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Title: Distribution of wargear

Antti - November 3, 2011 09:54 PM (GMT)
Hello everyone, I am taking the plunge back into starting a new force and am returning to my first ever army, the Dark Angels.

Getting to my question, how would have the different marks of armour be distributed among the Legion? i.e. Terran abundance of mark 3, Calabanite abundance of mark 4? I know that the Collected Visions art book shows the Dark Angels in highly ornate, baroque armour and I am looking for a foundation to work off.

stormbird1 - November 9, 2011 04:39 PM (GMT)
greetings Antti. Well the only difference between the Terran and Calbanites were that there shoulder pads were different colors. The Calbanites were allowed by the lion to have the shoulder pad that had the legion symbol to be on a green field instead of the black that the Terrans had. Also Calbanites other shoulder pad their knight's order symbol on it. The Terrans pad had squad/rank/ and organization on it, if i remember correctly. The other members can correct me if i am wrong.

Now as for marks, it depends on what era in the crusade you are planning on modeling from.

early crusade - Mk 2 -3
mid crusade/ hersey beginings - Mk 2 - 4
mid hersey - Mk 3-6
Assualt of Terra - Mk 3 - 7

It all depends on what Marks of armour you wish to include. For my force, this is what i am doing:

Mk 3 - assault troops/ Important characters
Mk 4 - officers/sergeants/veterans
Mk 5 - Devastators
Mk 6 - Troops

That is what i like anyways. Hope this helps you out.

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