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Title: He shall not stand against me
Description: fiction

Provost Dylanof - October 22, 2011 01:44 AM (GMT)
Hullo all:
Planned to put this in the Tales From Great Crusade this year but it's obviously not ending up there. You can see for yourself why. The story didn't even need more than seven hundred words. Enjoy yourselves.

He Shall Not Stand Against Me

We were both of us deceived.

Our race was young in those days. The first civilizations grew by the rivers. My brother and I were young in those days and very proud. As two masters of humanity we guided our people unseen by all, for we ruled with a gentle hand. We thought of ourselves as guardians, entrusted with a sacred task. We were happy in those days.

Then, in a single moment, our destiny unraveled. My brother and I both saw that God did not live. Perhaps if only one of us had seen it, history would have played out differently. If God did not live, who had made us guardians? Why did we watch over humanity? Why did we do anything? In a pathetic failure of vision, my brother refused to see the truth. He insisted we could still be guardians. We could still shepherd our race.

When I refused, he cast me from the cradle.

For an age I drifted on the skin of the void. He who shared my blood had betrayed me. I swore then I would see his ruin. A dead orb floated in the void. In the wreckage of a forgotten race slept the great worm. I woke him and led him to the cradle but my brother overcame. He defeated the worm and chained it on the rusted planet. I have always been stronger but he was more cunning. I chose to forget him.

For millennia I voyaged across the stars, seeking a purpose. Many strange and marvelous things moved the beyond. Then our race spread. Man teemed and crawled across the planets like insects and of as little purpose. Then my brother and I met, for my part by chance, on a bountiful world. Even in surprise our conflict boiled across the continents like the fury of a nova. The humans gave that place a new name. They called it Armageddon.

My enemy had made for himself new weapons of unending power. He prevailed and once again I fled. When I alighted, far and safe away, I found a gathering of the Technomancers of mankind. I whispered and they listened. Convinced that the thinking machines, once their servants but by then their companions, planned to betray them; they struck first. Soon a great war stained the stars with fire.

My enemy could perhaps have stopped it had not something unexpected taken place. The warp began to touch the humans. Men or women were born unnatural in body or mind. Psykers ran rife across the galaxy. All of my brother’s work turned to ruin.

Despite everything, he still clung to his insufferable ideas of guardianship. I did not shatter our race because I hated them but because I wanted him to see the truth but he refused to open his eyes.

In a rage beyond all utterance, he turned to the dark powers. Never in my deepest hate for what he had done had I even considered taking such a step. It would consume the soul of a mortal man merely to hear what he promised them. Then they altogether locked me behind the gates of eternity which bar all hope.

… but in Chaos nothing is forever…

The Lord of Excess came and his birth splintered the immaterial realm for but a single endless second. It was enough. I escaped even the gates of eternity.

Now is the day of reckoning. Now is the hour of wrath. Now is the moment when all things become as they should.

Since my brother will not see he will be destroyed. Behold I am coming and the warp froths about me, a mighty ocean of power. Ten score legions of angels stand beside me, radiant with glory. Behold the warp encircles our ancient cradle. All is still.

Even now I can taste my brother’s fear. He shall not stand against me.

cypher104 - November 9, 2011 02:45 AM (GMT)
Nice, pretty cool ideas :o

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