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Title: Warrior Kings of Ultramar
Description: 19th Company

Apologist - June 13, 2011 11:17 AM (GMT)
Aethon Company – 19th Company Ultramarines
QUOTE (Aaron Dembski Bowden; The First Heretic)
A mere hundred warriors stood opposed to one hundred thousand. Facing an ocean of grey armour, a single company of Ultramarines had made planetfall with their Primarch. Even in the gravity of the moment, Argel Tal wasn’t sure whether to be mystified at this display, or insulted by it. He settled for both, his irritation rising all the while.

‘The 19th Company,’ Xaphen voxed, watching the Ultramarines banner waving in the gentle wind. It depicted a rearing white horse with a mane of fire, over a series of numerals.

‘Intriguing.’ Argel Tal watched the white horse rippling in the wind, trying to discern some significance in the 19th’s presence. The creature seemed in motion, the flames of its mane real and burning.

Aethon Company, the Ultramarines 19th, was well-known to many outside Guilliman’s Legion. Aethon himself commanded an entire Imperial Expedition away from his primarch, and was rumoured to be a stern ambassador and a shrewd diplomat. Whatever the truth, the captain was trusted with a great deal more responsibility and independence than most other Astartes could ever claim.

user posted image
Roboute Guilliman and elements of Aethon Company.

I thought I'd post up some pictures of my Epic army project. Unsurprisingly, it's Ultramarines! :)

Part of the appeal of the Epic: Armageddon game for me is the sheer scale of the ground. Units can move around, outflank, enfilade, drop-pod and generally act like the background of the game implies they should. There's space to breathe on the battlefield.

The other part of the appeal is the size of the armies you can field. A formation represents a 1000–1500pt size 40k army, and you're regularly pushing around ten or so formations in an Epic army. Titans, aircraft, tank companies and hordes of infantry all combine to make a fantastic spectacle. :)


Apologist - June 13, 2011 11:27 AM (GMT)
Predator formation
user posted image

Predator Destructor formations are solid generalist additions to a Space Marine army in the current iteration of the NetEA rules, where they've received a slight boost to their firefight score. With a mix of weaponry erring towards an anti-infantry focus, they're able to lend supporting fire to other Space Marine formations.

Their speed means that they work well supporting formations mounted in Rhinos, but they can also follow up faster formations such as Speeders or Bikes, where they can add some muscle to the attack.

At 275pts for a formation of four, I tend to run them without upgrades to keep them cheap: making them a less inviting target for the enemy. Even a single casualty can drop the damage output of the formation significantly, so I find it best to hold them back and use them for outflanking and support.

King Fluff - June 13, 2011 01:38 PM (GMT)
oustanding - how did you do Guiiliman and the Sarge on the right?

Apologist - June 13, 2011 02:25 PM (GMT)
Scratch-built, basically. I'll PM you with the details :)

Painting-wise, they're sprayed grey, painted all over with slightly-thinned Necron Abyss and the gun picked out in black. The shoulder trims and faces are then painted with Shining Gold straight over the blue, some touches of Boltgun Metal are used on the gun, and the whole given a wash of Devlan Mud. Once dry, I pick out the Legion and squad markings with Dheneb Stone.

All-in, I reckon you can get a formation of six stands done in two hours. Nice and quick and easy! :)

Apologist - June 13, 2011 03:02 PM (GMT)
Whirlwind formation
user posted image

Whirlwind artillery tanks are some of my favourite formations in Epic. While their stats look unimpressive on paper, their multi-missile launchers let them fire indirect barrages. This enables them to shoot at anything within range; and their combination of rules (indirect fire and barrage) means that when they go on sustained orders, their range is doubled to 90cm, and they don't need to draw line of sight to the target.

Best of all, units firing an indirect barrage receive a +1 modifier for taking a sustained fire action (rule 2.2.6), so a full strength (four-strong) Whirlwind battery is placing two templates, and any models underneath are hit on a 3+ (infantry) or 4+ (armour). This can add up to a huge amount of damage and blast markers, particularly on a clustered opponent. If your opponent then spreads his units out to avoid the barrages, you can pounce on an isolated flank with your fast support units in an engagement.

