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Title: Dark Eldar versus Chaos Daemons
Description: 500pts battle

Gagoc TheAncient - August 14, 2011 06:07 PM (GMT)
I fought the first battle with with my Dark Eldar (The Privateers Of The Umbra Nebula) yesterday. 500pts against Daemons.

My list was as follows:
Archon: Haywire Grenades, Ghostplate armour, Djinn Blade, 95pts

Kabalite Warriors: x9, 1 Sybarite with Agoniser, 1 Shredder, 116pts
All in a Raider with Splinter Racks, Night Shields, 80pts

Wyches: x10, 1 Hekatrix with Venom Blade, 1 Hydra Gauntlets, 125pts
In another Raider with Disintegrator cannon, Splinter racks, Flicker Field, 80pts

Total: 496pts.

Daemons win the roll and get to go first. Wyches role a 5 for their Combat Drugs and get an extra attack each.
Dark Eldar deploy in Raiders, Archon on left, Wyches on the right.

Turn 1: Daemons. My oponent deep strikes what I assume are Pink Horrors, led by The Changeling (!?!), about 8-12 inches from my Archon's Raider.
3 Flamers of Tzeentch deep strike mid-way across the board to my right.

The pink Horrors open fire on the Archon's Raider and it is Shaken (?) resulting in it being unable to move or open fire until the next turn.

Turn 1: DE. The wyches Raider moves close to the pink horrors, and the wyches disembark.
In the shooting phase the Archon and Kabalite warriors open fire on the Pink Horrors from the Raider, killing around two.
The wyches Raider opens up on the Flamers killing 1.
Then the Wyches charge the Pink Horrors. At one point I am rolling 24 dice. The Hydra Gauntlet rolls a five for its attacks.

The wyches gain a pain token.

Turn 2: Daemons. My opponent fails to deep strike his Blood Crushers of Khorne (Thank you oh Dice gods!), but does deep strike what seems to be his HQ a Tzeentchian Herald (?) on a Chariot pulled by a screamer.

The Flamers open fire on my Wyches, and then his HQ charges them which causes 6 of them to lose their lives.

Turn 2: DE. The Archons Raider moves froward and the Archon and Kabalite Warriors disembark within easy strinking distance of the Flamers.
First the raider opens fire on them, then the Archon and Sybarite, all to no effect.
The Archon and Warriors then charge them and proceed to wipe them out.

The Wyches continue to fight the Daemon's leader, knocking off wounds.

Turn 3: Daemons. My opponent once again fails to deep strike the Blood Crushers.
His HQ continues to attack my wyches in Close Combat seemingly wiping them out.
At which point I remember they have Dodge, but carry on anyway. To no avail as they are still wiped out.

Turn 3: DE. My Archon and his warriors are witing to charge the Daemonic Leader. But they are denied this chance by a shot from a Raider.

My opponent capitulates, and points out to me that the Wyches Feel No Pain prevented them from becoming Chaos Spawn at the hands of his HQ.

An interesting outcome don't you think?

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