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Title: The chapter obvious by its absense
Description: Musings on Cholchisian Star signs

Propaganda - December 21, 2010 04:19 PM (GMT)
So, The First Heretic mentions a number of chapters whose names are derived from the Chochisian Star signs. It appears to me that they are obviously references to the Chaos powers and their stylistic symbols.

Chapter of the Serrated Sun - The Chaos Star (Chaos Undivided)
Chapter of the Osseous Throne - The Skull Throne of Khorne
Chapter of the Crescent Moon - The Warp-Shark/ Fish symbol of Tzeentch
Chapter of the Coiled Lash - An instrument of pain (Slaanesh)

IF the above are correct, there is obviously one missing. I cant say my knowledge of Battle for the Abyss is fantastic but I only just read The First Heretic and I cant think of a chapter whose name links to Nurgle, Entropy or Destruction.

I was wondering if anyone else had the answer.

(Also, as an aside I will never forgive ADB for making me like the Night Lords AND the Word Bearers. Unforgivable...)

Whitehorn - December 21, 2010 04:27 PM (GMT)

Propaganda - December 22, 2010 01:40 AM (GMT)
Hello Whitehorn.

Yeah, I'd read through them and couldnt see one that jumped immediatly to mind.

Its pure speculation but I would have thought that the Crimson Mask are again associated with Khorne. I have nothing to back that up but the description of the mask made me picture a Bloodletter in my head.

The others I'd mentioned seemed to be fairly easy leaps of immagination and not exactly requiring a great deal of insight into 40k esoteric lore or art analysis.

Maybe there is a good reason for why they dont have a representation of Nurgle in their astrology. The Word Bearers seem more interested in the underlying truth of reality and the progress it brings. Universal system death isn't really their thing :S

Or maybe ADB missed one. Or was instructed to miss one for reasons yet to become apparent. Weirder things have happened :D

One things for sure, the Word Bearer's are certainly a lot more interesting these days as protaganists following The First Heretic. I'm still in the build up phase for my 30k Deathwatch campaign but Im really looking forward to seeing how the Word Bearer representative works out :)

The Red Sorcerer - December 22, 2010 11:57 AM (GMT)
I think the Crescent Moon symblising Tzeentch is a bit of a stretch to be honest - if your playing 'match the Chaos symbol' the Capter of the Ebony Serpent matches Tzeentch far better, seeing as Tzeentch is often represented as a serpent.

Still, I doubt the lack of an obvious Nurgle equivalent means much. As you've already noted, many of the Chapter symbols have no obvious matching Chaos God. I imagine the idea was to have symbols that brought to mind the Chaos pantheon without being the actual standard Chaos symbols themselves, rather than specifically match every chapter to part of the Chaos Pantheon.

And if you really want some Nurgle associations, perhaps its worth pointing out which company Argel Tal, Xaphen and co are from? ;) :D

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