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Title: Zealot Jetbike Review

Angels_Blade - February 9, 2011 08:29 AM (GMT)
Hey guys and gals,

Being a Heresy era nut and life-long Dark Angel the Astartes jetbike has always been the proverbial 'Golden Egg' of wargaming for me. Over the years I have atttempted every kit-bash, followed every tutorial and purchased every kit (third-party and GW) in a vain attempt to recreate that most iconic of missing Space Marine mounts.

It started early in the hobby when I got my hands on 3 of citadelís Imperial Jetbikes and 1 Judge Dread Lawmaster. Now not to say these minis werenít great but their style doesnít fit into the Ďnewí look 40k. Iíve had upgrade kits for the plastic bike, several Masters of the Ravenwing and even the fabled Iron Halo kits but none of them have been right for what I envisioned be it casting quality, price or just look.

Price and order times
Now on to the Zealot kit. My first thought was that £13.99 per bike seemed a bit steep but I took the plunge and ordered one to see what it was like. Firstly, postage was quick, as in 2 days quick and the mini was extremely well packaged. On a side note I got a really nice e-mail from Thantos apologising that the box wasnít branded as their new boxes hadnít arrived yet. On the price side, clearly a lot of money and effort has been spent ensuring that the casts are perfect but if you are planning on getting a lot of them contact them to see if they will do you a deal as it is still quite a lot for what it is.

Casting and assembly
The kit is cast in high quality resin and the casting is as good as some of Forgeworld and Microarts kits. I had only one bit of flash on the whole kit and the only breakage was on the back banner which is supplied on a sprue with some interesting extras. The bike itself comes with 2 stand options neither are particularly useful as they are not big enough to support a gaming piece but it is nonetheless a nice addition and something that is often not thought about by other companies.
The kit goes together like a dream but be warned plastic SM legs need a lot of work to make fit but there are other solutions which Iím not going to go into here.
I decided to build mine as a Custodian Jetbike and as a result I modified the front with some Sanguinary Guard wings. I will post pics when I have undercoated it .

Without trying to inflate Zealotís ego if chapterhouse had made their stuff at this quality they may have a stronger case ;-) but joking aside this is by far and away the best non-GW kit I have ever owned, the quality of the sculpt and the care and attention into the cast almost makes up for the high cost. If you want jetbikes in your army that look the part then I whole-heartedly recommend that you order some of these. As a final note there maybe some issue over IP infringement with this kit. Whilst not as obvious and blatent as Chapterhouse and Kabuki, this kit does have a gun mount that is dangerously close to a Boltgun. Iím not saying it is but it might be something to think about in the future and they may have to consider changing the design. Either way I love it and I look forward to showing you a full squad of these. Right Iím off to order some more!

Cheers AB

ShroudFilm - February 9, 2011 09:55 AM (GMT)
Cool stuff man, I'm convinced!

Mabrothrax - February 9, 2011 07:51 PM (GMT)
Damn. I knew I liked it, now I WANT IT!

Can we have come pics?

In particular with plastic Marine (and if you have them Scout) bikers, I'm keen to know how well a marine with back pack sits on the jet bike - does it rest nicely in the seat, do the handle bars work with the length of the marine arms etc.


Angels_Blade - February 10, 2011 07:41 AM (GMT)
I'm not posting pics till I've painted mine. You can get plastic marine legs on but you have to trim a fair bit from the inside of the leg. I've built mine as a custodian using scout biker arm's but it comes with some legs that you could pass as marine.

Angels_Blade - February 11, 2011 08:39 AM (GMT)
Pics up in my Custodian blog


Cheers AB

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