This all combines to make Whirlwinds a great support formation. Because they are fairly fragile and vulnerable to air attack, and because their rules allow them to support from distance, they are a good choice to place deep in your deployment zone, with range to your Blitz objective. I generally add a Hunter to the formation – this provides them with extra bulk in case of casualties, an additional long-range shot if you're forced to use them directly, and provides air cover: enemy aircraft love strafing artillery.

They're not the most glorious unit, but they're reliable, fairly cheap, and allow you to strike at your enemy from the very beginning of the game. They make a good way to soften up enemy 'Blitz guards' – i.e. any formation that the enemy has left near his Blitz objective – ready for your other formations to strike.

Note that Barrage templates must be placed to cover the maximum amount of models in the target formation, but since they're quite large, they can sometimes affect more than one formation. Don't rely on such a tactic, but it's a great way of punishing intermingled formations.

Apologist - July 19, 2011 11:27 AM (GMT)
Plugging away happily at the army, and received a FW Thunderhawk in the post yesterday. It's a beast! I might try and get it painted for the competition. :)

Apologist - August 18, 2011 12:52 PM (GMT)
Tactical Formations
user posted image
The bread-and-butter of a Space Marine Legion, tactical formations offer a number of advantages over more specialised formations. As well as having solid stats, Tactical formations are amongst the largest formations in the list (in terms of number of units), and access to the largest number of upgrades in the army. I tend to run mine with Rhinos and a Captain, occasionally adding a couple of Vindicators or Dreadnoughts for size. I often have three or more formations.

The Space Marines Transport rule means that you can deploy them in Rhinos or Drop Pods for free (assuming you have a spacecraft for the pods), or not take transport at all and garrison them, which enables you to set up farther forward on an objective, threatening it from the start. The benefits of this rule are chosen before deployment, so if your opponent does something unusual with his objectives, you can snatch them away!

Thunderhawk Gunships
user posted image
The Thunderhawk Gunship is a great unit in Epic. It can hold eight stands (or four heavier things, like Dreadnoughts and Terminators), and owing to its resilience and status as a War Engine, it can transport units that aren't part of its own formation.

This means that you can transport both an Assault and Devastator formation at the same time, and drop them both off where they can do the most damage. It's also possible to use them to evacuate badly damaged formations so they can rally.

While its weapons aren't anything particular to write home about on their own, they do a good job of supporting formations they transport, and can add a vital couple of extra dice to a critical engagement.

Apologist - August 19, 2011 08:21 AM (GMT)
Aethon Company
user posted image
A heavily upgraded Tactical formation made up of six Tactical stands (one of which includes Second Captain Nehemiah), three Rhino APCs (two Mars pattern, one Macragge pattern), one Hyperios 'Hunter' Anti-Air vehicle, two Mars Alpha pattern Vindicators and Ancient Titus, a Mk V Dreadnought.

user posted image
Not only do Captain provide improved morale (formations including a Space Marine Leader unit remove two blast markers rather than one on a successful rally), they also provide an extra attack, and benefit from the Commander ability, which enables them to draw in support from neighbouring formations. Very handy for launching an engagement!

user posted image
Dreadnoughts don't seem to get much love from the Epic: Armageddon community. They can slow down formations, and due to being an armoured vehicle, provide more targets for AT fire. However, they're iconic Astartes units, and it's hard to argue with the additional macro-weapon attack of the powerfist, or the heavy firepower of the Hellfire dreadnought (as pictured).
Personally, I've found that used in large amounts in defensive formations, they provide good all-round flexibility for formations, and their MW attacks in engagements make them useful for deterring all but the most determined assaults.

user posted image
Tactical Marines are the most flexible of all Astartes, and go into battle with a variety of equipment and armament. In Epic, this is abstracted to small arms and a single missile launcher show per squad.

