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Title: Phaerian Army info from Promethean Sun

Apologist - April 15, 2011 08:53 AM (GMT)
This is taken from the 'alternative art' pages available for free on the Black Library website as part of the preview of Nick Kyme's new book. Since it's up free, I hope it's okay to compile here :)

QUOTE (Promethean Sun)
Phaerian Army Divisions
Phaeria is a moon-sized death world in the Segmentum Solar. It appears on very few galactic cartographs on account of its diminutive size. An arboreal planet of desolate highlands and sweeping forests, it is a harsh and inhospitable place that breeds a brutal, almost feral, human native. Such warriors were exemplary candidates for the Imperial Army and thus the majority of the planet's population was thrust into service at the inception of the Great Crusade to provide vital support for the Emperor's Legiones Astartes.

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