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Title: Conflict at the Sino-Habs
Description: Ultramarines vs Orks on Ullanor

Apologist - August 31, 2011 01:47 PM (GMT)
Conflict at the Sino-Habs
Ultramarines XIX Company [Apologist] vs. Waa! Nuzzgrond [Bob Hunk]
The Land Raider's interior was bathed in a warm red light, and Sergeant Quillon led the squad in devotions before the shrine. Wafting the smoke from the incense burner over his face, he made a short, silent prayer for the spirit of the Land Raider, Orion's Blade. As senior Sergeant in the formation, he had been deployed in the war machines rather than the more familiar Rhino transports. He didn't intend to lose them.
At a short burst of the interior alarm, Quillon turned. Brother Antimon turned his face to Quillon.
'Orks?' The sergeant nodded.
'Orks. Always Orks.'

3000pts Tournament Scenario.

6 x 4ft
user posted image
The short edge at the top of this image is the East.

Armies Used
Ultramarines, XIX Aethon Company
Rules used: Net EA Codex Astartes; Dobbsy's current trial changes:
Tactical One [450]
- 6 Tacticals, Supreme Commander (Captain Mercian), Hunter

Tactical Two [550]  [BTS]
- 6 Tacticals, Captain, Land Raider x 3

Tactical Three [275]
- 6 Tacticals, Rhinos

Assault One [225] 
- 4 Assault Units, Chaplain

Devastator One [425]
- 4 Devastators, Librarian, Hunter, Rhinos, 1 Dreadnought

Vindicator Support [300]
- 4 Vindicators, Hunter

Predator Support [250]
- 4 Destructor (FF3+)

Land Raider Support [325] 
- 4 Land Raiders 

The Starfire Skybears [175]
- 2 Thunderbolts

Waa! Nuzzgrond, Scourge of Ullanor Secundus

Rules used: Net EA Ghazghkull's War Horde
Nuzzgrond’s Shooty Boyz, Warband (200) [BTS]
- 1 Warlord, 1 Nobz + 2 additional Nobz (70), 6 Boyz, 2 Grotz, 2 Flakwagonz (70), 4 Battlewagonz (140), 2 Gunwagonz (70)

Grimtuff’s Dakka Boyz, Warband (200) [BTS]
- 2 Nobz + 2 additional Nobz (70), 6 Boyz, 2 Grotz, 2 Flakwagonz (70), 4 Battlewagonz (140), 2 Gunwagonz (70)

Da Rokkiteerz, Stormboy Warhorde (150)
- 6 Stormboyz

Stompy and da Stompas, Mekboy Stompamob (225)
- 3 Stompas + 2 additional Stompas (150)

Wazzdakka’s Blitz Brigade, Blitz Brigade (150)
- 4 Gunwagonz, 1 Oddboy Supa Zzap upgrade (50), 3 Bikes (75), 4 Buggies (100), 2 Skorchas (50)

Dregkart’s Tank Korpz, Blitz Brigade (150)
- 4 Gunwagonz, 1 Oddboy Supa Zzap upgrade (50), 3 Bikes (75), 4 Buggies (100), 2 Skorchas (50)

Da Big Boomerz, Mekboy Gunzmob (125)
- 5 Big Gunz

Squiggles’ Supa Sqwadron, Fighta-Bomber Sqwadron (150)
- 3 Fighta-Bombers + 1 additional Fighta-Bomber (50)

Iron Vulcha, Landa (200)

Objectives and Deployment
Imperial Deployment
user posted image
The Ultramarines deployed on the Southern edge, with Land Raider Support and Tactical Two securing the route to the Sino-Orthodox Cathedral (top of shot; this is the Ork's Blitzkrieg objective).
Meanwhile, the remainder of the Ultramarines massed on the South-west, with Assault One and Tactical Three providing a force in reserve in the centre. The Imperials picked out a command bunker on the extreme North-west and an AA point on the central canyon, deep in the ork half.

Ork Deployment
user posted image
With the kunnin' plan written down carefully in big letters, the orks massed in the North. Dregkart and Wazzdakka led their Blitz Brigades in on the North-west, and the remainder of the ork forces deployed out of their battlewagons, clustered in the North-east, the Stompa mob anchoring the flank. The Big Boomerz set up directly opposite the Imperial Blitz, and secured the road in from the North (this was the Imperial Blitzkrieg objective).

One of the ork objectives were set up in the taller building in front of the Ultramarines Vindicators on the left of the pict-capture of the Imperial deployment (see above), and the other on the Western door of the Sino-Orthodox Cathedral.

Apologist - August 31, 2011 01:48 PM (GMT)
Turn 1
With the roar of ramjets, the Starfire Skybears Thunderbolt squadron swooped up, patrolling the skies on a Combat Air patrol after receiving frantic scramble orders from Captain Mercian (ominously the Imperials failed their first order check and had to use the Supreme Commander reroll!).

In response, Squiggles led his Supa-Skwadron in a Ground Attack on Tactical Two. Protected by their heavily-armoured Land Raider transports, no casualties were sustained by Tactical Two, and the Skybears were unable to down any of the ork fighta-bommas.