Another pic:
user posted image

Apologist - August 19, 2011 02:47 PM (GMT)
Assault Marines
user posted image
Assault formations are compact and fragile, but pack a decent punch. Their high speed and jump pack ability helps them rapidly redeploy – or keep up with mounted formations. Best used in a supporting role, the application of Assault Marines to a sticky situation can mean the difference between victory and defeat. The addition of a Chaplain, with his inspiring ability and macro-weapon extra attack, makes the group even more of a threat as they leap over intervening buildings to strike down their enemies.

I hadn't had much luck with Assault Marines for my first few games – I tended to be too aggressive with them, and throw them into big mobs, where they got munched for little gain. However, lately they've been much more useful for me – and in the last game I had, they played a vital role. Reclusiarch Highheart took them on a rampage across the board, where they rescued two beleaguered Tactical Formations, then led a counter attack that rolled up the ork's flank entirely!

...and I won these on ebay recently. They're metal castings that accompanied the original release of Adeptus Titanicus. You used to get three or so with every titan, so whoever collected these either did so over a long period of time, or he had a very large Titan Legion!
user posted image
Either way, these are due for a lick of paint, and then they'll either join my Ultramarines as Veterans, or they'll form the core of a new army from a different Legion. These lovely old models deserve something special! :)

Apologist - August 23, 2011 08:45 AM (GMT)
user posted image
With a firefight rating of 3+ (as opposed to a Tactical stands FF of 4+) and two Missile Launcher shots each, a single formation of Devastators can generator a lot of fire despite having a small footprint. Transported by Rhino or Thunderhawk, Devastators are a great way of unleashing some serious firepower cheaply.

Codicer Herzog leads this formation, his ranged macro-weapon attack helping with short-ranged engagments, and his
Leader ability keeping the formation firing.

ShroudFilm - August 23, 2011 11:00 AM (GMT)
Oh wowzers, this is all looking splendid!

I had a wholel bunch of those Adeptus Titanicus SM minis, way back... plus a handful of Tarantulas and Rapiers. Undoubtedly they ended up getting purged in my pre-uni 'Coolness Increase'. :rolleyes:

Apologist - August 23, 2011 11:44 AM (GMT)
Land Raiders
user posted image
Bought in a formation of four, Land Raiders are great (if expensive) vehicles that combine good anti-tank ability (2 x AT4+ each) with limited anti-infantry. While their close-in abilities are limited, by far their greatest strengths are their fantastic armour.

With a basic save of 4+, and the reinforced armour rule (which allows you to re-roll failed saves), Land Raiders will shrug off three quarters of incoming anti-tank fire. Better still, the thick rear armour rule means that you can be really aggressive with them, as they won't suffer from the -1 armour modifier for being caught in a crossfire. This is an ability that even some titans don't have, and it really adds to their survivability.

They can be bought as a formation of their own, or as upgrades for Terminators or Devastators. In the case of the latter, they replace the free Rhinos (that the Devastators get as part of their Space Marine Transport rule).

My regular opponent is terrified of Land Raiders, so I tend to stick them front and centre to make the most of the psychological advantage! :lol:

Apologist - January 26, 2012 02:21 PM (GMT)
Tactical Formations
I use fairly standard Tactical formations, adding transports and a Hyperios anti-air tank (Hunter). I usually take at least two, and sometimes three formations at 3,000pts.

user posted image
This formation includes the Supreme Commander, Captain Aethon himself. You normally only get one Supreme Commander in your army, and a Tactical Formation is a good place to put him, as they are amongst the largest and toughest formations the Astartes can field.

user posted image
This standard bearer counts as a Chaplain, as I liked the model and thought the Inspiring rule (which grants a +1 resolution in engagements) was fitting.

Also, I've now finished and based the entire force; so I'll get some pictures of the whole force soon. I took them for a spin at a tournament in Bristol, where I had a win, a lose and a draw – pretty average!

How are the rest of you cats getting on with your Epic forces?

Apologist - January 26, 2012 02:22 PM (GMT)

Double post is doubleplus ungood.

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