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Title: Paladins of the Truth (DA) vs Chaos Daemons

WarWolf88 - March 4, 2012 09:28 PM (GMT)
So last wednsday I got into a game in Oulu again (after two and a half hour train trip and about the same amount of waiting). The whole way there I was trying to making a mental list of races I would rather not meet. Tyranids, Necrons and Dark Eldar were close to the top, but the one that worried me the most were the Daemons. I've had my buttcheecks handed to me on a silver plate three times by Chaos Space Marines so I was looking foward to setteling the score, and the other races just made me shrug. So who did I end up against? Chaos bloody Daemons. -_-

I palyed the game with my "Paladins of the Truth" (Pre-Heresy Word Bearers Chapter...) with DA Codex.

1750 point lists:

1 or 2 Great Unclean Ones
4 Heralds of Tzeentch on charriots of Tzeentch
3 Flamers
2x5 Plaguebearers w/Icons
5 Furies (? I'm not sure if they were Furies, but they looked oddly like genestealers, so...)
6-7 Pink Horrors and Changeling
1 or 2 Demon Princes

(I wans't sure what the big demons were exctly, but I think they all had FNP and they potentially dealt a good amount of hurt in and out of close combat. There were 3 of them in total, so it that's why I used "1 or 2"...)

Belial w/ lightning claws
Interrogator-Chaplain w/powerfist
Command Squad w/Sacred Standard and Apocethary, CCW and bolt pistols and Rhino
5 Deathwing Terminators w/Deathwing Banner and Apocathery w/ s.bolters and powerfists, 3 Thunderhammers and Storm Shields
2x10 Tac Marines w/Missile Launcher and Flamers
10 Assault Marines Sgt w/plasma pistol, rhino

My plan was simple enough, mostly based on the idea I had when I made the list. I would use the Rhino passangers to overwhelm any long range/Poor Bloody Infantry-types, while using the Terminators to kill anything else, preferably dropping behind the enemy. The Tactical squads would provide some (hopefully accurate) fire support with the Missile launchers, and if I needed to take objectives, would split them and let the sergeants lead the other half to clear them with flames and powersword goodness. However, in this game there were no objectives to take, so I left the squads together, which I think ended up as being the right call.

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of War


The table was a regular 6x4, with a ruined houses and a stretch of "hills" at my opponents side, but they weren't really used but provided a nice corridor with the two buildings (that were put close to each other, effectivly creating a single long building) in the middle that ended up helping me quite a bit. There were further two ruined building to my left, but they played no role in the game. There was on more building within my deployment zone on my right flang, close to the other edge of the hills (the hills went didn't go straight but \, so the corners touched the table egdes).

I deployed one of my Tactical squads (Tac2) in the building on my right flank, and the other (Tac1) rougly on the middle line close to my table edge. I also placed the Rhinos with the Assault squad the Command Squad led by the Interrogator-Chaplain in between the Tac squads, with Belial and the Terminators being in Reserve.

The Demons would arrive on Turn 1, so they had little to do, other then to see if if they could get the iniative (the first roll of 1 in the game...and actaully those were rather rare).

So, on to turn 1.



So I went first, and moved Tac1 a bit closer to Rhinos (that might not have been the best desicion, but...). And that was it, as I had no targets and at the time the Deathwing Assault didn't seem like a good move (...D'oh!)


So the Daemons rolled to see what they got to the field. It turned out to be quite a lot. 2 out of the big hurty demons, 2 of the Heralds, both plague bearer units, the furies and flamers. One of the Heralds appeared on my left flank close to the building in the middle, with the other one hugging the hills. The big ones and the flamers stayed on his side of the middle buildings, with the Plaguebearers and Furies appearing outside the building where Tac2 was, on the southern tip of the hills.

First Tac1 got a load of the nastiness that the warp energies, and two went down as the Herald on the left flank fired at them (it had a bad choise to leave them in the open after all...), with the other Herald shooting at Tac2 inflicting one more dead Marine. The lesser Demons on my right flank moved a bit closer to the building but could not assault as the collapsed wall was at the back, which they couldn't reach yet.



First off I decided to roll for reserves (just for the heck of it), and ended up my first 6. I was a little suprised, but decided to go along with the plan I had made for this list all along, drop them behind the enemy. Even the scatter dice was on my side then, and 6 looming Terminators teleported right behind the two big demons and the Flamers. The Apothecary and Banner Bearer opened fire and scored one dead Flamer. Both of my Tacs fired their missiles at the Heralds that had fired at them in the previous turn, but did exaclty nothing. I moved the Rhinos in between the building on my right flank and the middle, and had the passangers dissenbark behind their transports, to prevent the demons from assaulting in them. The command squad fired their pistold at the Furies, but did nothing.


The Demons didn't sit idle either. The two big ones moved into range of my Terminators, shot at them and then Asaulted them. As a result both my Banner bearer and the Apothecary kicked the bucket, and Belial was wounded, but in return the ohter Demon also suffered a wound. The remaining Flamers crept trought the ruins in the middle and shot my Assault Squad in the back, killing two and immobalizing the other Rhino. Tac1 also suffered two more casulties. The last big demon also arrived from te resrve and appeared close to Tac2's building, with one of the Plaguebeares now circleing around it.



