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Title: The Dera Caren Massacre
Description: Fall of Calth

Apologist - February 6, 2012 03:56 PM (GMT)
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The Dera Caren Lowlands, Calth. Oreston has not been here for many years. It is unchanged. Prosperous, industrious buildings still stand amidst the rolling terrain. He ducks his head down as he steps off the grav train, his armoured feet raising dust. Behind the Captain, 78th Company starts to deploy.

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Ill-looking smoke further pollutes the dust-filled sky. Betrayal. Foul betrayal. Confusion has contracted into a knot of fury – and if Oreston is honest with himself, an impotent desire for vengeance. Over eight hundred of his Company lie in the dirt, shattered, broken or simply smeared across the dust. Eight hundred. The casualties are scarcely believable to him, even now.

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Near-continual boltgun reports stutter and bang in the near distance. Their cover is gone; their retreat blocked. Theoretical: outnumbered and outgunned; a retreat to the underground storage warehouses would provide the best standpoint. Practical: A thin line of Word Bearers is approaching – punch through quickly and make contact with central command.

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Dawn of War mission. Five objectives. The Word Bearers win roll to choose deployment. The Ultramarines bail out of bidding and chose to make Word Bearers get first turn. Word Bearers spends their three Strategy Points on ‘Battle Fate’ re-rolls. Word Bearers deploys first.

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Word Bearers turn 1:

Land Raider with Gal Vorbak moves up left towards tunnel complex at combat speed. Hol Kharon and his squad moves up towards tunnel complex.

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Land Raider with the Enlightened and his cadre of Gal Vorbak moves up towards the Manufactorum. The large tactical squad move up to the fallen Aquila.

The Land Raider by tunnel complex shoots and wrecks Ultramarine Predator. The metal plates collapse in on itself as it burns.

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Two Ultramarines from Squad III killed by heavy bolter. The Enlightened's Land Raider kills two from squad IB

Ultramarines turn 1

Right flank advances towards tunnel entrance.

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Left flank advances towards aquilla objective. Predator manoeuvres around the bunker to gain LOS to the Enlightened's Land Raider. The Ultramarine Techmarine moves to be able to overcharge the remaining Predator.

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Squad 3 shoots at Hol Kharon and his squad. One marine dies. Land Raider Prometheus shoots at the Word Bearers by the Aquila, killed five.

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Autocannon Predator killed one marine from squad by tunnel complex. Lascannon predator shakes special predator.

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Apologist - February 6, 2012 03:58 PM (GMT)
[mark: 0.22.15]

Word Bearers turn 2

Word Bearers scores 6 VPs (3 from each objective on his side). The Enlightened holds his neverborn within. Land Raider on the left disgorges Gal Vorbak and attempts to engage squad III, but are out of range.

Hol Kharon and his squad advance up to tunnel complex. The Word Bearers on the Aquila advance. The Enlightened's Gal Vorbak exit land raider and engage squad IA in manufactorum.

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One Gal Vorbak killed by defensive plasma fire. The Gal Vorbak kill one Marine and nearly kill the Sergeant, but he parries. One possessed marine is broken into pieces by boltpistol fire. Squad IA wiped out, as the sergeant fails his parry save. The Enlightened's Gal Vorbak consolidate onto company banner objective.

The Land Raider supporting Hol Kharon fired at predator but it made its cover save. Hol Kharon’s squad failed to cause any damage to tactical squad 3. Word bearers squad shoots at squad 2A. Two die and the captain's Iron Halo saved a directed plasma shot. The Gal Vorbak at the manufactorum shoot at the vanguard but cause no casualties.

Ultramarines turn 2

Ultramarines scores 3VPs from the objective on his side of tunnel complex. Land Raider Prometheus moved up towards squad on Aquila. Tactical 2A and captain move up behind Land Raider. Vanguard engage Gal Vorbak.