Codicer Herzog ordered his Devastators forward into cover on the western flank, the marines deploying from their Rhinos in good order as Ancient Titus stomped up.
user posted image

Eager to close with the enemy, Stompy and da Stompas doubled forward towards the West gate of the Sino-Orthodox Cathedral.
user posted image

As Captain Mercian darted his formation forward to claim the objective in the tall ruin, the Hunter fired a shrieking missile into Dregkart's Blitz Brigade, causing no damage beyond startling a buggy driver.
user posted image

Laughing at his underling's discomfort, Dregkart doubled his Blitz Brigade forward and opened up on Tactical One. Diving into cover, no casualties were caused.
user posted image

Keen to ensure his ladz weren't left out, Wazzdakka's Blitz Brigade rushed round the intact buildings on the double, intensifying the fire on Captain Aethon's beleaguered position. A spiralling missile, trailing oily smoke, crashed into one of the Rhinos, detonating it in an ugly blue-green explosion.
user posted image

Coming to Tactical One's rescue, Predator Support advanced and targetted Dregkart's flank, their heavy autocannon fire sending two buggies tumbling.
user posted image

On the Eastern flank, Grimtuff's Dakka Ladz began to trundle forward, hopping into their wagons then deploying in good order as they doubled forward towards the objective behind the massed Land Raiders.
user posted image

Determined to drive off the circling Blitz Brigade, the Vindicators advanced and tore up two more Buggies with enormous detonations.
user posted image

A misheard order – followed by an irate Nuzzgrond throttling his communications grot – caused the Big Boomers to Hold rather than set overwatch, despite a repeat of the orders from the Warboss!

Sallying to the rescue of Mercian and Tactical One, Tactical Three advanced towards and attacked Dregkart's Blitz Brigade. As the fire intensified around them and a squadron of bikers were cut down, Dregkart ordered the retreat, his troops' morale broken. They fled North, finishing between the Triumphal Arch and the ravine.
user posted image

Land Raider Support set overwatch on the East.

Spitting fury, Nuzzgrond ordered his forces to double forward on the East to support Grimtuff.

The Iron Vulcha stood down, the Stormboyz inside settling into their seats and preparing their stikkbommz.

Finally, Reclusiarch Highheart waved Assault One onwards, high boosts of their jump packs sending them arcing across the battlefield, deep into the ork half; threatening the fleeing Dregkart and surrounding Wazzdakka.
user posted image

Imperial Objectives – 1
Ork Objectives – 1
Contested Objectives – 1
Imperial Victory Conditions – n/a
Ork Victory Conditions – n/a

In the end phase, Tactical One and the Land Raiders rallied, leaving them with 0 blast markers and ready to fight.
Dregkart's Blit Brigade rallied, with 4 blast markers remaining; as did Grimtuff's mob and the Big Boomerz – both of whom ended with 0 blast markers.

Apologist - August 31, 2011 01:49 PM (GMT)
Turn 2
Gaining the strategy roll again, the Astartes continued to harry the Blitz Brigades on the East. Tactical 3 brought only two buggies slewing to a broken halt with a sustained fire order, even with the crossfire bonus from the outflanking Assault One.
user posted image

"Zoggin' eck!" cried Wazzdakka, as Devastator One also unleashed a sustained wall of fire, under Herzog's direction. Three buggies and a gunwagon collapsed into melted heaps of slag and scrap metal; and the formations turned tail and fled; Wazzdakka shaking his fist at the stony-faced Marines.
user posted image

In response, Dregkart led his Blitz Brigade back into the fry, engaging Assault One. Heavily outnumbered, but well-prepared, Highheart and his men cut down a stand of bikes and two gunwagons in return for two stands of assault marines. The round ended in a draw; but the second round saw the Astartes triumphant: the loss of another bike stand for no kills broke the orks' spirit and they retreated.

The long shadows of Stompy and the Stompas doubled along the central road, and a high-pitched squealing heralded their fire on Assault One. Ducking into cover, none of the Astartes died!
user posted image

In urgent retaliation, Vindicator support advanced and attacked the Stompa mob, bracketing them with devastating firepower and bringing two of the collosal machine to the ground. The rest lost their nerve, turned about, and ran back the way they had come.

Squiggles and his Supa Skwadron failed to get airborne; doubtless owing to some careless runt forgetting to refuel the fighta-bommas. They stood down and removed all their blast markers.

