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Title: Iron Hands info from Promethean Sun
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Apologist - April 15, 2011 08:37 AM (GMT)
This is taken from the 'alternative art' pages available for free on the Black Library website as part of the preview of Nick Kyme's new book. Since it's up free, I hope it's okay to compile here :)

QUOTE (Promethean Sun)
Iron Hands Legion
Scattered but unsubstantiated reports exist concerning the role of the Iron Hands Legion and Primarch Ferrus Manus during the occupation of planet One-Five-Four Four. The X Legion fought on the world's primary desert continent, known locally as 'Krovach'. Remembrancer [OBSCURED TEXT] alleged the primarch (referred to as 'the Gorgon' in her iterated slates) was incommunicado for several hours during the advance and that this resulted in the Iron Hands being the last to complete their objectives. Upon his return, the primarch was single minded enough to complete his mission in a timely fashion, but the events leading up to his reuniting with his Legion remain a mystery. [OBSCURED TEXT] postulates that [OBSCURED TEXT] eldar [OBSCURED TEXT] was responsible and this [OBSCURED TEXT] waylaid the Gorgon [OBSCURED TEXT].

Symbol of Ferrus Manus
The literal 'Iron Hand' symbol is the mark of the Primarch Ferrus Manus. While obviously borne on the armour of the X's Legionaries and their vehicles, this motif (or at least aspects of it) was also commonly emblazoned on those Army divisions serving under the primarch as part of his battle group. In the case of the forces arrayed on planet One-Five-Four Four this included the 144th Cohort of the Degovark Proto-Industrial and Medusa's own 'Iron Tenth' of the Sorrgol Clan. The is tradition may or may not have come about after the primarch reportedly presented a banner to the Anatolian Brigades for being the first to breach the gates to the inner furnaces of the Terrawatt Clan.

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