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Title: Welcome to the Display Case!

ShroudFilm - March 2, 2008 12:33 PM (GMT)
Now, anyone who has visited a GW store knows what's going on here...

This section of the forum will be set aside for showcasing the best of our members' PH miniatures and artwork, along with any comments the artist wants to add themselves. It will be something of a forum gallery, but everything contained herein will be of the best quality we have to offer as a community.

There are some guidelines for inclusion -

1) Inclusion is by invitation only! This is purely at my discretion, and I won't be hounded into including something I see as being sub-standard.

2) Nominate other members! If you see a miniature elsewhere on this board that you think should be included in the Display Case, use the Report Post function to tell me about it. You cannot however nominate your own miniature...

3) Photography is as important as good artwork! Everyone on these boards has access to the Photography Tutorial, and if you are posting pictures online anyway then you must already have a fairly decent camera. This is a showcase of the best-of-the-best, so don't let your work down with poor photographs.

I already have some miniatures in mind that I've seen lately, but please do start nominating work that you think should be showcased, and enjoy!

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