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Title: Death Guard names
Description: Ideas?

malika - August 22, 2011 06:46 PM (GMT)
Was just wondering about this. The Death Guard aren't really "consistent" when it comes to their names. The Blood Angels tend to have sort of fake Italian artist/sculptor/painter sounding names, the Ultramarines mostly have Latin/Greek sounding ones, the Sons of Horus have sort of Babylonian sounding stuff and the Dark Angels are all named after Biblical daemons or something.

But the Death Guard kind of have a bit of everything. Can anyone help me out a bit here with ideas on what direction or vibe to go for when picking Death Guard names? Especially during the Heresy and beyond it becomes a bit disappointing with characters named Bubonicus, Typhus and Necrosius. It's as if I would rebel against my government and then name myself "AIDS" or something... :rolleyes:

The Red Sorcerer - August 24, 2011 12:07 PM (GMT)
I agree that the Death Guard aren't as easy to pick names for as many of the other Legions! Still, looking through the names in Collected Visions certainly helps give a feel of the sort of names that seem prevalent (presumably among the members of the Legion recruited on Barbarus, rather than the Terran marines).

e.g. Kargul; Sorrak; Holgoarg; Grulgor; Gurtur-Fol; Mortag; Moturg; Rorrorg; Ruggoth-Kal; Haldon-Tal; Kalton-Gul; Guorzlat etc...

While it doesn't seem drawn from any recognisable historical/national source as far as I can see, there's a definite pattern! Harsh sounding names, plenty of plosive sounds/letters, glottoral stops, and the like. Using names with plenty of Gs, Ks, Ts, adding -Tal, -Gul, or similar to the end of names, and ensuring they sound fairly harsh. They seem (to me at least) to be somewhat Germanic-sounding (while not actually being German names!)

Anyway, requires a bit more work than (for example) raiding the bible for the names of angels, but hopefully should provide a starting point at least.

malika - August 24, 2011 06:24 PM (GMT)
I have a parallel discussion about this running on Warseer. Apologist argues that the names are rather Babylonian sounding. I, for some reason, find some Turkish and Bulgarian influences in there.

However, if we take Flight of the Eisenstein you got fellows like Solun Decius. But I guess that could be explained that people on Barbarus were starting to give their children High Gothic sounding names once the planet became part of the Imperium.

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