First, the still funtioning Rhino moved out of the way to allow the Assualt Squad and Command squad to move closer to their targets, the Furies and Plaguebearers, with some casulties to them. The Command Squad went after the Furies and Assault Marines were against the Plaguebearers. Tac2 was within assault range from the second Plaguebearer unit, and after a flamer and pistol shots, they charged in. I didn't expect much from them, but they actaully wiped out their opponents, as did the Command Squad and the Chaplain. The Assault squad also manage to kill two demons.

Tac1 fired its missile launcher at the Flamers in the ruins, which did absolutely nothing, but the bolters brought the other one down, leaving only one Flamer. The Terminators also shaped up and battered the other Demon out of existance, while losing one more of their number.


The demons summoned one of their remaining Heralds, that eneded up missing its supposed landing spot, and I placed in my left flank where one of the original ones had been. That one had now moved closer to where my Rhinos were, and seemed like it wanted to go after my Tac2, but Tac1 still had 5 men in it. The flamer moved up as well, unleashing its foul breath against Tac1, killing 3! The following Ld test proved to be important later though at the time it seemed only a matter of time before Tac1 would sieze to exist. Apparently boldened by the demise of so many Astartes at once the Flamer decided to Assault as well. That went less then well for it, and Tac1 moved inthe direction of the sneaky Herald. In the meantime, one of the Heralds wrecked the immobalized Rhino, while the remaining Terminators manage to wound the Demon still in combat with them, and again losing one of their number. The last large Demon on the right flank is also on the move, and attacks the Command Squad with range and close combat attacks, and manage to kill 4 of them, apart from the Standard Bearer and the Chaplain who also was wounded. However, in return it was greviously wounded as well. The Plaguebearers also managed to kill one of the Assault Marines, but lost on of their own in the bargain.



Tac2 decided to circle the building that they had taken shelter in to support the Assault Squad if need be (and to keep away from the Heralds), while Tac1 opened fire with a flamer against the Herald that had made its way close to the right board edge and Tac2. That and the following assault actaully managed to wound that blasted creature, taking away 2 wounds. Belial and the lone Terminator that still survived attacked the Demon again, and managed to reduce it to it's last wound, but Belial was also hit and was now on his last wound as well. Elsewhere, the Chaplain and the Standard Bearer fought against the other Demon, who stuck out first and killed the brave veteran, but he was soon avenged as the Chaplains powerfist smashed the abomination back to the hellpit it came from. The assault squad also finished up their opponents, and joined the wounded Chaplain.

THe Rhino tried to Tank Shock the Herald that was floating close by, but it siply moved out of the way. However, I got the tank into a nice position that proided good cover for the troops behind it.


The last of the Demons arrived this turn, including the last Herald that arrived close the hills, while the Pink Horrors and their Changeling ended up in the central building bottom floor on the right, in the corner with no windows to shoot from. I was pretty happy about that. The Heralds on the right flank proceded to wreck my last Rhino, while the one in Combat with Tac1 killed the flamer, but also suffered a wound from the sergeants powersword. The last of the large Demons managed to kill the last of the Terminators, while Belial failed to bring it down this turn.

TURN 5 - Final turn


The Interrogator-Chaplain and his new squad moved past the wrecked tanks that ha served them so well up to this point, and found a juicy target in the for of a lonely Herald. The pistol fire did little, but in the following assault the Demon was torn to pieces in a flurry of chainswords, -axes and a powerfist strikes. The lonely sergeant of Tac1 also managed to finish of his oponent in a duel, which was no mean feat. Belial also struck against his opponent but failed to wound it, and the Demon faired no better.


The Pink Horrors somehow managed to crawl and maybe even claw their way to the second floor of the ruin they were in, and immediately spottd a target. The remains of the Assault Squad, of which they along with the other remaining Herald close to the hills killed 3 in between them! The other Herald simply did nothing, and it all came to the duel of the Titans. Belial stuck first, but didn't manage to score a wound. The Demon struck, but the dice gods didn't favour him either, so it was a draw.

We rolled if the game would continnue, but it didn't.


At the end of the game, my opponent had very little left: two Heralds, the Pink Horrors and the Demon. I still had Tac2 that was mostly intact, the lone sergeant of Tac1, the Assault Squad and the Interrogator-Chaplain, and Belial himself. Since the mission was Annihilation, the Kill Count decided the victor. I had lost 4 units (the tanks and Command Squad and the Termies), whil my opponent lost no less the 8 units. So this was a good day to be a loyalist. All in all though, it was a fun day and a good game. The half-assed plan that I had cooked up when I made the list actually worked, though most of it was due to luck then competance (the Terminators arriving on Turn 2 was almost too good to be true, though they paid a heavy price for it). All the units made me proud, though the missile launchers proved less then useful, while the humble bolters and pistols suprised me with their effectivness, My opponent was also a nice guy, and we were bantering away at times. Too bad I'll have to wait until summer before the next possible visit, but then again that gives me some time to prepare my new Space Wolves army...


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