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Title: 1000 pts Iron Hands

Jesterhead - March 21, 2011 11:12 PM (GMT)
So I just ordered enough models from FW to get a good start on this list.

Now, I know this isn't going to be the most tactically sound list around, but hopefully it'll round itself out when I move it up to 1500 pts in the near future.

I'm being strict on weapons\units to get Pre-Heresy accuracy.

I'll be representing the Iron Hands 1st Captain Gabriel Santar as a SM Captain in Terminator Armour, with dual Lightning claws. With him, I really want a Morlock Terminator squad for him to tag along with.

I'm also pretty set on Drop Pod/Deep Striking the entire force. (It just feels so 'Crusade-y')

-Terminator Armour
-Pair of Lightning Claws


Terminator Squad


Iron Clad Dreadnought
-Drop Pod


Ten Man Tac Squad
-Sergeant - Power Fist, Bolt Pistol
-Power Fist
-Bolt Pistol
-Missile Launcher
-Drop Pod


Ten Man Tac Squad
-Sergeant - Power Fist, Bolt Pistol
-Missile Launcher
-Drop Pod


So what do you think? Keep in mind I don't plan to play this list competitively, but just as a fun thing at local stores.

Should I mix up the special weapons in the Tac Squads? Assault Termies instead of Tactical ones?

MrBojab - March 31, 2011 11:49 AM (GMT)
go with assault termis, 4 TH SS and 1 LC. Apart from that it looks pretty good.


Yvraith - March 31, 2011 09:09 PM (GMT)
I consider keeping your termis as they are.

Because you are deep striking in, they will be able to at least shoot on the turn they arrive.
Otherwise all they become are bullet magnets, until you get lucky enough to get them into combat.

Also if you want to reliably get your force arriving grouped together on the table.
Look at getting Locator Beacons on your Pods.
No scatter within 6" for deep striking units is great.

Also if you are giving your Sgts Power Fists, trade out their pistol for the Fist and let them keep their Bolter. ;)

Jesterhead - April 1, 2011 07:37 PM (GMT)
Thanks for the input guys. I'll be going with tactical Terminators, simply because I already bought them and they are half built! :P

lilloser - June 23, 2011 11:22 PM (GMT)
Looks like a solid list to me. Good theme


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