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Title: Ultramarine pre-heresy campaign

Aquaterry - June 15, 2011 08:31 PM (GMT)
I am participating in a local campaign taking part during the later parts of the great crusade, and ending with the heresy.
As it is a campaign, we have been told that we get 1 free HQ, but pay for everything else as normal. I just wanted to put this list out there for people to comment and stuff.

10 man tac squad 215
-missile launcher
-drop pod

10 man tac squad 210
-drop pod

10 man tac squad 205
-heavy bolter

Dreadnought 140
-drop pod

Whirlwind 95
-hunter-killer missile

Vindicator 135
hunter-killer missile
siege shield

1000 points

What do you guys think?
I have tried to avoid stuff that wasn't available pre-heresy, but some stuff was unavoidable, like the storm bolter on the dread. I might just call it a twin-linked bolter though, or model it as such.


Pacific - June 16, 2011 01:55 AM (GMT)
Looks pretty good and a lot of bodies on the table for 1000pts.

Technically the Vindicator is a heresy-era vehicle, but if the campaign is culminating in the heresy beginning it is quite easy to justify having it in the army.

Have you got these guys modelled and painted yet? If so why not start a thread in the painting section and let us have a nose at them? :)

Aquaterry - June 16, 2011 04:50 AM (GMT)
I haven't got many of them painted yet, or even bought, but I will put pictures up in the painting section soon!


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