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Title: Garro in "Oath of Moment"
Description: Any infomation?

Uzthizzar, Librarian-Sorceror - January 31, 2011 03:33 PM (GMT)
Hey guys,

I read in White Dwarf about the new Horus Heresy audio-book about Nathaniel Garro's exploits after the Eisenstein got to Terra. According to the blurb, Malcador sends Garro on a mission to help the Ultramarines during an Ork invasion.

Is there anyone who has got it and/or listened to it? Because I was wondering whether there were any hints regarding Garro's status/job/position now.
i.e. does it say that he is a proto-Grey Knight?


P.S. Picture of Garro on the cover is here.
You can see the Smurfs in the background to the left, but Garro is wearing ornate grey armour with a symbol of a blazing sun hanging from his shoulder (?).

ShroudFilm - January 31, 2011 03:46 PM (GMT)
Seriously? 'Oath of Moment' came out over two months ago... in fact I just got the sequel on my desk this morning, on preview.

It definitely does NOT say that he became a Grey Knight, and in fact you have quite splendidly highlighted the fact that this topic needs to be put on a TGC lockdown, because the new GK codex has been circulated at head office.


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