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Title: Ship boarding

Whitehorn - May 3, 2011 01:29 PM (GMT)
Has anyone tried out the Badab War rules and missions for ship boarding?

If so, how did you find them?

Ben and I tried the movable objective mission, using Space Hulk boards and encountered numerous issues with it. Assuming I didn't read it wrong or missed something, here's a few questions I hope to address for a rule set I am going to put out.

Template weapons - should these be blocked when shooting into/at walls, corners, obstacles? An obstruction would reduce the target area, but changing such rules can add complexity.

Scatter weapons. How did that (unguided!) rocket shoot around a corner? What happens if the scatter travels outside a corridor, or into a room that would be impossible to travel through?

Squares. We made the mistake of using the Space Hulk tile squares to do movement. Don't! Just pretend the artwork is the area you can walk on and use your tape measure. Close combat, coherency, big squads all suffer otherwise.

Retreat. Where exactly do you escape to when in a winding maze? Finding the shorting route to your 'table edge' can be a bit difficult. Where exactly would defenders run to when there's no escape? Questions to answer!

Teleport. As with scatter weapons, teleporting can be horrendous. Options to forfeit a teleport to walk on, extra options for locators/beacons. Corridor space is very limited.

Ilmarinen - May 3, 2011 01:59 PM (GMT)
Haven't tried them out yet (but I've got lots of space hulk tiles so I'm very interested in this!).

Some thoughts:

Template weapons - these should be blocked by walls and bulkheads, but (similar to space hulk and 40K bunkers) I picture them filling a corridor or room with fire, so how about everything within their arc of reach gets hit within the confines of the ship - ie: you can only fire (is it) 7" down a straight corridor, you can fire round a corner, and in a large room it would be very nasty, but you can't fire across to an adjacent corridor etc. The devastation caused in the large rooms would make up for the reduced effect in corridors.

Scatter weapons - ricochet? If the blast ends up outside a corridor it's blown a big hole in the wall but otherwise done no damage to the enemy (although it could depressurise the area).

Squares - totally agree - the deck plates are just for show and movement is done in inches as normal.

Retreat - shortest route back to your point of entry? This would certainly end up with people being scattered and lost in the maze, which fits very well to me (people getting panicked in the Alien movies seemed to end up scattered all over the place).

Teleport - yep, homers (or large rooms) seem very important all of a sudden!

MrBojab - May 4, 2011 11:40 AM (GMT)
I agree with Ilmaren, in the case of a scatter though, I think it would be suitable that if the scatter hits a wall or bulkhead in any way from the original position(ie. Position before scatter), it should blow up with the centre of the blast template positioned on the point of impact.

Just my 2c though.


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