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Title: Basing Epic Miniatures
Description: The rules; and advice

Apologist - May 23, 2011 12:10 PM (GMT)
Hi all,

There's a bit of confusion about how to base your Epic figures, so here's an extract from the Epic: Armageddon rulebook*.

QUOTE (Epic: Armageddon rulebook)

1.1.2 Stands
[...] a unit can be a single vehicle model, or a stand made up of several very small models grouped together and glued to a small base. Stands usually represent things like infantry, where moving the individual models round on their own would be very fiddly with Epic scale models. All the models glued to a stand count as a single unit as far as the rules are concerned. The size of a stand and the number of models glued to it are left pretty much up to the player to decide within the following limitations:
A stand may be no more than 40mm and no less than 5mm across in any direction.
A stand must be at least 20mm across in one direction (ie, a 5mm by 5mm stand is not allowed, but a 5mm by 20mm stand would be okay).
Stands representing infantry units must have at least three infantry models and may not have more than seven. Infantry mounted on bikes or horses must have between two and four models mounted on each base.
Stands representing artillery must have between one and two artillery pieces and up to six crew models.

The stands commonly used are the old square bases (25 x 25mm), the newer strip-style bases (10 x 40mm) and round bases commonly a 2p piece (which is ~22mm in diameter).

Unlike Epic: 40k, where there were shenanigans possible with basing, there is no advantage or disadvantage to using any particular type of base, so go with what you think looks best.

Sand and flock commonly used in 28mm-scale basing tends to look a bit coarse at this scale, so I recommend fine flock or fine/extra-fine grade ballast, available from Hobbycraft and other local model shops.

Remember as long as the stands follow the rules in 1.1.2, you can have them whatever shape you like even Legion symbols or something equally esoteric!

Note also that you can have between three and seven infantry models on each base. This makes cool little dioramas possible (and awesome) :)

Good luck! :)

* Available as a free download from Games Workshop. CLICKY LINK.

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