Possessed successfully counter-attack. The Enlightened kills two Vanguard. No other casualties. Vanguard uses combat tactics to fall back to Predator. Possessed consolidate towards techmarine and predator.

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Squad III fires point blank at Gal Vorbak by tunnel complex, two die.

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Squad 1B shoot at Gal Vorbak , 3 die. Predators shoots them and fails to kill.

Techmarine fries one with flamer. Land Raider promethius shoots squad on aquilla but causes no casualties.

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[mark: 0.26.43]

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Word Bearers turn 3

Word Bearers scores 8 (14 in total). The Enlightened arrives...

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Hol Kharon leaves squad and advance though tunnel complex. His former squad also advances. Squad advances off Aquila towards Land Raider Prometheus. The Gal Vorbak on the right flank engage squad 3, Dark Chaplain dies to defensive fire – but a strategy point saves him (re-roll failed save).

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The Enlightened's Gal Vorbak engage techmarine and vanguard. Defensive fire strips a wound from special character Gal Vorbak .

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Possessed by tunnel complex wipe out squad and consolidate into next one.

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Vanguard wipe out Gal Vorbak and consolidate away. Possessed special character kills two of squad 1B, who try to fall back with combat tactics but remain locked. Two die from ‘no retreat’, wiping them out.

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Non special Land Raider shoots and shakes predator. The Enlightened's Land Raider shoots at Prometheus and fails to damage. One casualty on squad 2A from the big unit on the Aquila.

Ultramarines turn 3.

Ultramarines claims 1 point from manufactorum (4 VP total so far). Predator reverses to target squad on Aquila. Vanguard engage the Gal Vorbak and the Enlightened, while the techmarine holds back.

The Enlightened kills both vanguard before they can attack, vanguard sarge fails to parry. The Techmarine wounds the Enlightened but he saves. The Techmarine dies to ‘No Retreat’.

The Gal Vorbak on the right continue their fight against the squad they consolidated into last turn, next to tunnel complex. They wipe out the Ultramarines with no casualties.

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Predator shoots all weapons at special Gal Vorbak , but it takes the combi-bolter to finish it off. Land Raider Prometheus shoots at squad on Aquila, two die.

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Apologist - February 6, 2012 03:59 PM (GMT)
[mark: 0.32.05]

Word Bearers turn 4

Word Bearers scores 7 (21 in total). Non special Land Raider moves up on left. Hol Kharon rejoins squad and they move up through tunnel complex towards centre of battlefield.

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Squad near Aquila reposition to get better firing position. The Enlightened's Land Raider remains stationary.

Big squad in tunnel complex shoots at melta gun at Predator, immobilises it.
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Squad on Aquila fired at Captain Oreston and squad behind Land Raider Prometheus but failed to cause any casualties.

Ultramarines turn 4

Ultramarines scores 0 VP (4 in total).

Captain Oreston split off and engaged the squad on Aquila. Took two wounds from defensive fire, and one of the Word Bearers' plasma gunners died to an overheat. Captain Oreston only kills one Word Bearer, and is clubbed down by the vicious return attacks.

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Predators targets non special Land Raider with lascannon but fails to penetrate.

Squad by Aquilla comes under bolter fire but makes saves.

[mark: 0.34.01]

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Word Bearers turn 5
Word Bearers scores 4 (25 in total). Ultramarines concede.

Ultramarines scores 5 VPs, taking his total to 9. Word Bearers scores 23 VPs, taking his total to 48.

Ultramarines 9, Word Bearers 48.

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An artificial night falls over Calth; as the star Veridan is seeded with lethal destruction...

lord_caldera - February 7, 2012 08:28 AM (GMT)
Very cool battle report between two beautiful armies. I always like reading anything you post since there is so much character in the snippets of fluff you add. That ending shot with the flash as the dying sun is a neat effect too.
Were you guys using the ruleset that was leaked the other week for this game? There were a lot of actions I didn't recognize.

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