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Title: Throne of Skulls
Description: a losing battle in Nottingham

lord_caldera - April 18, 2011 10:09 AM (GMT)
In the midst of my travels I was able to return to Nottingham this weekend to take part in the Throne of Skulls at Warhammer World, and it was a blast. I think there were 116 players with some really gorgeous armies on display, but more on that later. I went 1-3-1, which should have been way better if not for some atrocious luck as usual for me. All of my opponents were great except one; it seems I'm fated to pull a bad opponent in the final round of my tournaments. I took along the following list with my Word Bearers:
Master of the Forge, bike, beamer
Dreadnought, multimelta, heavy flamer, drop pod
Dreadnought, assault cannon
6 Sternguard, heavy flamer, power weapon, meltabombs
10 Tacticals, flamer, multimelta, power fist, Rhino
10 Tacticals, plasma gun, plasma cannon, power weapon, Rhino
Thunderfire cannon
2x5 Devastators, 4 missiles
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First round was Dawn of War Annihilation against a mechdar army. Ali was an awesome opponent to start the weekend off right. This was a close one until about turn 4, when he scored 3 or 4 kill points including popping an entire Tac squad with Prince Yriel's exploding eye thing. His Falcons refused to die no matter how much i shot them and Fire Dragons made a mess of my Dreadnoughts, but the Tfire cannon shone as it would all weekend. I lost 9-5, but the battle looked great on the table.
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Next up was Pitched Battle Seize Ground against James's Dark Angel doublewing. The faq seriously boosted this army, which was almost entirely hammernators with cyclones. He deployed smart and spread out in lines to advance so he wouldn't be picked apart by blast templates. They absorbed a terrifying amount of fire, but eventually I got rid of most of his army. Unfortunately the game ended on turn 5, leaving me out of position to claim the drawing objective by a few inches and I lost. I forgot to take a picture of his army but here's where I had to place my Drop Pod.
user posted image
The last round on Saturday was Spearhead Capture and Control against another James's IG. We were on the last table and his list wasn't very strong. He castled in a forest with ratlings in a ruin and basilisks in the back, and I reserved my Rhinos to advance on his objective. First turn crippled his command with dropped Sternguard hosing down a couple squads, the MotF popped a basilisk, the ratlings ran off the board and it went downhill from there. He conceded after turn 4 with a veteran squad preparing to get hosed and a stunned vendetta, giving me my only win.
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First game on Sunday was against John's Dark Eldar, an army I was very keen on playing to see what they could do, in Dawn of War Seize Ground. This was a really close game and my favorite of the weekend. The highlight was 9 Incubi with an Archon and fully upgraded Klaivex bearing down on me off his board edge turn 1 getting their Raider missiled to death, and then getting a faceful of Thunderfire. His Archon failed his first and only save to Instant Death by S6, and at the end of the phase only the Klaivex was left standing. He proceeded to roll down a Devastator Squad, Thunderfire Cannon, and Combat Squad before getting killed. This one really came down to one roll. We each held one objective and my armless Dreadnought was kicking Warriors to death contesting the last one, and I had a combat squad dash out of their bastion to take my last objective. They only needed a couple inches run to make it for the win, so of course they rolled a 1, leaving me half an inch short and drawing the match.
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My last game was against another John's Daemons, Pitched Battle Annihilation. I don't think he cheated but he was a fast talker and fast roller, so combined with my never having played Daemons before it was an unenjoyable match. I was wiped out to a man in the seventh turn thanks to Breath of Chaos shenanigans and poor deployment.

There were some cool armies there, and even a little more preheresy. The incredible Thousand Sons (Grey Knights) won Best Painted.
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