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Title: The Phoenix and the Lion
Description: EC and TS vs. DA

Brother-Captain Basilus - January 22, 2011 05:29 PM (GMT)
Hey guys,
I had an awesome game of Apocalypse today and here are some pics and a short report for you ;)

We played 2 on 2 with 9000pts in total on each side.

Armylists (using superheavies and Tempus Fugitives units):


Subjugator Titan
Cult of Destruction
Masters of the Chapter


Lion El'Jonson
Honour Guard
Warhound Titan
Land Raider Squadron (don't know the exact formation's name)
Predator Squadron (s.a.)
40 Deathwing Terminators

I'm not going to write a full report, I'll just give you the most fun and important things that happened:


user posted image
user posted image

Engaging the Emperor's Children's firebase:

user posted image
user posted image

Eidolon took on the charge of the Custodes (and didn't do so well^^) :

user posted image
user posted image

user posted image

In the Traitor's first round, Lucius threw a Vortex Grenade right against the Land Raider in front of him and Belial and his Squad of terminators were already gone!

The Warhound Titan blew up 3 Rhinos, but left most of the Marines in them unharmed.

Ancient Rylanor dropped down right behind the Warhound, but missed with his Meltagun! Now he was to face some reaaaally bad shooting from the loyalists, but they rolled so crappy that he simply walked through the fire and laughed.

Round 2:
user posted image

Fulgrim makes his appearance:
user posted image

Epic round of combat:
user posted image

Subjugator Sneak Attack!
user posted image

The second round was the most fun for both sides, when most of the reserves came on.

In the Loyalists second round, Lion El' Jonson emerged from his Land Raider and killed Fateweaver on the spot!

But after the daemon of Tzeentch had gone, the Traitor's trap snap shut and on golden wings of fire, Fulgrim and his Phoenixguard descended from the heavens.
The primarch took on his brother and the majestic beings crossed blades. Fulgrim drove his blade right into the Lion's chest, but Jonson landed a devastating blow, too. We rolled really bad for saves and the primarchs had slain each other, in a single round of combat! We had a good laugh at that, but both sides found it only fair ;)

The Honour Guards crushed each other, and the Guard of the Lion even killed Ahriman in that very same round of cc.

Now that was bloody...

Also, the Subjugator appeared behind the Warhound, poured A LOT of shots into it, stripping down its shields and damaging it severely in close combat.

The Obliterators obliterated (d'uh) several Termintaors, but the pressure from the Loyalists grew ever stronger and we (the Traitors) had to pull off some nasty tricks to keep the game in balance.

Fighting for objectives:
user posted image

Rounds 3 + 4:

The Loyalists had more objectives AND more troops, so the Traitors were forced to act. The Subjugator, although under attack of some squads of TH+SS Terminators continued to wreck the Warhound: It destroyed the giant Titan's weapons and in the very last round he blew it up!
And I tell you, Warhounds make huuuge holes in the ground ;)

The major part of the daemon force came in in round 3, a luckless Soulgrinder went right off the board. My one squad of Daemonettes arrived and slew a whole squad of Tactical Marines that was holdng an objective for the loyalists! Raargh!

Blue flames lit up the deployment zone of the traitors as another Lord of Change came into play. The gigantic daemon destroyed a squad of Assault Marines including a Chaplain with his pure power of psychic energy.

In the last round the Firebird made its way all across the battlefield to contest an objective in the Loyalist's deployment zone. The last members of the Phoenixguard (3 Marines) chewed up another squad of Terminators.

The Cult of Destruction, down to 6 Obliterators by that time blew the last 3 TH+SS Terminators from another objective, taking the Loyalists some more points. The daemonettes held their objectives, as did the last of the Assault Marine Squads of the Emperor's Children.

We quit the game after round 4 because the time was up. The Traitors had turned the tables, but in the end the Loyalists won 45:39.

Maybe, if there had been a 5th round...


Anyway, all of us had a blast and the game was the most fun that I had in a long time. The primarchs slaying each other was hilarious, as was the Subjugator, that teased the Warhound continously until it exploded. The Custodes wrecked havoc among the line of the Traitor and took bloody revenge for the loss of Belial and his guard in the first round.

Yeah, that's basically it, now I have to go and get myself a nice beer to cool down...

I'll see what I can do to get some more pics up when I receive them from the other players.

So long B)

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