preferred enemy (Everything!) Berserk charge.

The gaze of the Primarch: While Russ is alive on the table all space wolves may choose to pass or fail their moral tests. They also gain one extra attack.

Godly being: All Primarchs have 2D6 armor penetration and counts as having at least a power weapon.

Inspiring: Friendly models in 12'' are at +1LD

Instant Death: All close combat attacks made by the Primarch have the instant death special rule.

Speed of the wolf: Leman Russ may gains the bonus of charging even when he uses his counter attack special rule.

Wolf Tail Talisman. Wolftooth Necklace. Master Crafted Strom Bolter
Trygve: Leman Russís personal Wolf claw. Trygve counts as a master crafted wolf claw that strikes at +2 strength. It also allows the Wolf King to re-roll both to hits and to wounds.
Roscoe: This custom storm shield confers a 3+ invulnerable save which is changed into a 2+ invulnerable save in close combat.
Helm of Russ: A Helm fashioned by the Emperors own artificers and given to Russ at the Space wolves founding. This Helmet is horrifying to look upon and as such any unit that wishes to assault Leman Russ or his unit must make a Ld test using 3 dice. Any unit that fails this test cannot assault this turn.
Freki and Geri
Freki and Geri were the 2 wolf brothers of Leman Russ since his founding by the she-wolf on Fenris. These 2 wolves were the only ones to survive king Thengirís raiding party. They have followed him ever since.

Freki. The Black Wolf
5 0 5 4 2 5 3 5 4+
Geri. The White Wolf
6 0 4 4 2 7 3 5 4+

Knowing my other attempts to make characters it probably very over powered even for a primarch.

Russ - April 24, 2012 08:22 PM (GMT)
I don't currently have a points cost for him, any surgestions would be great

Arden Fell - April 24, 2012 08:50 PM (GMT)
Have you checked out TyraelVladinhurst's Pre-Heresy Ruleset yet?

If you download the pdf and goto page 101 you should be on Leman's rules.

He's costed the Primarch out at about 525 points.

Leman Russ SW - April 25, 2012 11:53 AM (GMT)
Tempus Fugitives do the best Pre Heresy rules I have seen. having been to one of their events I found them very balanced.

Russ - April 25, 2012 12:16 PM (GMT)
Thanks, Arden Fell do you have a like to TyraelVladinhurst's Pre-Heresy Ruleset ? THanks for the feed back though.

Arden Fell - April 25, 2012 12:29 PM (GMT)
version 1.6 now in PDF format here:

Hope this works

TyraelVladinhurst - April 25, 2012 02:29 PM (GMT)
yeah, version 2 won't be up until forgeworld puts out the rules for the land raider spartan. which i'm guessing won't be until the new chaos codex comes out sometime in late may or june

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