With no enemy airpower available, T'Moro led the Skybears in a ground attack on Wazzdakka's broken Blitz Brigade in the North-west, resulting in a fantastic five kills for the gallant Sky-Captain and his wingman.
user posted image

Grimtuff's mob doubled forward to attack Tactical 2. This activated Land Raider Supports' Overwatch, which resulted in one boyz stand and three battlewagons being reduced to piles of ash and smoke. In the confusion, the intended attack had gone awry, and no casualties were caused to Sergeant Quillon and his men.
user posted image

Unfortunately for the jubilant Ultramarines of Tactical 2, Grimtuff's attack was just a feint. Sailing in on the looted Thunderhawk, Iron Vulcha, the Rokkiteers launched an air assault:
user posted image
... which resulting in five tactical stands and two Land Raiders being torn to smithereens; while only three Stormboy stands were scattered in return. Tactical 2 fell back hurriedly, Sergeant Quillon and his remaining men scorched and bleeding as they embarked the remaining Land Raider.
user posted image

Meanwhile, on the West flank, Captain Mercian and Tactical One doubled up to support Assault One; the Hunter taking a potshot at the Stompas. While no hit was caused, the panic amongst the broken crew led them to abandon one of the Stompas owing to the blast marker.
user posted image

Mercian ordered Predator Support to cut across the centre and shore up the Eastern flank – the objective must be held! Gunning their engines, the tanks marched across to end up at the main entrance to the Sino-Orthodox Cathedral, next to the Plaza d'Aquilla.
user posted image

Nuzzgrond, full of wrath, ordered his formation round the Cathedral, where they opened up on Tactical 2; wiping out the Land Raider and remaining infantry stand. Sergeant Quillon's head opened up at a stray shell; and everything went black...

On the other side of the field, Assault One marshalled, buoyed by the presence of their Company Captain and Reclusiarch. They jumped to claim the anti-aircraft post objective near the ravine.
user posted image

The Big Boomaz spotted the jump pack contrails of Assault One and opened up with sustained fire. Due to the distance and plentiful ruins, coupled with the orks' notorious 'marksmanship', no casualties were caused, though Highheart still ordered his men to dig in.
user posted image

As the Landa disengaged, Hunters from Tactical One and the Devastators homed in; one striking home to cause a damage point.

Imperial Objectives – 3
Ork Objectives – 1
Contested Objectives – 0
Imperial Victory Conditions – n/a
Ork Victory Conditions – n/a

Successful Rally
Grimtuff (0)
Rokkiteers (1)
Assault One (0)

Failed Rally
Dregkart (Broken)
Stompy and the Stompas (Broken)

Apologist - August 31, 2011 01:49 PM (GMT)
Turn 3
Winning the strategy roll once more, Mercian quickly ordered Land Raider Support to thin down the advancing orks on the East flank. The gunners acknowledged the order, and opened fire on Grimtuff's mob. When the smoke cleared, two grot stands, two boyz stands, two flakwagons, two gunwagons and a single battlewagon had been removed in a conflagaration! Grimtuff swiftly led his forces back across the centreline.
user posted image

Determined to keep the pressure high, Mercian ordered Predator Support to target Nuzzgrond, but all of their fire missed, frustrated by the undulating ground and their high speed.

The Rokkiteers engaged Land Raider support, resulting in the loss of one tank and one stormboy unit. Nevertheless, the Land Raiders won the engagement, and the Rokkiteers scampered back towards the North road, broken.

Nuzzgrond opened fire upon Vindicator support, desperate to create some form of opening and get the orks back in charge; but no hits were scored.
user posted image

In return, the Vindicators performed a sustained attack on Nuzzgrond, killing a nobz stand and a gunwagon.
user posted image

Back in the air, Squiggles and his Supa-Skwadron raced down the canyon – pursued by an ineffectual Hunter missile from the Devastators – and attacked the survivors of Assault One. Hunkered down in their defensive positions, no casualties were caused.
user posted image

Covered by the Squiggles' advance, the Iron Vulcha swept in and launched an attack on Tactical One, which saw a Tactical stand laid low.

With his battlefield awareness swollen by his psychic powers, Codicer Herzog consolidated his position on the west by advancing into the enemy half and claiming the bunker amongst the intact buildings. A single long-range Hunter shot at Nuzzgrond's formation destroyed another Battlewagon.
user posted image

Seeing their forces falling back in disarray, the Big Boomerz hunkered down on Overwatch.

With only one large formation of orks in a battle-ready state, and even that surrounded by virtually intact Astartes formations, it looked like the game was up for the Orks. Tactical Three targetted Nuzzgrond's formation with sustained long-range fire that killed two boyz stands and one nobz stand.
user posted image

The Skybears then swept in on a Ground Attack, killing a grot stand plus destroying a battlewagon and gunwagon. The orks' fighting spirit left them and they fell back to friendly lines.
user posted image

Tactical One then put the final nail in the ork's coffin by advancing relentlessly on the stompa mob and wiping out the remnants.
user posted image

Successful Rally
Tactical One (0)
Land Raider Support (0)
Vindicators (0)
Dregkart (2)
Grimtuff (0)

Failed Rally
Rokkiteers (Broken)
Wazzdakka (Broken)

Imperial Objectives – 5
Ork Objectives – 1
Contested Objectives – 0

Imperial Victory Conditions – Take and Hold, They Shall Not Pass, Defend The Flag
Ork Victory Conditions – Break Their Spirit

Imperial Victory!
Captain Mercian rued the loss of Quillon and the Land Raiders, but casualties were almost inevitable. Victory was his; and twice itself for bringing home near-full numbers.

user posted image

Ulfhedin - September 30, 2011 08:08 AM (GMT)
Great stuff. Repost over on the TF site if you get the chance!

We all love a bit of epic win...

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